BIGshot Archery Ballistic 450 X Bag Target Review

By practice, we acknowledge the subject. For hunting, it's a better way to skill growth by practice. So, a target stands as a user-friend for shooters. They can orient their primary shooting stage at outdoor practice. More than professional shooters always recommend a quality target for beginners. If you are looking like quality and user friend target for your primary stage, I suggest grabbing BIG shot Archery Ballistic 450 X Bag Target, 24*24*12 lbs. The archery bag designed as yellow colour with dual-core design. Why you buy BIGshot Archery Ballistic 450 X Bag Target Review? Because it brings comfort to your practice. Its only 40.2 pounds weights and self-carriage facility offer by black totes on the top part of the target. Besides, it works tune like for crossbow and speed bows. From 15-20 yards you can hit and get 400+ FPS speed on this target.

BIGSHOT 450 X Field Point Bag Target 24 x 24 x 12, 450 FPS for Compound and Crossbows
  • Dual core design for extra stopping power
  • Crossbows and compound speed bows up to 450 fps
  • Internal frame and base design for target stability
  • High visibility self healing polyester bag cover with UV protection
  • Easy arrow removal

Internal body built with heavy weight material that keeps target stable on the ground after shots after shot. Extra stopping power for the crossbow and general bows. Big shot 450x is great for learner trainers. Because it offers them to hits without any hesitation. Mark arrows and weighted with a bow to get an ideal speed shot for deer hunting. So, by practice with big shot ballistic 450x target, they sooner learn to hunting. By matured with speed and quality target, they find a rhythm in future adventure hunting. More than, the size and dimension designed by BIGSHOT archery for all ages of shooters. Teenagers to adults can start at fresher’s stage! What’s the price? You must like the price part, its come under 100 price level. That’s affordable in concern of compare of top featured brand targets. If you love shooting and hunting, you should love big shot ballistic 450x. It makes you fan through quality service.

BIGshot Archery Ballistic 450 X Bag Target


Product Description: 

  • Target Name: BIG shot Archery Ballistic 450 X Bag Target
  • Model No: 103
  • Dimension: 24*24*12 inches
  • Weight: 40.2 Pounds
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Special Feature: Dual Core Design with internal stand design
  • Speed bow practice facility like 450 FPS Speed
  • UV resistant target offer for keep target safe from weather dust and rain
  • travel iron target
  • Average Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

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  • Elasto-Flex self healing foam extends target life for thousands of shots!
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  • Wrapped in a waterproof shell, range style self-standing frame, our custom Duramesh face and an extremely durable Iron Man core
  • This target utilizes a fortified shell to achieve extreme compression with military fibers with multi-directional woven
  • Heat resistant internal material allows for easy arrow removal every time!
Bestseller No. 5
BIGSHOT Iron Man Extreme 500 fps Target, White, 24", for Crossbow and Compound
  • #1 Target suggested by top crossbow brands due to unmatched durability for the crossbow enthusiast!
  • Stops up to 500 FPS cold!
  • Easy arrow removal from the target for crossbows, compound bows, youth and traditional arrows
  • Durable internal material uses high compression design to vitally eliminate tunneling effect from accurate tuning at both close and long distance
  • Weather resistant design lasts in the toughest environments
Bestseller No. 6
BIGSHOT Outdoor Range Field Point Bag Target
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  • Large shooting surface for long distance practice
  • UV resistant coating for long lasting durability outdoors
  • Solid multi level core for easy arrow removal even after thousands of shots
  • Sturdy internal base to prevent target roll and broken arrows
Bestseller No. 7
BIGSHOT Titan 18" Crossbow Broadhead and Field Point Archery Target- for Crossbows, Compound, Traditional and Youth
  • Easy arrow removal for high speed crossbows and compounds up to 500fps
  • Five tuning faces to improve multiple aspects of archery and hunting
  • Tapered design to match shooting plane of the archer
  • Elasto-Flex self healing foam extends target life for thousands of shots!
  • Compact foam block style target great for dischage, camp or back yard archery

Good Sides:

  • Internal Stand design that keeps target stand strong after 450 fps speed shot
  • Black totes for smart carry
  • Easy arrow removes from the target
  • Long life extra stopping power enable shooters to make experienced through practice
  • Compare with quality; the price is much lower
  • Quite standard small size so the target carry on luggage
  • Best crossbow under 500 FPS Speed


  • Weather resistant feature does not work properly
  • Weight is quite heavier for children


Q: Is this ideal target f0r my 11 years daughter?

A: No, it's quite heavier for your daughter. More than toy bow and arrow doesn’t work on this target face.

Q: Is the target durable?
A: Yes, it has dual core feature which has extra stopping high-speed FPS stopping power. So hundreds of shots hit after it can use for the future.


Thanks for reading BIG shot Archery Ballistic 450 X Bag Target Review. It’s a good training tool for my beginning stage. I like archery bag targets and give it five-star rating. Target carry on bags during my travelling hunting camp. Easy to carry and load on vehicle and camp. Good quality brings my training comfort. You must like to practice with big shot ballistic 450. Order today big shot targets and take the first step for future hunters.

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