Block Black Crossbow 4 Sided Archery Target

Sports is a high value of life event in our life. We have many sports and game events that we like to play. By playing, we can keep our health and mind well. One of the traditional parts of the competition is Archery Target. This is a favourite sporting part of our life. We can make our arm and hand stronger by target practice. In archery game, where we use target for sports as well as bowhunting project. For this archery equipment comes to make our job easier. Block Black Crossbow 4 Sided Archery Target comes for the target lovers. The outlooks designed with layered that anyone can measure the target point correctly. The front and back block Crossbow target has an open layered design with arrows. During your practice session, the arrows friction stop without any force. The conflict has a tiered design make that allow the shaft to smooth go with open layer friction foam.

Block archery target has a black colour feature which has four sides for shooting options. Each team has Polyfusion technology used with Broadhead and field tips arrows. I like it stop arrow friction. It comes with friction foam. For your target practising, heat generated from bolt by friction. It helps to grab your arrow shaft within a little time. The perfect temperature comes to your easy arrow release after targeting. Overall, the block Crossbow target is the ideal platform for the archer to explore their adventure life.

 Product Description:

  • Manufacturer: Field Logic
  • Size Option: A: 16 inches and B: 20 Inches
  • Increased Target Life: A: Measure of 16*16*12 Inches and B: 20*20*16
  • Item Model Number: A: 16 Inches B56500 and B: B56600
  • Item Weight: (A: 16 inches has 14.8 pounds) and (B: 20 Inches has 30.3 Pounds)
  • Design: unplug layer friction foam with high contrast graphics
  • Colour: Body Frame is Black, and Target Points are white
  • 4 Sided Archery Target comes with Polyfusion technology
  • Customer Rating Review: 4.2 Ratings out of 5
  • Made in: USA
Block Black Crossbow 4 Sided Archery Target

Special Features:

  • Offer two size: 16 and 20 inches
  • Open Layered design with stop all arrows
  • Multiple aiming spots extend the target life-comes by High contrast Aid invisibility
  • Built-in handle for users easy portability

Features of Block Crossbow Archery Target

The block target highly recommended to the shooter. Before your hunting season, from home and outdoor place you can get management you're shooting rhythm. If you are looking for your perfect crossbow target, then I like to suggest you this tool. In archery block target review comes with excellent customer satisfaction.

1. Patented Layered Design: Your practising tool made of polyurethane wrapped. Open layered design comes to stop arrows without any force. Bolts come with friction foam design. It means when you are practising at the target point, you can remove from the body smoothly. Besides the front and back side are developed with for broadhead targets practice with filed tips arrows. The polyfusion technology is unique for field trips. In one product where you get the most comfort in tradition.

2. High Graphics Contrast: The black and white colour feature look like HD graphic outlooks. The graphics built in AIDS invisibility. The four-sided archery target stand comes with Target life measure as 16*16*12 and 20*20*16 inches of two different size. Inches. Its so high contrasted that users like to make perfect shooting practice. The colour is eye motion looks, and you get the most joy to use at outdoor target practice.

Block Black Crossbow 4 Sided Archery Target

3. Available Size: The four-sided tool has a different size that all users can most utilise it. There are two size offers by Field Logic manufacturer. They offer 16 and 20 inches Block Crossbow archery target. Block Crossbow 16 and 20 inches all work similar functions of activities. The tool has also come with a handler for easy carry. When you go to practice, you can carry the device in your hand easily for its 15 to 30 pounds weight. Friction foam made machine come with all size feature, and you can practice from any distance. One of the best crossbow target to set up your archery target platform.

4. Crossbow Design for Archer: For your archer profession, the block archery targets developed so merely that any professional or novice like to use smartly. Four-sided archery target comes with high contrast view for all. You can practice with a bow and arrow target. For its crossbow feature, you can shoot like a gun in your hand towards the goal. When you hunt with a crossbow, it feeds the point at 450 FPS (Field Per Seconds). Also, the target point is much broader that helps to make more shots on the rest targets. A big archery target which makes your profession very high class of shooter. You are also happy to know that, most of the customer also rated the goal for its archery shooting feature.

5. Compatible with field Tips Arrows: Your practice is more consistent with the field. In generally an archer likes to practice at field or outdoor for making their target distance for exercising. You may want to participate in archer king tournament, this type of occasion held usually in the USA and other countries. By Field, logic manufacturer built the tool for the archers who can better use with field tips arrows. A four-sided tool developed with Polyfusion Technology. Its make archer tool more durable to use. Besides the foam made item is very strong made that arrow shaft feed quickly and release too. The excellent tool comes with varieties of use.

Block Black Crossbow 4 Sided Archery Target

6. Multiple Aiming Spots Practice: Block archery target has an excellent outlook for its black body frame and white target point feature. White points make your identity point where to make target. The multiple spots have a great view and easy to aim target make. You get started to feel that you are making a real shot!

7. Value of The product: For build up your archer life, the tool offers a small price range with high quality. The USA made machine comes with broadhead and Field tips. After use, carry handler make them move from field to home to store. Quick arrow release item is an affordable range that archer lover access it.

Light Feature guide the archer to identify their real crossbow feature target.  Great tool to practice and make your arm figure proper training before any participation. Good quality made a tool to use for a long time. I have one 20 inches Crossbow target, and still, I can utilise it for my target practice. It makes me a fan of the Black Block Archery Target.

Good Sides and Drawbacks:

 Good Sides:

  • Two sizes tool comes to at 16 and 20 pounds weight. Both of them easy to carry and store at home, sports centre.
  • Smart Handler make comfortable to carry for archer
  • Poly Fusion Technology helps to visualise the target point like crystal manifest.
  • Durable tool
  • Four sides make better target practice
  • Patented layer design outlook. It makes the archer make aim spot target.
  • 450 FPS support the target
  • Recommend for crossbow archer


  • Compound Bows feature not found.
  • Price is a little higher. With quality compare, most of the user like to buy for its high value of performance.


Q: It says it designed for crossbows but can you use it also for compound bows?
A: The archer can use It for both targets to practice. But they need to exercise well during pull out the arrow.

Q: Will it stop 400fps? How long distance it can use for target?
A: Yes, it can stop 400 and more fps actively. 40 Yards or long distance is ideal for the target.

Q: How much does it weight?

A: it has two sizes for the archer. 14.8 and 30.3 pounds.

Q: How is it to pull your bolts out of the target?
A: The target has excellent stopping power. So you can easily pull out.

Q: Could this handle knives thrown at it?

A: The target has a crossbow, by which you can do practice like a gun shooter. So why you need to practice with knives? If you do so remember, then target life can be affected. I recommend not to use cutters on the target.


At the ending part, I like to thank Block Black Crossbow 4-Sided Archery Target. The manufacturer brings a smart tool for smart archer profession. I Love this tool for my shooting profession. In a product where I can use multiple targets practising. Expert or Novice, which level of archer you are, the features meet all requirement for best archery target practice. Price is so affordable that you can purchase the tool. Black Bloc get 4.2 rating reviews from the customers so that you can trust its target features. So buy the target. Block crossbow target and develop your shooting strength for big games and deer hunting. It helps to lead you a smart professional shooter.

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Lamzalo.com - a few months ago

While bag targets are great for repetitive practice shots, you only want to use field points with them. Broadhead tips often become stuck, and can rip the outer material ruining the target. The porous material is also not designed for extended use outdoors, and its heavy weight makes it awkward to carry which is why most experts recommend using bag targets indoors. You do have the advantage of being able to use almost any type of bow setup, as long as the bolts have field points.


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