Athletics Target Bow Kids Toy Set

Kids love toys and games. In archery field, where many kids grow to see their parents profession. Also, the parents who engage in sports shooting or fishing and hunting, they like to guide their kids in archery profession from their childhood level. Which ones to get started? The professional and parents can choose best archery bows for their kids. If you look to gift bow set to your children, then Velocity Toys at the top in youth bow market. How could you measure? By analyzing customer rating and review. Athletics Bow Kids Toy and Suction Dart Play Set Target is a beauty! Its Athletics Target Bow Kids Toy Set. A few months back, I gift to my eight years old daughter. She likes it multiple designs. For children safety, it used darts instead of arrows. So don't worry about bow draw weight and length set up. Five suction darts as ash color feature offer for hand through practice.

The children toy set has 11.2 pounds weight when you order. Without the pack, it's around 7 pounds. It’s a total size of the bow – target an dart. The bow offers for darts shooting. Your children can set the dart easily on the bow and hit on target. And the target is not typical, that’s also easier for their understanding. If they like to practice in the garden, outdoor or party, then goodie bags offer for their light carrying the bow and darts.

Product Look At Glance

  • Athletic Bow + Target + Darts + Bag = Play set
  • Dimension: Length 21”* Weight 6” * Height 4”.
  • Made in: China
  • Average Customer Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0
Athletics Target Bow Kids Toy Set

1. Users Age: Above three years to above older children can use. I recommend to gift it your child at 5-6 years old age.

2. Gender: Your daughter and son can use the lightweight Velocity Toy archery set.

3. Hand User: Right and Left-hand children can utilise it. I wish your child play by the right hand. it's easier to shot with a bow.

4. Youth Archery Set: Includes a target set multiple colors. Every hit marks have different color feature. Example: 30 has Green, 70 has Pinks color. Beside offer athletic bow set as blue and red color feature. Darts are so smaller size and built-in plastic shape. So it never hurt your children during use bow and dart.

Athletics Target Bow Kids Toy Set

5. Target Measure: For 3 to 5 years children, 5 yards perfect. For 6 to 8 years, use 8 yards. For 9 to 12 years, use 10 to 11 yards. The toy archery set fits most 5 or high years children; they can measure 15 to 21 inches.

6. Quality: Velocity Toys refer to children entertainment. The bows and archery darts not used an active material for safety concern. Sudden fall down from hand may affect the set. My daughter uses it for one year long. She plays better with the toy archery set. I give rate the toy game 4.5 out 5.

Good Sides: 

Great for children entertainment as well as for pass time for a good project. With the small budget, a fantastic gift for your children.


 The toy set doesn’t look so durable. Remember it’s a toy set for children case.


By the review, Athletics Target Bow Kids Toy Set are excellent for children entertainment. My daughter likes to play once a day and tell me about her game performance. For its lightweight, she hit 3-4 darts on 80 and 100 zones. Smart carry goodie bag she was on her shoulder to carry on friends home. I am satisfied with the youth bow archery set. Hope Velocity Toys will perfect for your kid's party. Gift them and become a kids fan.

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