Barnett Lil Banshee Jr Compound Youth Set

Hunting is a profession which gives us joy and measures our skill. We like to use bowhunt for our quick job. For fishing, a compound bow, the crossbow is ideal for our service. Its help us to hunt animals, fish quite quickly. Young generation likes to use compound archery bow which has 300 to 440 FPS capability. For their golden career service, Barnett Crossbow brings Barnett Lil Banshee Jr Compound Youth Set. Barnett compound bow includes two target arrows with sight pins. The young generation loves to hunt with this bow - guaranteed.

Barnett 1072 Lil Banshee Jr. Compound Archery Set,Black
  • Made of the highest qualitiy materials
  • Archery Compound bows Youth
  • Another quality Barnett product
  • Ideal compound bow set for introducing archery to children; with Realtree Camouflage, Black, and Pink
  • Ambidextrous reinforced handle, soft-touch grip for excellent handling

Who loves the Banshee Bow? After analysing market trend and customer review, a summary result can stand. The age is not a matter, children above ten years perfect to enter into hunting practice session. The young generation of beginner, intermediate likes it to practice outdoor practice facility if you wanted to practice at outdoor at home or hunting camp, then Banshee compound bow is ideal. It has lightweight of 1.8 pounds. Think about over price or budget? Don’t need to worry; you get the Barnett Lil Banshee under 80 price range. You can gift it to your dear ones as a surprise!

Bestseller No. 1
Barnett Lil Banshee Target Combo Archery Set
  • Ambidextrous reinforced handle
  • Includes two arrows
  • Comes with target
  • Includes bow and target
  • This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes
Bestseller No. 4
CenterPoint Archery ABY1721 Elkhorn Youth Compound Bow
  • DURABLE, HEAVY-WEIGHT COMPOSITE LIMBS - With integrated composite center-shot riser
  • DRAW LENGTH UP TO 26-INCHES - 15-pound draw weight
  • 33-INCHES TIP TO TIP - with 8-inch brace height
  • INCLUDES - Two 26-inche composite arrows, quiver, finger tab, arm guard, arrow rest and adjustable pin sight
Bestseller No. 5
28 Target Arrows Archery Recurve Bow Youth Arrows Practice Fiberglass Arrows for Beginners Kids Women Outdoor (Pack of 12)
  • Design: 700 spine durable fiberglass arrow shaft can fit the bow under 40LBS, particularly suitable for youth beginners shooting target practice.
  • Safety: Outer round bullet point make the arrows less prone to bursting and can protect hands from hurting during shooting. Material: fiberglass, inner diameter: 5mm, outer diameter: 7mm.
  • Special round design bullet fixed point is safe to kids, women, youth archers who start to practice.
  • Vanes: 3 inch yellow orange drop-shaped plastic vanes is easy to be found after shooting. (If the plastice vane shape is bent, you can put the vane into 80 ℃-90 ℃ hot water for a few minutes, it can be recover the original shape)
  • They are durable and well made. Precision arrows vane, nock and bullet tip good for extended durability and long lasting target practice.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Barnett Outdoors Junior Archery 28-Inch Arrows (3 Pack)
  • 28 inches length arrows
  • Comes in packs of 3
  • Arrows have a Standard Nock that can be used on any youth bow
  • 28-inch arrows with strong, lightweight fiberglass shafts
  • For use in any Barnett youth bow
Bestseller No. 7
Barnett Wildhawk Compound Bow, Age 5-8, 18lbs, Mossy Oak Bottomland, One Size
  • A youth bow that builds strength, focus and confidence | Ambidextrous Riser for both right and left handed users
  • 18lb Draw Weight
  • Adjustable Draw Weights from 19 - 45 lb. Compound Bow | Adjustable Draw Length from 21" - 27".
  • Constructed to ATA/AMO Standards
  • Right Handed Bow Only

Product Information Look at a Glance:

  • Brand Name: Barnett Crossbow
  • Category Type: Youth Bow Set
  • Bow Name: Barnett Lil Banshee Jr Compound Youth Set
  • Model No: 1072
  • Bow Weight: 1.8 Pounds
  • Draw Weight: 18 pounds
  • Draw Length: 18 to 22 inches
  • Colour: Classic Black, Pink and Realtree

Specification: Compound Bow Set with

  1. Two camouflaged arrows
  2. Finger rollers
  3. Adjustable pin sight
  4. Carrying case with the package
  • Average Customer Rating: 4.4 out of 5
  • Made in: USA
  • Warranty: 5 years on material and artistry
Barnett Lil Banshee Jr Compound Youth Set

Best Fit On:

  • Perfect for Animal Hunting and Fishing practice at outdoor
  • Children and Beginner likes it lightweight and loves to practice at home outdoor

Features of Barnett Lil Banshee Jr Compound Youth Set

Barnett youth bow offers top quality compound bow set for archery and hunting lovers. Do you love hunting? Barnett is a world-class archery instrument service provider. By compare archery market trend and customer review, you can justify the statement. You may ask me, why you choose Barnett youth compound bow? Then my reply is it’s brought update feature and redesigned soft touch grip for your non-slip handling and versatile ambidextrous handle. The snazzy classic black colour used for your attraction. Not only this, but they also provide a full set of arrows and many instruments for your smart practice.

