American Whitetail Hybrid King Archery Target

Archery Target is common trends for all generation. As entertainment or profession purpose people engage to make their life beautiful. For this, people need to use archery instrument. The bow and arrow, Target, Quiver, Optics and many more items. Arrow and Bow need to hit on target. A target that’s important for outdoor practice. At the market, many popular brands stand for our service. Among this, it's not easy to select one specific. But if the user needs every type of archery target, then they can choose American Whitetail. They bring Hybrid King Archery Target. It’s smart, strong and service provider. Perfect for cheap compound bows. All archery bow can support that why its name as Hybrid King “All Purpose”. Lightweight design, a portable feature that’s fit for all ages of users. Today's generation can use any type of arrow and archery bow for this target. For this, its recommend as best hunting bow target. What’s the price rate? The manufacturer offers a cheap package that perfect for backyard practice. Archery backstop user can practice with joy.

Product Description: 

  • Brand Name: American Whitetail
  • Product Name: American Whitetail Hybrid King Archery Target
  • Manufacturer Model No: HK 100
  • Item No: 159116
  • Weight: 12.95 weight (Shipping: 16 pounds)
  • Dimension: 21*20*10 inches
  • Measure: 18.5 inches Height*18 inches Weight*9 inch Dimension
  • Color: Black and Mix
  • Body Made with: Multi Density Layered (MLD) Foam
  • Carry Handle for easy carrying
  • Customer Rating Review: 3.2 out of 5
  • Made: USA
American Whitetail Hybrid King Archery Target

Recommend For:

  • Every Level of Users: Children, Teen, Young, and Adult. Made and Women also handle and fit into their practice.
  • Beginner and Expert professional in hunting and sports shooter.
  • Deer spots on one side. They use the bow to practice
  • Field points and broadhead feature added
  • Low budget package item for the archery target lovers
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Features of American Whitetail Hybrid King Archery Target

My friend last month asked me what crossbow targets suitable for his beginner level? I suggest him to buy the Hybrid King target. It's all-purpose of bow support. Later I add that for his beginner compound bow service also support. He accepts my proposal and brings the target to his profession. Last week we get together for fish hunting. I get surprised that he learns quick bow hunting. Later he taught her girlfriend to use a bow. She likes deer hunting. She still learning and doing better with a compound bow. From this, She proves that the target is also good for women's bow hunting. That’s why different brands of compound bows for sale also get the top sale. Also, other hunting bows for sale volume also get higher. By one target, any user able to make their skill development at high. Some key feature that helps a novice to find out top target for his profession:

1. High Definition Graphics Target: The target body used high quality of graphic definition. The shooter can hit arrow with compound and crossbow. That suitable for the tough target. The body designed with heavy duty foams, where compound bow speed arrow can hit and attach easily. MDL feature use (Multi Density Layered) foam which helps to attach the arrow on target. In practice session, the shooter gets feelings as 3D visuality. That helps their next level of hunting or sports event and get a positive result.

2. Lightweight and Portable: Men and Women, children and adult able to handle and best use the target. 12.95 pounds make easier to carry from home to field for practice. To port with comfort, at the top add a carrier as black color. Which help twice ways, the user can carry. Other is they can hang after practice at home. The dimension is ideal for placement at home. And the measure is 18*18*9 inches, that perfect for practice. So, beginner or expert, anyone gets to enjoy to practice.

3. Deer and Spots: Do you look toward a bow hunting target? Than select Hybrid 100 model. foam made target which has one side has deer and green spots available. You can identify deer hitting point. The 3D graphic design makes easier your target point marking. The high density of Elastomer construction that likes by a target shooter. If you need to practice another side, then 4 green and yellow dots for your service. Total 5 points come to help your practice colorful. In words to say, multiple shot target offer for your glorious profession.

4. Field Points Target: American Whitetail archery target made for broadhead users. At field point, you can practice. My friend practice at backyard yard from his home. His friend use hunting camp for his deer hunting project. Which you want to do, you can get it for your professional friend. Use arrow with bows and remove with comfort. 

5. Stop Arrows with Velocity: To make your shooting performance more advanced level, you can try a different angle. Front or back side, use the arrow to hit on the target. After hitting, the arrow can remove from the foam. The foam target suitable for 325 FPS velocity. By crossbow or compound bow arrow hitting, that hit on target at high speed. But it does not damage the target rather it makes easier to remove the arrow. Foam made target make easier your job and save time.

6. Value of All Purpose Target: 5 point target face comes from your longtime service. It durable and easy to use with bows. The economic package that attracts the archery target users. Under 100 you can bring your handy target and make your profession smarter.

Good Sides:

  • The high density of heavy duty foam made target, it's long time to use.
  • 5 face target point
  • Carrying handle makes easier to transport
  • Support broadhead, crossbow, compound bow and other bows
  • Easy to arrow removal feature
  • Affordable price range offer.


  • Size is quite small. For this, above 30 yards it can cover the hitting shots.
  • Crossbow Bolts are impossible to pull out, need improvement.


Q: Will supported 350 FPS crossbow bolts?
A: I don’t think so. For crossbow bolt, it can support 300 FPS. And it helps to bull back out.

Q: What is the measurement point?
A: It's about 18*18*9 inches.


In the circumstance, I like to thanks for reading American Whitetail Hybrid King Archery Target review. If you are staring your archery target profession, get the target. It's useful, easy to use and perfect for hunting and sports shooting skill development. Top feature and low demerits that like by all generation of user. Price is also quite affordable to make profession glorious. So buy the target and explore your target hitting your golden profession.

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