BigShot Ironman Crossbow Target

Hunting is a class profession that measures a person skill and perfection. Become a smart hunter, need to train with best crossbow and archery instrument. Your best crossbow finds out make easier EBBQ. They represent world class archery tools as well as crossbow to make your profession smarter. BigShot Ironman Crossbow Target is excellent for all features side. It ensures high quality. EBBQ is producing innovative bows for bowhunting service. In this archery target, its has multiple dots for bow and arrow practice. Total five dots where four comes to an 18” square shape has five cube dots. Take your crossbow, draw weighs ideal Pounds and length and hit arrows at 350 FPS on the target frame. Rectangular shape keeps the target stand actively on the ground and support shaft from tear up. Practice at hunting yard, backyard and shot select from different range and angle. Invest only 120 below price to become a professional animal killer.

Product Information:

  • Brand Name: EBBQ
  • Target Name: BigShot Ironman Crossbow Target
  • Model No: 61491
  • Target Weight: 39 Pounds
  • Bow Draw Weight: 18*18*10 inches
  • Dimension: 20*20*13 inches
  • Material: Inside use foam and outside has a compression system
  • Average Customer Rating: 4.8 out of 5
  • Price: Between 100 to 120 range
  • Imported: Only USA

What Special Specification Offer?

  • Ironman series designed to provide extreme shooting from small and long range
  • High Visible five spots in 18 inches target offer to practice in a small room.
  • Casual or severe hunting users like to buy to make their job lighter
  • Crossbow user of Bow hunters can practice and hits 350 FPS shots on this target.

Ironman Archery Target Feature

Ironman Big shot archery targets is a great tool that’s can use at outdoor or at hunting camp. It's maybe little dense, so you may need to take transport facility for camp practice. Otherwise its good for your service. Some features provided below for your quick handling:

Key Features:

1. Extreme Shooting: You don’t need to add ground stake, iron crossbow target stands firm on the ground. Stand 30 yards far from target for your acceptable practice. It has extreme compression with military fibers with a multi-directional woven. The fortified shell provides you lots of arrow shots practice on target face.

2. Ultimate tactical Crossbow: 18 inches square shape ironman target like to use a bag target. Firmly hold by two hands and set on the field like hunting camp. Perfect rectangular shape with 18 inches sides which offers comfort practice in a small room.

BigShot Ironman Crossbow Target

3. Perfect Training: Practice hundreds of shots with crossbow and arrow without stress. Multiple dots are more straightforward to mark from a minimum distance to hit. In generally hunting bow shot less penetrate and fed on target face quickly. After shootings, pull out by smoothly. Its keep your target tear-free and lasting.

4. High Visible Spots: front side has five big black spots, and back side has vitals. That’s companion for high ambition hunters training. Ironman series designed target spots are large enough for identifying the point. Take hunting bow, pull 18 inches weight, length and height with an arrow and hit on the mark. I hope this will be your best crossbow target which provides your goal.

Iron Man Archery Target Ideal To Buy?

I like to advised beginners and professional to buy the target. By analyzing customer review, I love to gift my friend the airbow big shot pro target. Next week my friend tells me it works so faster than perfect for an ideal bow hunter profession. After practice few months, now he goes to hunting every month with me and hunts deer.

Big shot archery the best shooting target under 350 FPS shot that perfect for beginner training. Did I ask my friend what yards ideal for using the speed? He replied me for beginner and children – 10 to 20 yards accurate. For intermediate and professional – use 20 to 30 yards. After the hit, to remove arrow use two fingers to pull out. If ones love this field, then start practice and grow up their hunting skills.

Good Sides:

  • Stops arrows even 350 FPS shot on archery range targets hits by crossbow
  • High-speed shots do not affect target frame by its high compression technology
  • 375 Grains complete for 275 to 350 FPS Shot hit for beginners
  • Perfect weight, length and height feature for all level of users training
  • The standard price that affordable for all ranges of hunting users


  • Broadhead Feature not come
  • Broadhead Feature not come


Q: Is the target for practice or field tips or broadhead?
A: Its only come with a field tip.

Q: What is perfect draw by crossbow for 320 FPS?
A: 18 inches of weight, length and height.


Thanks for reading BigShot Ironman Crossbow Target review. For beginners as well as for expert, it’s an excellent crossbow for training. The small budget needs to improve skill and target measurement. A short time of period shooter can reach their mark. Order now and take a step for your dangerous hunting job.
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