My college friend meets me a few months back and tells me to find out the best compound bow for his beginning level. I advised him to buy Barnett Lil banshee bow. He starts practice and skilled sooner. Last week he took me at hunting camp, and I saw she draws the draw length, and weight to perfectly hit the target. She marks arrow and uses 400 FPS with a compound bow. He tells me how he trained by using the feature. I write down as a brief for your professional service with lil banshee youth bow:

1. Lightweight – Portable: For children practice, Lil banshee is one of the best junior archery set. A complete set develops their necessary shunting skills at home; they little need their parents help. 3 pounds easier to carry and hit practice. But they might not draw more than 10 pounds pull weighs. For this reason, they can hit 200 to 275 FPS shots. lil banshee bow recommend to 10 plus years children for

2. Both hand Use: Many users have a confusion which hand to use the compound bow. The matter quickly solves by Barnett youth archery set brings. It has the feature of right and left-hand use. The bow redesign as soft touch grip so it not slipped from hand during mark weigh and length with an arrow. More than handles used the clumsy free material. That’s fit for all junior and young hunting professional service. So use any hands which you feel most comfortable and practice smartly.

  • Accessories Make Complete Bow Set: Lil banshee target archery set to offer a full set with two arrows with feathers, adjustable pin sight, and Finger rollers. Let's see these activities:
  • Different Colors: You can choose any one of colour between two feature of Silky black and camouflage Realtree. Both colours look fantastic and fit for male and female generation.
  • Two Arrows: Lil banshee arrows offer 28 inches two targets. Use two targets with a compound bow at first case.. The arrows best for your practice and natural arrow removal feature. But one thing to add honestly, the bolts not for hunting case, its ideal for practice.
  • Adjustable Sight Pins: It has small-sized and black colour feature make. Sight pins for adjusting the arrow with a bow for draw weight and length.
  • Finger Rollers: Most essential tools offer that is finger rollers. Most of the hunters look that feature while buying a compound bow. It helps to use with bow and string to pull up and down to adjust arrow draw and length. By finger rollers, you quickly pick back arrow and mark the target point more accurately. I recommend pulling by wearing gloves for your hand safety.
  • Carrying Case: You get a package case for your smart take the bow and accessories set. It makes more comfortable to your transport at outdoor or at hunting camp.

5. Draw Weight Length: For your perfect hunting animals or fishing, you need to learn draw and length with bow and arrow. That feature offer banshee bow and arrow. Young and professional can draw 18 pounds and 18-22 inches height and find 300 to 450 Field per Second speed. The intermediate user can use 15 pounds consider and 15-18 inches length for shooting with 250 to 375 FPS. For children, I suggest drawing not more than 10 pounds weighs and 10-12 inches long. They can use 200 to 275 FPS. This feature does not offer by all brands of compound bow except Barnett youth crossbow. Before buying, you need to identify the characteristic for your aim hunting service.

6. Quality Lil Banshee Junior Archery Set: Above the feature, it may help to your buying tips. One of the best compound bow set for archery and hunting children users. At the beginning level, the parents can guide them efficiently. With a low budget, they can build their career slowly into the professional level.

Good Sides:

  • Portable and transportable feature
  • Bow fishing recommend a tool
  • Extra arrow and feather adds
  • Children hunting career orientation ideal compound bow
  • Five years warranty bow materials and artistry


  • No Target include
  • No Quiver include
  • No Gloves, armguard provide
  • Arrows not recommended for hunting animals and fishing.
  • Weather resistant feature not found

Q: Where to play or practice?
A: Your children can play in outdoor and backyard of a home. The adult can practice at backyard and hunting camp. For its lightweight, it's more comfortable to carry and shift.

Q: What is the length of the package that shipped?
A: The bow has length size of 34 inches and 9 inches width.

Q: Is this perfect for 12 years old daughter?
A: Definitely.
Q: Can an adult use this?
A: No. The size is petite.

Thanks for reading Barnett Lil Banshee Jr Compound Youth Set review. Barnett is one of the best compound bows for beginner hunting profession bring into a top level. Buy today and surprise your children to grow skill in hunting profession. It motivates them by its light feature, and they become an excellent hunter.

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