Bear Archery Youth Safetyglass Target Arrows

Bear Archery – the greatest archery shop offers quality hunting arrows for archery shooters. They introduce Bear Archery Youth Safetyglass Target Arrows for archery for brave killers. It designed with the best feature that’s, any age, any level of shooters can adeptly shoot on their range mark. 24, 26, 28 and 30 – total four combinations of targeting arrows bring in their Bear archery brave bow set. Fiberglass material used total three bolts comes in every set – you have to choose your ideal length size for your comfortable shooting. Each arrow includes card feature. It is more comfortable to carry on the field during hunting season. Also, Bear archery youth arrows good support on target – to measure your shooting skill. At fresher level, it's the best to deal to practice with Bear youth arrows. It makes your training the best momentum with the flexible shooting. Easy to grip, set on the bow and shoot on the mark. Also, offer comfort pull back your arrows because of its fibreglass made. One thing to say, buy Safetyglass bolts without any hesitation. It’s durable, durable enough for bow shooting and safe for handling. Under 30 price range, Bear archery arrows offer the best tool for your hunting career orientation.


Target Arrows Description: (28 Inches)

  • Manufactured By: Bear Archery
  • Model Name: Escalade Sports Bear Archery Youth Safetyglass Target Arrows (3 Cards)
  • Dimension: 30*6*0.5 inches
  • Weight 4.8 Ounce
  • Model No: A1090B
  • Material Used: Fiberglass
  • Average Customer Review: 4.1 out of 5.0
  • Imported From: USA
  • Price Range of 28 Inches Model: 15 to 25
Bear Archery Youth Safetyglass Target Arrows
Bear Archery Youth Safetyglass Target Arrows

Special Looks: The Safetyglass arrows come with nock and points which installed and pre-fletched with vanes. So first-time bow shooter feels comfortable at their standing shot making.

Recommend To:

  • The hunting professionals and beginners who have high aim to become a shooter, grab Bear archery youth bow arrow. Four different sizes come in concern of shooters level and ages.
  • Three arrows included in each card set, with fibreglass constructed – so it longer your practice or hunting session. Also it healthy and safe enough for bow shooting and handling.
  • Arrows come with nock and points that installed for fresher’s easier job. Pre-fletched vanes inserted for bow shoot after unpack the Bear youth archery brave darts.

Good Sides:

Bear Archery Youth Safetyglass Target Arrows
  • High flexing qualities arrows keep durable
  • Suitable for children's archery set
  • Youth arrows, not splint
  • Safety glass ensure high durability, safety and strong after shots after shot practice on target
  • Easy pull out after hitting on target
  • Cheap indicators for hunting lovers concern


  • The arrows are right for target practice, not ideal for virtual life.


Q: What is the length of the fletching on these arrows?

A: 2 inches longer and 0.50 inches by height the arrows.

Q: What is the max bow draw weight for these arrows?

A: Approximately it can be weighted up to 35-45 lbs.

Q: Does anyone know the circumference of these arrows?

A: It has 0.272 diameter as circumference.

Q: What’s the length of the arrows?

A: It can select by 24-30 inches into four different categories.

Q: Will this work on my 35lb recurve bow?

A: No, it does not work for recurve bow.

In summary, Thanks for joining our page. Our review on Bear Archery Youth Safetyglass Target Arrows in analyses in concern of archery hunters. In short budget, it wonderfully drives shooters in right path. Develop your skill with best Bear Archery targeting arrows to promote your level.

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