Bohning Adult Right Hand Target Quiver Hot Pink

Quiver is an essential instrument for archers and hunters. It feels like a fashion when it wears at shoulder back. If colour is more attractable then users motivation get higher. Yes, I am writing about Bohning Adult Right Hand Target Quiver Hot Pink colour archery quiver. The quiver helps you bring the arrows into two zipper pockets separates. In hunting field, you able to quickly pick up arrow by right-hand use and set on the crossbow to hunt the animal.

Pink quiver most liked by adults for their hunting project. They can arrange arrows, shafts inside the pockets for quick service. There are many beginners who unable to get read the importance of quiver. In short, to say, a quiver is a useful instrument which helps to carry the arrows by arrange pocket or side and keep shooter works easier during hunting or practice. More than, a quiver is never expensive. In Boning four arrow quiver case, the shooter needs to spend under 30 price range. The colour, feature and design attracts most of the buyers and achieved 4.5 ratings. Bohing 1687 model features for adult hunting service. They can put five arrow tubes where they can put arrows or bolts separate. 2 zipper pockets come for arrows shaft store.

Pink Arrow Quiver Key Specification:

  • Adult – male and female archery shooters
  • Lightweight size of 0.8 ounces which smarts to carry by hand and shoulder
  • Model No: 1687
  • Colour: Pink
  • Five Arrow Tubes where keep five arrows into five tubes
  • Right-hand archer service, they can quickly bring arrow for quick hunting.
  • For accessories and shaft storage, offer two zip pockets.
  • Shipped in: USA
Bohning Adult Right Hand Target Quiver Hot Pink

Merits of Bohning Quiver:

1. You can identify the quiver by manufacturer mark. Above the zip pockets, you get the logo mark of “BOHING”.

2. Quick use facility offer for right-handed users. In fact, people like to use their right hand to do a job. At forest, when you find a deer, you need to take quick action. Use your right side to bring the arrow from tubes and set draw weighs with a crossbow. It noises less during drawing bows with an arrow and keeps your deer on the stand. Mark the body and hit the arrow. At 320 to 400 FPS shot, your deer attack will be perfect.

3. Fashionable archers love to use. The female hunter gets attracted by pink colour. The colour designed for taking attention the archer. This is not only beautiful but also durable. At wormy sunshine day or rainy day, secure your arrow is excellent. The investor finds it’s a great deal for their profession.

4. The Professionals, adult beside the beginners and children, can use the target quiver. Its lightweight and easy to carry. Most of the parents love to gift their daughter it as a gift. The adults like to buy for their professional as well as their dear ones. Low price that affordable and also for make relation tuner.

Demerits of Bohning Target Quiver:

The quiver doesn’t offer any knocking feature. That looks by many users, and they missed it. The producer needs to add this feature for users better service.

Customer Question Answer Analysis

Question-1:  I bought the quiver for Christmas present, but it doesn’t have any strap? Is it missing or not includes?

Answer: You can use a belt to wear the quiver beside strap. The quiver has two clips for belts wearing.

Question-2: Is the youth quiver water resistant or any weatherproof feature?

Answer: The feature not includes. In my case, I never find such issues which can affect the quiver. I have used it for three years and serve me right.


I like the Bohning Adult Right Hand Target Quiver Hot Pink feature and quality. Likes me, there are many customers loves it for their hunting profession. If you want to practice in the backyard or hunting camp, then the adult compound bow quiver makes your journey comfortable.  Target archery quiver is ideal for all ages, all economic people service. Buy it and lead a current profession.

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