Bow and Arrow Classification

Archery Target is a traditional sporting part of us. From long years, generation to generation it continues as trending part. Shooter and hunter are part of archery target who use many target tools for their service. Arrow and bow is an essential tool which used for targeting. Let see about arrow and bow activities:

Bow: Bow is a part of archery set which used to shoot an arrow at the target point. Before the shoot, the user loads the arrow inside the bow and make shoot on the target.

Types of Bow:

There are different classes of bows.

  • Recurve Bow: Bow tips with curving away from the archer.
  • Reflex Bow: Full bow with limbs curving away from the archer.
  • Self Bow: Wood made Bow.
  • Longbow: Limbs rounded in cross-section.
  • Flatbow: The limbs are rectangular cross-section.
  • Composite Bow: Material made Bow.
  • Takedown Bow: 3 part and 2 limbs with 1 riser.
  • Compound Bow: a bow which consists mechanical aids.
  • Cross Bow: Limbs of the bow known as “prod”. It allows to pull and hold the string. Crossbow suites bolt or quarrel better than an arrow.
Bow and Arrow

Arrow: Arrow is used with a bow to make a perfect shot on target. It loaded in the bow and pull to make the shot. An arrow usually consists of the shaft of arrowheads. Modern arrow built with

  • Carbon Shaft fiber: It cant bend and little expensive.
  • Aluminum: Lower price than carbon and can bend.
  • Wood shaft: little loosen type can break. Price is quite expensive.

Bow and arrow combination make a perfect shot on the target. Without a bow and arrow, an archer cannot become a skilled shooter.

At field point, archer or a shooter like to make a shot with using bow and arrow. Bow basically developed with curved elastic limbs. The arrow uses a bow to make a perfect shot. Hunting professional like to use for their deer hunting project. And the sports professional like to use for their game goal attain.

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