Arrow Precision Blitz Optimum Crossbow Compound

I have high ambition to become a hunter from childhood. By growing up, I join my friend’s party on field hunting. At my teenage, I take my entertainment seriously. So I left one day to pick my right bow. After analysis of several bows, Arrow Precision Blitz Optimum Crossbow Compound bow catch my eyes. The design is beautiful! Crossbow package comes all kits and hunting set that’s I looks most. I need a bow which trained me faster to grow up for hunting. I get 285 FPS speed by firing. It occurs by perfect bow size, width and length measurement. 4*32 multi-reticle illuminated slim scope offer for target range measurement.

Precision machined named by its aluminium feature compound bow. It keeps users safety guarantee. I find ambidextrous auto safety which helps me to light carry and pulling. Precision machined aluminium wheels, integrated cable offer for wrist sling service. To practice on high, Arrow Precession offer blitz crossbow kits.

  • 4*32 Multi Reticle illuminated scope
  • Slim quick detach quiver to carry four carbon arrows at 20” sized
  • Rope Cocker
  • Cable/sling system enable
  • Safety Glass
  • Riser and Prod
  • Thumb Guard
  • Manual to set up / install part
  • Assembly tool

Arrow Precision Crossbow is a set for the first time enter shooters. They can trust its feature and quality. More to say. I have a good experience gather by its function. It comes under 200-250 price range. Best crossbow for the money that’s driving novice shooters in right path.

Compound Bow Description:
  • Brand Name: Arrow Precision
  • Crossbow Name: Arrow Precision Blitz Optimum Crossbow Compound
  • Model No: 100
  • Weight: 7.3 Pounds
  • Dimension: 33*28.5 inches
  • Battery: 1 CR2 Require
  • Average Customer Review: 4.3 out of 5.0
  • Price Range: Under 250
Arrow Precision Blitz Optimum Crossbow Compound

Features of Arrow Precision Compound Crossbow

Compound bows for sale volume are quite higher. It’s an excellent project tool for young generations hunting service. I invite young shooters to start of their beginner's hunting project with inferno blitz crossbow. It makes their training as well as adventure hunting in world class. Some of the critical features note down in below to take support:

1. Transportable: The youth crossbow it very much small size that more comfortable to carry at hunting camp. The adult and teenager, male and female able to lift the bow. I used fury crossbow in right hands. It helps to carry smartly and also works smoothly on the field. By packing, its weight 11.6 pounds and unpacking load at 7.3 pounds. I hope its match all shooters to carry smoothly.

2. Popular Blitz Series: I have to focus crossbow material part. Arrow Precision used unique quality that’s making it accessible in the market. The Blitz offers multiple performances and safety upgrades for shooters. That’s why I recommend new shooters to choose in blind. During pulling and take down, it makes more comfortable that’s you grow confident in few practices. The auto safety ambidextrous feature adds for shooters flexible shooting. For this, they offer thumb guard in their updated version. By wearing in fingers, its make easier to shoot and keep injury free. Precision machined aluminium wheel adds for comfort pull draw weight and length. To take down after hitting, the crossbow can lightly take down without hands injury. For this, offer string to smooth pulling.

3. Firing Speed at 285 FPS:  I used the compound bow hunting at the field. I get featured 285 FPS on my shooting. The FPS produced by pull draw and length by 28.5*33 inches without the use of any foot stirrup. What is foot stirrup? It’s used for a heavy crossbow to pull arrow. Set it on the bow before pulling to perfection result get. Besides the manufacturer offer wrist sling at 38 inches size. The sling wear on shooting hands with a bow to keep a right balance and secure from fall down bow at the ground. By bow sling use, you can focus on bow target range setting. Then set 4*32 multi-reticle illuminated scope to mark your target distance. For my case, I stand 30-40 yards for bow drawing measurement. After set all, hit on deer body by 285 FPS.

4. Excellent Package Crossbow: I liked this crossbow because its offer me top class archery kits for my broad level of training. Except for target, I get all essential tools that highly used for hunting. Thanks to Arrow Precision! Slim Detach Quiver helps me carry four arrows inside. Four carbon arrows offer inset to start practice. The 20-inch size that’s good for 3D buck target face as well as real live buck attacking. I love this bow!

5. Assembling: The kits can set quickly in the hunting field. Quiver and crossbow need to carry in your shoulder. The small kits can store in your bow case to go at hunting camp. For setting bow, use 7/64” Allen wrench screw. All of the packages easy to place my hands. Only padded sling need to fix before the pull. To get more information, you can read the manual.

6. Warranty: Arrow Precision crossbow, model 100 offers one-year limited warranty for shooters stress-free service. The feature works on defects part and kits like a scope.

7. Review of The Hunting Crossbow: After buying the bow, I compete my friends and perform better. They asked me, what’s the secret of my skill performance? I answered them. Arrow Precision brings update auto Safety feature. It grows my confidence level and freedom me to shoot by angle, straight. The customer reviewed it 4.3 rates by I wish to give 5.0 rating. I wanted all of my new friends who decide to become a crossbow hunter, take the bow to develop primary level. It skilled me, hope it works same to you!

Good Sides:

  • Lightweight bow
  • Perfection hunting kits offer for smart shooting in training or hunting
  • String adds for balance bow in hands
  • 285 FPS speed fire that’s ideal for the buck, rabbit etc. hunting
  • One year warranty


  • Price is little higher
  • The scope is not clear to works for viewing the distance


Q: What is the draw weight:
A: 150lbs.

Q: Does it adds arrows?
A: Yes, four carbon arrows add.


Thanks for reading Arrow Precision Blitz Optimum Crossbow Compound review. It’s a determination hunting project bow for those, who love the job, have high ambition and works like flexible. It's orient many users at primary level. The crossbow adds valuable archery kits so at any stage shooters never feel anything short. Beside offer manual for using tips. One year warranty with precise quality made bow works fine. Price looks little higher, but I tell you, its recover your investment by service. Update version brings for smooth training. So I recommend you to buy the crossbow to make your profession brighter.

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