Archery 40cm and 80cm Longbow Targets

Archery is a fantastic sports event in our life. People like to play archery shooting on target to measure their hitting skill. To develop their power, they aim for shooter 3d targets. Longbow Targets 3D lightweight targets. They offer Archery 40cm and 80cm longbow targets. 40cm pack offer 8, 20, 50, 200 packs size. Each of the targets differs by size and price. Why choose 40cm? It has printed by heavy duty 7pt archery paper. The user can shoot many shots on target and doesn’t affect the body. The 80cm offer same quality with ten point rings. By 40cm, that offer five rings. 80cm packs offer 1, 10, 20 and 50 packs. The rings printed at 8cm for ten rings, which makes 80cm longbow target.

Product Description:

  • Brand Name: Longbow Target
  • Product Name: Archery 40cm and 80cm targets by longbow
  • Average Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5


  • 10 Rings 15 pack: (80cm)
  • 10 rings 200 Packs: (80cm)
  • 10 Rings 25 Pack: (80cm)
  • 10 Rings 8 pack: (80cm)
  • 10 Rings 50 Packs: (40cm)
  • 10 Rings 20 Packs: (40cm)
  • 10 Rinsg 8 Pack: (40cm)

There are five rings and different package service also available. To practice like a professional, I like ten rings package. Above the feature package, you can choose any one size among 40cm and 80cm. The price doesn’t charge higher, it below 100 range. Choose any of them and make your practice more sensation.

Why Longbow Targets To Use?

  • To brief say, Longbow targets is a 3D target, which easier to mark the aim points. The 10 points archery targets have painted with different colour likes real sports event. The user can score a point and hit the spot.
  • The lightweight and transportable feature made field archery targets. That’s easier for individual carry and place in the field. Bow hunting targets can use it as bow targets. Remember, they need to target 8 to 10 between score. The mark help their hunting project successful
  • The sports shooter need to practice with ten rings. Its printed like 3D that has a different scoring point as:

Archery 40cm and 80cm Longbow Targets by Longbow
  • Yellow: 9 and ten scoring point
  • Red: 7 and 8
  • Blue: 5 and 6
  • Black: 3 and 4
  • White: 1 and 2 point

What Project Should it help?

  • The sports event player of archery shooter
  • The hunting professional of deer, bear and other animals
  • Use crossbow, longbow and arrow to hit on the aim point

Should I get 5 Rings or 10 Rings?

The decision depends up to you. Both five rings and ten rings are good made and durable. In professional archery events, where ten rings used for participants target measurement. From beginner, it's better to start practice with ten rings.

Which Size to Buy?

Longbow target offer 40cm and 80cm two criteria service. The archery targets for sale volume is higher. But the question is about size. It's a matter of shooter height and age. For children, 40cm is fantastic. For an adult, 40 and 80 (cm) is suitable for practice. 40cm offer 8, 20, 25 and 200 packs. 10 rings each edge by 4cm size. 80cm pack offer 10, 25, 50 and 100 packages. Each of 10 rings has an 8cm size that edge by circles. To clear the point, any size you can pick as per your requirement.

What Material Used the Longbow Target?

The archery target is varied particular for shooters. Its looks are so lovely that it is visible as 3D vision. The killer likes to buy the goals for its Bull’s-eye target. The rings printed as an edge by size. It used a 7Pt archery paper where the arrows attach and keep the target durable. Heavy duty paper made archery paper made objectives are longer to apply. Also, it supports almost all bows to hit on the paper target.

Archery 40cm and 80cm Targets by Longbow

What are the Good sides?

  • Perfect for shooting, hunting practice and skill improvement
  • Bull-eyes feature used
  • Worthy price range – affordable budget match target
  • Durable and robust heavy duty made which keep it longer in service
  • Good for bow, crossbow, longbow and guns shooting

What are the Drawbacks?

  • 30 to 40 pounds stronger bows doesn’t good for this target.
  • Practice help more significant but not sufficient for professional hunting case.


Q: Are there any targets printed in behind?
A: No, its blank or looks white.

Q: Can these be attached to cardboard boxes?
A: Yes, you can. Remember, it doesn’t stop arrow until it has a suction cup on the tip and fired by the shooter.

Q: Are this shipped rolled in a tube or folded?

A: They comes to as a rolled feature.

Q: How many inches are 40cm and 80cm?
A: They are 15.75 inches and 31.5 inches size.

Thanks for reading the Archery 40cm and 80cm longbow targets review. To start as a beginner, it ideal to test your performance by Longbow 3D Target. The product is suitable for money, project maker and success earner. By reading the review, you can guide yourself. To become a perfect shooter, buy the target and skilled your shooting test.

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