Barnett 16179 Ghost 350 CRT Cables


Barnett is a world-class archery instrument provide. Like many professionals, my professional level gets a higher rank by using it. Under 60 price rate that affordable and accessible to replace on a crossbow. How to mark its originality? Barnett 16179 Ghost 350 CRT Cable has tagged on the body. Importance of Ghost 350 has its backup your string with crossbow service. The cable can change or replace on crossbow part and keep your practice session longer.

Product Description:

  • Brand Name: Barnett
  • Category: Bowstring
  • Bowstring Name: Barnett 16179 Ghost 350 CRT Cables
  • Model No: 16179
  • Dimension: 11.5*1*1 inches
  • Weight: 0.80 Ounces
  • Color: White-Orange-Mix
  • Specification: Archery crossbow replacement cables
  • Average Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Best Fit On: The bowstring user of hunting professionals.

Barnett 16179 Ghost 350 CRT Cables

Features of Barnett 16179 Ghost 350 CRT Cables

Barnett brings bowstring cables for hunting professionals. It fits on a crossbow. The customer gets interested in accessing for its great feature:

1. Replacement Cables: Barnett crossbow offers lightweight bowstring for crossbow hunters. When your crossbow gets damage, you can replace it. By this, you not only save time but also get faster-shooting speed.

2. Value of Barnett Crossbow Cables: For shooting and hunting, a crossbow is an essential tool for the animal. Also, bowstring is helpful for fishing. For these type of weapon, accessories are necessary to install or replace. To much practice with the bows, it can cause friction. To solve the matter, you can buy Barnett CRT 350 cables and replace. The producer offer very cheap rate that affordable. The high quality of material used, so it gets durable and better use at any season. To make your hunting profession comfortable, you can attach for your bright career.

Good Sides:

  • It makes faster shooting capability
  • High quality made bowstrings accessories that fit on crossbow and bowstring.
  • Hunter can replace it within a few minutes
  • ​Cheap rate made the archery shooter worth it.


  • Cables can break after too much shot.
  • Beware of use by children. It's better to use as an adult. Remember it’s a compound bow and crossbow type where used Ghost 350 cable. It looks like to the shotgun. So the user can understand what happens if it used by children!


Q: Can this item workable with a crossbow?
A: Yes, it works fine.

Q: I heard it break down after shooting? Is it so?
A: Yes, but not for all cases. When you shot with a crossbow, it gets fast speed and attaches arrow on target. At that time, it can break down for speed case.

In the circumstance, Barnett 16179 Ghost 350 CRT Cables is made hunter and fisher event beautiful. Light feature easier to set and use for practice or project. Buy and explore your performance.

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