Bear Archery Foam Target

Archery Target is trending sporting event in our life. Such a great game by which we can develop our shooting target skills. Like in the USA and other countries, where professional archer and hunter participate different events. Archer attend archer target tournament and hunter are fond of deer hunting project.  All of the events are held once or twice time in a year. As a sports point of view, the shooter needs a lot of practice before a tournament. In the point of deer hunting, the professional also needs to develop their shooting capability. For this, a different brand of best archery target comes to their skill development. Among the best quality made archery equipment, Bear Archery Foam Target one of the finest tool for practice.

3D archery target comes with A7 Model by Bear Archery manufactured. They build it shape as a 3D quality that helps the users to feel in the real simulation. Full body structured with 100% self-healing foam that is very good reversible as well as make longer the target for practice. The weatherproof tool gives potential joy to the users. Like easy to set on the field for shooting practice. 12 pounds foam archery target easy to carry and move. For your profession, as novice or expert level, Bear Archery foam target build up your hands perfect for better target practice.

Product Description:

  • Manufacturer Name: Bear Archery
  • Model No: A7
  • Color:  Multiple
  • Dimension: 39*39*9 inches
  • Weight: 12 Pounds
  • Special Feature: 10 Ring Face
  • Internal Frame: 100% Self Healing Foam
  • Weatherproof and UV Resistant
  • Extend target to practice
  • Size of Target: A: 36 Inches and B: 48 Inches
  • Average Customer Review: 3.6 Rating
  • Made in: USA

Like Bear Archery Targets By:

  • All Generation people like Adults, Kids and professional archer and hunting project target practice feature
  • Shooter get a 3D archery targets
  • Weatherproof feature, make longer life like archery target
  • 10 Ring Face, make feel to real adventure shooting
  • Best archery target to practice and grow up skill

Features Bear Archery Foam Target

Bear Archery is a best self-healing archery targets application. By A7 model archer target the user will get best quality and feature. For your profession, either novice or expert, best foam target helps to make your shooting skill stronger. I buy the tool 2 years ago. It is really good and durable. Some features I have noticed in foam archery target. Some tips offer for your buying guide:

1. Special Feature - Ten Ring Face Real Target: Bear Archery is an outstanding target to make your shooting skill perfect. The outlooks make your feelings that you are at archery king tournament field and shoot the target inside the crowd. Targets can be reversible which helps to easily use both sides of the 10 ring face target. Like a sports player, you can measure your target range. The 10 targets can offer real visibility:

  • Yellow: Make points as 9 and center at 10 points
  • Red: Make points as 7 and 8
  • Blue: Make points for 5 and 6 points
  • Black:  Target for 3 and 4 Points
  • White: 1 and 2 points target measure

For professional sports archer, they are very much like archery target face to practice at home outdoors. It helps them to grow more experience for the tournament. At home, for its 3D visibility, they can keep practice. By the target points, they able to make 8-10 points target from any range of the field distance.

Bear Archery Foam Target

2. Strong and Long Lasting Target: Bear Archery target is very good to known for archery profession. Their field point archery tool has 12 pounds weight, which set up quite easily. By one stand, the shooter can make well-shot practice at the foam made target. Handy archery target points gives the archer to practice for a long time.

3. Weather Proof Warranty: Field point targets offer weatherproof and UV resistant feature! In most case, archer professional like to practice at field or outdoor at home. The body frame made of foam. When you shoot on the target, it feeds the foam layer ring face and not hold strongly. You can release the arrow quickly. For it UV resistant feature, at any season the users most use the game.

4. All Generation Tool: Bear Archery targets  set comes for every generation of the archer lovers. One of the best archery target for young, kids and all professional level. Kids archery set available with their ages bows and arrow. Above 8 years kids can come to the archery party. Adults like Bear Archery target youth archery target for its field point strategy. The shooter gets more rhythm in practice. One of the good field archery game for the Youth generation. They like to make target form different field point. To make a good target, at field point it is ideal to use.

5. High Portability Feature: You just need to set up the bag in your suitable place. Perfect shape bag enables your easy stand-up. Beside the tool has only 12 pounds weight made for your daily practice. The lightweight Bear Archery outdoor range target also liked the adults as well as kids target.

6. Self Healing Foam Constructed: Bear Archery is a popular brand of Archery target world. The founder Fred Bear introduce backyard archery target since 07 years ago in archery tool market. He likes to add a unique feature in A7 Model. By developing the body frame structure with 100% self-healing foam. Very strong foam wear frame stay longer to use an outside dust not affect its frame. Also, insects can’t enter the tool and damage.

7. Two Sizes Tool: Thanks to the manufactures for two sizes of the target. You can select your ideal size. Both sizes offer same quality and features. For users benefit, they provide different size as the user's requirement. They are:

  • 36 Inches: 11.6 Pounds weight, Model no A736. The tool price is much lower than 48 inches tool.
  • 48 Inches: 18 Pounds weight, Model no A748. Price is quite higher than 36 inches.

8. Great Value: Bear Archery developed the archery target with valuable features that attracted the most viewers. For your archery target practice, the tool gives you affection. You start to think you are in adventure archery event life. 100% weatherproof tool gives more durability and extended life to use. For these features, you get everything for archery profession in one item. By the features, Bear Archery tool price is little higher fro its qualities.

The customer already rating it 3.6 stars out of 5. All item features offer you in one package for your smart archer profession, Bear Archery is the top class industry which provides great archery sets for the archer profession. I am a fan of the target. It makes me skilled. To make your profession smarter, get the tool and grow up your target skills.

Good Sides and Drawbacks

Every tool has its own positive and negative side. I find many positive notes during my practice. Few issues get. Both part I like to discuss your tips:

Good Sides:

  • 100% Self-Healing Foam frame
  • Insects protection layer
  • Make user feeling as they are at real archery game
  • Weather Proof guaranteed by the manufacturer
  • Extended Life for archery target
  • 10 rings face


  • Field Tips hard to get out
  • Price is quite higher
  • Doesn’t come with a case of stands or wheels


Q: Any hard frame use inside?

A: The target builds with 100% self-healing foam, with insects resistant.

Q: What is the density of foam used?
A: Yes, the manufacturer used dense foam inside the target. After shooting, the bows and arrows make easier to release.

Q: what is the maximum draw weight for this target?
A: The target support 65 pounds bow. You can shoot 50-70 yards long to find your aim target.

Q: Is there a replaceable center core for this target?
A: My experience says that the target designed with low profile bows. 35-50 lb arrow can use and easy to release.


At the ending part, I like to thanks, Bear Archery targets for their 3D featured product. I like the target which develops me as a professional shooter. Top features tool offer great durability for me. My investment turns back to me through the features. Many archers Buy the tool for their skill development. I recommend you, buy Bear Archery Foam Target. It skilled your target shooting profession and helps to lead a smart archer profession. For your sports or deer archery target, you get many benefits. So bring it and explore your target shooting skill.

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