Block Invasion 4-Sided Archery Target Review

We like to entertain us as sporting media. Archery Target is a very popular sporting part of our life. The practice of shooting makes our arm fingers stronger. People like to do hunting and sporting target practice. For this archery equipment comes to make our job easier. Block Invasion 4 Sided Archery Target is review comes for wide range use for the target lovers. It looks so simple that anyone can measure the target point perfectly. The front and back block invasion target has an open layered design with arrows. During your practice session, the arrows friction stop without any force. The friction has a layered design make that allow the arrow to smooth go with open layer friction foam.

The block target is a black color feature which has 4 sides for shooting practice. Two of the sides has polyurethane wrapped comes with Broadhead and field tips arrows. High contrast design makes your easy target finding. I like it stop arrow friction. It comes with friction foam. For your target practicing, heat generated from arrow by friction. It helps to grab your arrow shaft within a little time. The perfect heat comes to your easy arrow release after targeting. All in short to say, block invasion is the perfect platform for prepare yourself for adventure archery target.

Block Invasion 4-Sided Archery Target

Product Description

  • Manufacturer: Field Logic
  • Increased Target Life: Measure as 16*16*13.5 Inches
  • Item Model Number: 51002 Parent
  • Item Weight: 16 pounds
  • Design: unplug layer friction foam with high contrast graphics
  • Color: Black and White (Dots are white and Red)
  • 4 Sided Archery Target comes with Polyurethane wrapped
  • Customer Rating Review: 4 Ratings out of 5
  • Made in: USA

Special Features

  • Offer 3 size: 16 , 18 and 20 inches
  • Open Layered design with stop arrows
  • Multiple aiming spots extend the target life-comes by High contrast Aid invisibility
  • Built-in handle for users easy portability

Features of Block Invasion Archery Target

Invasion archery target is very useful and powerful sporting tool for your target practicing. Before your hunting season, from home and outdoor place you can management you're shooting rhythm. If you are looking for your aim target practice tool than I like to suggest you this tool. In block invasion, archery target review comes with great customer satisfaction.

1. Open Layered Design: Your practicing tool made of polyurethane wrapped. Open layered design comes to stop arrows without any force. Arrows come with friction foam design. It means when you practicing on foam, you arrow can remove from the foam smoothly. Besides the front and back side are developed with for broadhead targets practice with filed tips arrows. The wrapped design has a use for field tips arrows only. In one product where you get most comfort in practice.

2. High Graphics Contrast: The black and white color feature look like HD graphic outlooks. The graphics built in AIDS invisibility. The 4 sided archery target stand comes with Target life measure as 16*16*13.5 inches. Its so high contrasted that users like to make perfect shooting practice. The color is eye motion looks and you get most joy to use at outdoor target practice.

3. Available Size: The 4 sided tool has a different size that all users can most utilize it. There are 3 size offers by Field Logic manufacturer. They offer 16, 20 and 22 inches Block invasion archery target. Block invasion 16 has and block invasion 20 and 22 all work similar functions of activities. The tool has also come with a handler for easy carry. When you go to practice, you can carry the tool in your hand easily for its 16 pounds weight. Friction foam made tool come with all size feature and you can practice from any distance.

4. The standard tool for all Archers: For your archer profession, the block targets are developed so simply that any professional or novice like to use smartly. 4 sided archery target comes with high contrast view for all. You get an arrow with friction foam. It can release easily. More than, when you shoot, the arrow feed into the foam smoothly. When you want to remove arrow shaft, it comes quickly and doesn’t effect friction foam. Block invasion target review comes with the top review as 4 ratings by archers.

5. Compatible with field Tips Arrows: Your practice is more compatible with the field. In generally an archer likes to practice at field or outdoor for making their target distance for practicing. You may like to participate in archer king tournament, this type of occasion held usually in the USA and other countries. By Field, logic manufacturer built the tool for the archers who can better use with field tips arrows. 4 sided tool made of polyurethane wrapped. Its make archer tool more durable to use. besides the foam made item is very strong made that arrow shaft feed quickly and release too. The good tool comes with varieties of use.

6. Multiple Aiming Spots Practice: Block archery target has a great outlook for its black and white feature. White Dots make your identity point where to make target. Besides, there is a red icon point for more practice. The multiple spots have a great view and easy to aim target make. You get most joy to use the tool if you are a novice. For professional, it’s a handy tool to make practice rehearsal before hunting or tournament.

7. Value of The product: For build up your archer life, the tool offers small price range with high quality. The USA made tool comes with broadhead and arrow shaft practice with friction foam. After use, carry handler make them carry from field to home to store. Quick arrow release item is an affordable range that archer lover access it.

Light Feature review makes the archer to a fan of 4 sided Block invasion. Great tool to practice and make your arm figure good training before any participation. Good quality made a tool to use a long time.

Good Sides

  • 16 pounds weight easy to carry and store at home, sports center
  • Handler make comfortable to carry for archer
  • Polyurethane made tool lasting long
  • Foam made tool make easier to quick release arrow shaft
  • 4 sides make better target practice
  • HD Graphic design comes with open layer design outlook. It makes archer make aim spot target


  • Arrows come with this matching tool
  • Crossbow and compound bows feature not seems
  • Broadhead function inside find blank


Q: Will it stops 355fps?
A: Yes, it can stop 355 fps strongly.

Q: How much does it weight?
A: Lighter weight made by Field logic at 16 pounds during shipping.

Q: How will this work on 55 lb recurve bow?
A: The archer can use It for target practice. At 60 pounds compound bows works better with its broadhead and field trips.

Q: What is the difference in the sizes of the block?
A: It’s a large size and outlooks good look. The size is perfect for your deer hunting practice with the bow. Multiple aim spot feature makes your practicing job easier.

Q: What is a dimension?
A: The dimension is 16*16*13.5 inches


In the last word, I conclude that Block Invasion 4 Sided Archery Target is the ideal tool for archer lovers. In a product where they can do multiple aim target practicing. Expert or Novice, which level o archer you are, the features meet all requirement for best archery target practice. Price is so affordable that you can purchase the tool. Field logic made tool comes with 4 rating review from the user, so you can trust its quality and features. I like to say, for your archer profession, buy the tool. Block evasion with 4 sided tool makes your shooting practice well for your Big occasion or seasonal hunting. The best tool provides with light feature and makes your career profession in next level.

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