Barnett Vortex 45 Pounds Youth Archery Bow Camo

Sports world bring us joy through different events. Today we apart with sports, hunting, fishing and many more events. People choose these as profession or entertainment. The target shooter and hunting professional make their road with sports instruments. This known as archery instruments. To shoot on target or hunting case, first, we need bow and arrow. It helps us to shoot and measure our point. There are many popular brands stand in the market for our service. Among them, Barnett is top. By Barnett Vortex 45 pounds Youth Archery Bow – user can efficient to do their job. The USA made bow comes with 5-year warranty, that’s help to use for a long time.

Barnett youth bow set is very useful for the archer. The Vortex bow constructed with ATA/AMO standards. It keeps the tool useful and durable. For a right-handed shooter, they get it for their best service. By Vortex hunter compound bow, professional can amazing to do their hunting project. 1105 model that weight is 0.80 ounce. So the junior can handle it. For this, Barnett vortex junior compound bow like by teen archers. Camo feature that also suitable for beginner, adults and professional archer. Whats the price range? Don’t need to worry, it comes with a standard price. For aim shooting practice of both sports and hunter, like to practice with the archery bow.

Product Description: 

  • Brand Name: Barnett
  • Product Name: Barnett Vortex 45-Pounds Youth Archery Bow (Camo)
  • Model No: 1105
  • Dimension: 12*34.5*3 inches
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces (Shipping: 6 Pounds)
  • Category: Youth Bow Set
  • Specification: Right-handed Shooter
  • Draw Weight: 19-45 Lbs.
  • Three Arrows with the bow
  • Sight Change Feature: 1 inches
  • Average Customer Rating: 4.2 out of 5
  • Made in: The USA
  • Warranty: 5 Year
Barnett Vortex 45 pounds Youth Archery Bow

Recommend To:

  • The Beginner and Junior to develop their shooting skill at the field point
  • Adult and Professional need it for their seasonal even participation project.

Features of Vortex Youth Bow

Accurate target practice project, bow set is unique for the shooter. Barnett vortex compound bow is powerful for the compound bow user. For hunting and sports, the shooter needs Barnett vortex bow. For your profession, as a beginner, junior and professional which level you are, you like the feature. For your information, in below present key features:

1. Barnett Vortex For All Level of Archer: Today's generation of junior, adult and professional need a smart bow their aim target project. Barnett archery vortex comes to fulfill their desire. It has 0.80-ounce weight which all ages of the shooter can handle with joy.

2. Right-handed Feature: The most shooter like to use right hand to grip the bow to hit the arrow. Barnett compound bow is suitable for their project. Lightweight makes easier to handle and find the target with an arrow.

3. Draw Weight: The USA made compound bow has a feature to draw weight at 19-45 lbs. for the junior use, they can lower or upper the range. Barnett archery offer draws length ta 21 to 27 inches. For junior, they can use at 16 to 24 inches. Lightweight Vortex hunter is amazing for teen practice. Also the adult and professional use the draw weight 16 to 45 lbs up. For their best shooting range.

4. Package Feature: The Professional interested to get Barnett hunter extreme for their compound bow service. Yes, it has good quality made that perfect to use for their compound bow hunting. The package double components and carrying case come with the set. Why this need? For beginner and junior not so experience about handling a bow. To adjust draw weight, it helps to keep their hand flexible. And they can adjust weight 19-45 bs without press bow. That way, a new level of archers like to start their career with   Barnett vortex bow package

5. Three Arrows to Start Practice: Barnett vortex 45 pounds youth archery bow is a full joy for the beginner. It comes with 3 arrows with the bow arrow holder. So after buying, the user can start practice at field point. The feature is quite unique among the brands of bow service. So in the beginning, the novice get introduce about bow and arrow feature. Also, help them to practically draw weight before shooting.

6. Adjustable Sights: Good news for the youth and junior shooter. They can practically introduce sight and use patterns. In some cases, Bow-hunter needs to use sight and optics. It helps their target identifying. For a beginner, Barnett youth vortex junior compound bow fulfill their dream. By using they can learn how to install. And help to measure accurate target point. For this, they can adjust sight on the bow part 1 inches increment.

7. Golden Hunting Project Bow for Youth: Barnett vortex hunter is suitable for the professional hunters. The youth and junior make use of their skill development. A teen can practice at field point. But youth can go on an adventure for deer hunting. Yes, the bow is strong for animal hunting project. The body constructed with ATA/AMO Standards. It keeps durable and useful for hunting time. also, add 5-year warranty by the crossbow manufacturer.

8. Value of The Vortex hunter bow: The crossbow set has high value for the archery target user. They like Barnett youth bow for their golden leadership orientation. In concern for the shooter use, Barnett rates its standard range. So the shooter can afford it and make use of their career building.

From the feature review, you can analyze and get clear idea about Barnett Vortex 45 pounds Youth Archery Bow. It helps your perfect shooting and hunting profession development.

Good Sides:

  • Three Arrows with bow comes as a package
  • Portable and durable youth bow set
  • Right-handed Handle
  • Easy to draw weight for all ages users
  • Standard Price for all level of shooter
  • 5 years warranty


  • No optics sight include, it needs to buy from the shop
  • Not recommend junior for hunting with the bow, but good for youth and professional hunting case


Q: What is the arrow size?
A: The three arrow that comes with a bow. Each of has 28 inches size and made of aluminum tube.

Q: What is the max draw length?
A: Actual draw length is 21 to 27 inches (as per manufacturer). But you add little more about 29 inches.

Q: Does it have peep sight?
A: No, you have to install it yourself.         

Q: Do I need to buy any armed guard?
A: Yes, that helps your body protection.

Q: What is the shortest draw length for my son?

A: Its about 21 inches.


In summary, I like to conclude my review by thanks the viewer. I also like to thanks, Barnett Vortex 45 pounds Youth Archery Bow. They bring a lightweight masterclass youth bow set for archery target lovers. The product is good investment for the beginner, junior and youth target shooter. Adult and professional like to use for their seasonal training. For your project, you get positive corner during a practice session. Hope by reading the review you can best use the bow set. To become a successful hunter or shooter, you need the Crossbow. It makes your skill grow up and your reach your target goal point.

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