Block Classic Archery Target Review

People like sports for entertainment life part. Archery Target is one of the great sporting items which gives us joy. Archery Target is a concept sporting game for a new generation. Block Classic Archery target is one of the tool parts of outdoor sporting. The USA made patented open layer design stops arrows with friction. It helps you to easy arrow removal. The lightweight tool makes your smart handling.

Block archery target has 3 available sizes. The options are – 18, 20 and 22 inches. Besides, there are classic 2 sided Archery Target Measures at 18*18*13.5 inches. For your practice, you can use block bow targets. Black color make the design better outlook. White large dots make visible the user to easily aim target practice. A great practice tool that user likes to use for their entertainment and shooting. It’s a good target practice reviews and bow targets for sale volume also higher.

Block Classic Archery Target

Product Description:

  • Product Category: Sports and Outdoor
  • Product Name: Block Classic Archery Target
  • Base: Original- Legendary Block Target
  • Open Layer Archery targets
  • Weight: 16 pounds shipping and without cover 11 pounds
  • Color: Black the Metals and White the Dots
  • Easy Arrow removal
  • Comes with Customer 3 size – 18, 20 and 22 inches
  • Shipping: Only Domestic shipped facility
  • Made in: United States

The user Like to use:

  • check
    Outdoor entertainment and practicing target
  • check
    Sports Item – suitable to set at the field for practice.
  • check
    Like to hunting target, field logic targets
  • check
    Quick arrow release option. After a shot on target – the player can release quick and arms get rested.​​​
  • check
    Overall Average Customer Review: 4.5 ratings.
  • check
    Lightweight to easily carry from home to outdoor for practice. Only 11 pounds make easier their carry.


Archery target is a traditional sports game. For your game practice, you have to know about different archery related targets modules. In this Block Black Archery, you will get some delightful features:

Easy to Use: Professional or Novice and even Kids can come to the practice party! 2 sided Classic Archery Target easy to find the point. White dots make your easy practicing. It's large look design that you could easily target the dots. Also, offer bow and arrow for kids as well as adults. Ready arrows help to your field archery practice. To prepare yourself for deer hunting or professional archery target player, this is a platform to refine your arms.

Great Outlook Design: The metal use Black and Dots are white colored so you can easily find out your target for practicing. Newer or professional get the block bow target as a great practice tool. White dots make your pointing easier.

Great Portability: Only 11 pounds after removing the cover, give you the joy to practice. With the cover, if you need to carry in field practice, that it weighed 16 pounds. It makes easier to port and transport facility. So smartly you can take this tool for your large archery targets.

Field Archery Target: To make your best shooting practice, you need good tools for it. You need to use best broadhead target for you field practice. Why you use this for field archery? The logic blocks classic archery target has different sizes of 18, 20 and 22 inches. From the field, it’s a large ground where you have to make target. The size of archery block helps to meet the target practice. 

For your field archery targets practice some points to look out-:

  • 1
    3 size : 18,20 and 22 inches so you have the option to make a perfect target
  • 2
    2 Sided Archery Target : It helps to practice from a long distance. The target can measure 18*18*13.5 inches distance.
  • 3
    Field Logic Product: Practice to make your complete preparation for your bow hunting targets. If you love to hunt in the forest, then the block bow targets practice build you a perfect shooter.

Foam archery targets: Your block archery target has foam made item. Besides it has archery arrows comes in this package as a free item. It helps your field shooting practice. Arrow target block with hardy foam has the power to pause broadheads and field tips. So the arrows can perfect to pull the target.

Open Patented Layer Design: Great outlook makes with open layer design which stops the arrows. With friction, it does not force the arrows to quickly pull out. The arrows can practice in your foam and stopped the field tips with broadheads. In small or large place of distance can the arrows perfectly practicable.

Multiple Target Practice:

  • 1
    Hunting Practice : Example as Deer hunting
  • 2
    Tournament Practice: Big occasion before need continue to practice, it will help you to keep your arm better use for shooting.
  • 3
    Filed Logic Practice: Square shaped black color with two-sided white dots make you aim to practice. Best option to stop broadheads fixed ways and better to practice at field points.

A feature looks so wonderful for every generation can find out their aim target practicing. The tool Is also among cheap archery targets. From your small budget, you can avail the best level of target practicing.

Good Sides:

  • Affordable price range for archery target practice lovers
  • Foam made tool comes with arrow easy pull
  • Easy to set up and carry
  • Durable item , because metal made item lasting longer.
  • 4 sided black and 2 sided white dots, you will easily find out your target point where to heat
  • Quick arrow release option
  • Open Layer Archery targets
  • Good to practice your arm figure
  • Make expert for hunting and a big player for the tournament.
  • Improve target aim practice


  • check
    Broadhead and crossbow not compatible
  • check
    Foam stopped the field tips
  • check
    When using for foam targeting, it tightened to fit. So the user faces difficult to unplug from foam.


Question-1: Is this product good for fps bows?
Answer: The tool has 300 fps with the arrows that use in 8 inches targets. This not works so fast but it helps your good practicing for hunting and field target.

Question-2: Are there other target covers, standard circular pattern?
Answer: The white colored large dots painted on the black metals, 2 sides. And rest 2 sides are only black painted. Only white dot side can remove.

Question-3: Does anyone give me good suggestion what type of target to use for knife throwing?
Answer: The users like to use plywood and large tree for their target. You need proper skill for this.
Question-4: What is the maximum draw weight this can handle?
Answer: Maximum handle weight is 55 to 65 pounds as a bow set. It helps your aim targeting at white dots


In the last word to say, Block Classic Archery target is the best tool to practice for your entertainment as well as for a profession. Novice, expert, adults and even kids get joy from this target practicing. Good to use from the field, large place and small distance. Available size makes your comfort use. White dots easy to see and make the perfect shot. Ideal price range for every generation choice. My advice to purchase block classic and lead a smart archer professional life.

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