Block 6-Sided Arrow Archery Target with Polyfusion Technology

To improve your archery target shooting skills, so that you can capitalize on any given opportunity during bow season with the Block Targets 6x6 Archery target. Block 6-Sided Arrow Archery Target with PolyFusion Technology has offering six shootable sides for long-lasting use, the USA made BLOCK 6x6 target utilizes poly fusion layered technology to secure the targets’ layers to the interior wall for maximum stopping ability. The Block target comes with layered core construction that makes arrow removal easy, eliminating the need for an arrow gripper. Compatible with field points and broadheads.

Best Features of Block 6-Sided Arrow Archery Target:

  • LONG LASTING TARGET: Field Logic made PolyFusion layered core uses friction not force to stop your arrows, increasing the life of your target
  • EASY ARROW REMOVAL: With broadhead safe target layered construction, you can remove the arrow with just one hand
  • VERSATILE: Stops all field points and broadheads for arrow archery target with polyfusion
  • SIX SIDED SHOOTING TARGET: Multiple aiming 6*6 shooting points on bow broadhead target all sides, the tan on black graphics are easy to zero in on.
  • PORTABLE: Recessed handles for easy portability. 18" X 18" X 16", weighs approx. 15lbs
  • Sport type: Best Bow Hunting - arrow block target
Block 6-Sided Best Archery Target

Eye Catching Skill Development Sides – That looks every Professional Target Shooters:

  • Big cube target with six shootable sides for long-lasting target life
  • Poly Fusion Layered Foam Technology for easier arrow removal & lasting durability
  • Handles field points and broadheads
  • Dimensions: 18''x18''x16''
  • Built-in handles for easy carrying

6 Side Shooting: You can shoot at any of its 6 sides. Best durable PolyFusion target handles has thousands of shots for long life. Most targets only offer 4 sides or even 2 sides. This greatly advances the life of the target as there is more area to shoot at.

Open Layered Design: The durability of Field Logic Block target is one word that comes to mind to describe Open Layered Design. Using friction instead of force to stop an arrow, the open layered design lasts much longer than a high-density foam design.

Shoot any Broadhead: The Block 6-sided target comes in the BLOCK line. The nock on target target can swallow anything thrown at it and allows an archer to be comfortable with any tip. Compatible with field points and broadheads.

Block Target's Pro Staff: The Bowhunter TV showcases more action-packed bow hunts and helpful how-to tips than ever before with Hosts Mike Carney and Editor Curt Wells. Mike and Curt set the scene for each episode as they display a lifelong hunting experience.

Best Polyfusion Archery Target in 2021

About Authors Experience on Block 6-Sided Arrow Archery Target

  • Great product, arrows come out easily. My only qualm is the fact the top sticker is extremely bubbled, would rather have had nothing on the top.
  • It has energetic light shooting point, which makes it easy to move around when you need to. Never had anything close to a pass-through with 285 fps.
  • I make a target of about 1,000 arrows per week and this target has lasted me 6 months using only field points. If you shoot the same spots the center falls off/out (after 10k shots or so) so I shoot at pieces of tape I put on the edges. I still have 3 unused sides!
  • I shot until after sunset and had an arrow hit the extreme edge of the target, so slightly that the length of the shaft was exposed outside the target material. The target still stopped the arrow before the tip got to the back of the target. The facing isn't self-sealing but I doubt that will matter. Seems to be a very sturdy target, has a nice variety of block-line target faces, can take broadheads, and is very lightweight. I'll update after.
In verdict to say, really great block, Aries comes out extremely easy. Block 6-Sided Arrow Archery Target with PolyFusion Technology is best among 21st century targets. I love it and also the professionals. The top review you get from the seller's zone. According to the review, you can grab a master class arrow shooting target for your dream goal – that’s my challenge.

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