130lbs Camo Hunting Crossbow with 4×20 Scope

Crossbow is keyed for archery hunting. With scope and arrows, it works great for shooters. By compare market trends and customer review, I like Wizard Archery crossbow. They offer archery instruments for my most comfortable shooting service. The gunmen also conscious about weight, that’s meet hunting demand. It’s about 130 lbs draw weight size. Its 130 lbs Camo Hunting Crossbow with 4x20 Scope. They bring a unique design for shooters. The crossbow set comes to 100 price range. It supports the beginner as well as an expert shooting service. 130 lbs size support crossbow perfect for 60 yards shooting. Likes to play by young generation for animal hunting. There are some customers wishes it feature and get it for their smart profession buildup. For your light profession, bring 130 lbs. 4x20 Scope and seven arrows with autumn camo feature crossbow to make your hunting outstanding.


Product Description:

  • Brand Name: Wizard Archery
  • Bow Name: 130lbs Camo Hunting Crossbow with 4x20 Scope
  • Constructed By: Aluminum Barrel
  • High fibreglass limb
  • Specification: 4x20 Scope and seven arrows
  • Five spot paper target
  • Auto safety
  • Weight: 7.6 Pounds
  • FPS Speed: 190
  • Average Customer Rating: 3.4 out of 5

Wizard Archery Crossbow Set 130lbs Camo Hunting Crossbow with 4x20 Scope Includes:

  • One 130lbs hunting crossbow
  • One crossbow string
  • 1-foot claw
  • One crossbow limb
  • Seven arrows
  • Broadhead Tips: Equipped with sharp 3 or 4 blades

Advised To: 

  • Professional and Beginner crossbow shooters
  • Children above 12 years, Adult, Young, welcome to use the Aluminum constructed crossbow to orient in the hunting field.
130lbs Camo Hunting Crossbow with 4x20 Scope

Features of Camo Hunting Fastest Crossbow

By Wizard Archery, Aluminum Barrel Hunting 4x20 Scope and seven arrows with autumn camo feature Crossbow include Rail Lube+8 Bolts. It's work faster like 250+ FPS Speed. For your beginning hunting level, the kits are essential. To get more feature looks at them in below:

1. Transportable: Aluminum constructed crossbow is very capable for all ages of people. Kids to adult, male to female can handle it. They used crossbows efficiently for its 7.6 Pounds lightweight. For yourself, keep it in your hand and explore on target with an arrow.

2. Fasten Speed: Wizard Archery offer 190 FPS speed crossbow, that’s good for trainers. The fastest crossbow that works faster by pulling. Beside power stroke works at 12.5”. Before shot, measure length and width to get 130 lbs weight on a crossbow with an arrow. It’s suitable for beginner’s works and also for small animal hunting in the field.

3. Bow Includes Package: Wizard Archery offer essential bow tools for a broad level of practice. Brief explanation gives in below:

  • 7 Pcs of Arrow: Red colour feature 7 pcs shaft comes to set. You need to draw at 130lbs crossbow before hunting or practice.
  • String: Crossbow String comes to measure accurate shot from 60 yards. When your crossbow gets wet, use rail lube.
  • Fiberglass Limbs: It was nicely polished and used on the crossbow to mark pull.

4. Auto Safety Cocking Mechanism: One of the top class crossbow that includes the feature. During shooting, you can feel stress-free about hands and finger safety. By pulling, it works automatically to cock the bow and help shooters to smooth work.

5. Value of the Aluminum constructed Crossbow: The best crossbow I have used for my deer hunting many times. For your service, you get extra tools in one package. That help to progress your skill development. With comparison with quality and feature, you need to spend standard price. One of the best crossbow for the money that makes your investment in the right path. Wizard Archery is a well-recognised company and offers valuable archery tools in this sector. The customer like their product feature and bring their profession. Best crossbow needs to use for your career orientation.

Good Sides: 

  • It helps to skill development from the starting level
  • Quality and feature made tool offer low price budget tool for the hunting shooters
  • Crossbow hunting professional use for their smart service


Arrows only for practice and small animal hunting, not for the big animal.


Q: What does this come?

A: It includes 14 pcs of 16” arrows, eight bolts, rail lube and first sight with a 4x20 Scope and seven arrows with autumn camo feature crossbow.

Q: Can you dry fire with this crossbow?
A: I don’t recommend to do that.

Q: Is this the same model of MK250?
A: Yes.

Q: Does this come with a sling?
A: No.

Thanks for reading 130 lbs Camo Hunting Crossbow with 4x20 Scope review. I used autumn camouflage for my hunting service. It’s attractive by design and accessories. You can choose anyone from the colours. Wizard Archery make impressive 4x20 Scope and seven arrows with autumn camo feature crossbow for beginners, intermediate and professional. The price level at the enormous stage that’s budget manageable. You can gift it, friends and family. Take the bow to design your hunting into a higher level.

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