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Arrow Precision Girl Power Pink Camo Youth Archery Set 20-Pounds

Today's world brings us a great innovative idea and tools to make our life outstanding. Male and female go towards in every sector by hands to hands. In sports and hunting field, the girls come to take apart. Our girls now love bow hunting. Most of the teens and adult choose youth bow set for their light project. In this concern, Arrow Precision Girl Power Pink Camo Youth Archery Set 20-Pounds take significant attention in the market. Such a lovely youth archery set that easier for outdoor and hunting camp practice. For beginners concern, it comes to right-hand feature. Draw length and weight at 34 by 28 inches so they can hit 120 FPS on target. In the archery set, the girls get two target arrows, quiver for arrow store, arm guard and arrow rest. To grip comfort, the handles come in molded grip form. To measure actual target range with crossbow, pin sight offer. It helps to draw correct weigh and length with arrows. Under 75 price range, It’s a beautiful youth bow set for female bow hunting.

Youth Bow Set Specification:

  • Brand Name: Arrow Precision
  • Bow Name: Arrow Precision Girl Power Pink Camo Youth Archery Set 20-Pounds
  • Model No: 197
  • Colour: Pink Camo
  • Bow Weight: 10 pounds
  • Draw Weight: 25 pounds
  • Draw Length: 28 to 34 inches
  • Average Customer Rating: 3.4 out of 5
  • Price Range: Under 75
  • Import in: USA

Best Fit:

  • Design shaped for female bow hunting project.
  • The beginner-intermediate to improve their skills.
  • Children above 10 years can use the bow.
  • The professional can keep practice before the hunting season to test their shot perfection.
Arrow Precision Girl Power Pink Camo Youth Archery Set 20-Pounds

Features of Arrow Precision Girl Power Pink Camo

1. Archery Set: The bow hunter gets primary instruments for their practice journey. Two arrows include the set of bows service. Use pin sight to draw feature-length and weigh to hit 120 FPS. I think that’s for teens and children. An adult can bring little weight and range and hit 150 to 240 FPS shot with a crossbow. Beside it offer quiver to store arrows and wear on the shoulder to go hunting camp for practice. Armguard For shaft remove from the target. Besides arrow rest offer for arrow adjustment.

2. Molded Grip: The right-handed shooters get comfort to hunt fish or animal. It constructs by high aluminium material that offers to grip more flexible. Use your right hand to hit on target.

3. Bow Sight Quality: The teenager most like the target for fishing and hunting. They get together with their family and friends on holiday for hunting. Lightweight makes easier to port on the field. Also, the accessories even more comfortable to carry by quiver. Price matched with product quality. The youth bow set is perfect for your hunting journey.

Good Sides: 

  • Basic Full set offer for freshers service
  • 25 pounds ideal for teens and adult girls to use a crossbow and hit 120 FPS Speed shot
  • Use pin sight to hit an accurate shot
  • Perfect weight for backyard, outdoor and hunting camp practice.
  • Affordable price rate offer


  • Only for the right-hand feature, Lefty shooters don’t use the feature bow set.
  • The bow archery set is not strong enough, by falling from hand, it can break.
  • Not recommended for hunting, only for practice.
  • Gloves, finger rollers and most critical tool target do not include the archery set.


Q: Does this draw 28 inches?
A: Yes.

Q: Does it has sights for aiming?
A: Yes, one sight pin offer for target measurement.

Q: Can you adjust the draw length?
A: Yes, for this adjustment tools includes.

Q: Is it metal or plastic?
A: The bow used metal.


Thanks for reading Arrow Precision Girl Power Pink Camo Youth Archery Set 20-Pounds. The review and feature discussed here as per customer analysis. Order today for your daughter, wife or friend and help them to orient in hunting profession smartly.

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