Camouflage Hunting Wood Crossbow Archery Bow 150lb Black

Crossbow is one of the essential tools that used for smooth shooting on target. For your ambition hunting and fishing, it’s a tool that measures your shooting range. If you want to become a perfection animal killer, you need to introduce archery elements. iGlow offer Camouflage Hunting Wood Crossbow Archery Bow 150lb Black. They offer Camouflage Hunting Crossbow Archery Bow. You also get:

  • Red Dot Spot
  • 7 Arrows each has 16” size
  • Fiber material made Quiver
  • Cocking Rope
  • Stringer
  • Archery bow provides Black, Desert, and Autumn type of different colour feature tool.
Camouflage Hunting Wood Crossbow Archery Bow 150lb Black

The combination set makes a beginner as well as an expert practice more comfortable. The seven arrows have 220 FPS speed which hit on target accurate. 150lb size support crossbow perfect for 30 to 40 feet yard range shooting. Likes to play by young generation to hunt the animal. Crossbows for sale is average by customer ratings. For your light profession, bring best crossbow 150 lb crossbow to make your hunting job perfect.

Product Description:

  • Brand Name: iGlow
  • Bow Name: Camouflage Hunting Wood Crossbow Archery Bow 150lb Black
  • Weight: 3.9 Pounds
  • Draw Weight: 150lb (Pounds)
  • Length: 34.5 inches
  • Stroke Power: 10.5 Inches
  • Auto Safety cocking mechanism
  • Package Include: 7 Arrows with rope cocking device, Red Dots, Quiver, Cocking Rope, Stringer
  • Average Customer Rating: 3.2 out of 5
  • Price Range: Between 80 to 100

Best Fit on: 

  • Hunting professionals to skilled up for future hunting, fishing project
  • Adult,  Young, and Children above 12 years to practice on target.
  • The sports tournament and seasonal hunting professional profoundly need the crossbow
Camouflage Hunting Wood Crossbow Archery Bow 150lb Black

Features of Camouflage Archery Bow

Crossbow is massive and stronger than a simple bow. It used for fastest shooting on target. By I-Glow, Camouflage Hunting Crossbow Archery Bow offer 220+ FPS Speed. Get little confused why to select this for your hunting project? You get many things with the package to start with smooth. So the price converted into best investment for your career development. To get more feature looks at them in below:

1. Portable and Durable: the crossbow is very capable for all ages of people. Kids to adult, male to female can handle it. They used crossbows efficiently for its 3.9 pounds lightweight. For yourself, keep it in your hand and explore on target with an arrow.

2. Fasten Speed: A crossbow needs speedy. By iGlow made a tool, you get 220+ FPS speed. The fastest crossbow that works quick and inserts into the animal body. Before shot, draw 160 lb weight crossbow with arrow and measure point. That’s it-shoot and hunt your target.

3. Full Set Of Package: Thanks to iGlow Camouflage. With a short budget plan, where you get everything for your hunting project. Brief explanation gives in below:

Camouflage Hunting Wood Crossbow Archery Bow 150lb Black
  • Red or Green Dots: Adjust with an arrow to fly with more accuracy on target.
  • 7 Pcs of Arrow: Red colour feature 7 pcs shaft comes to set. You need to draw at 150lb crossbow before hunting or practice.
  • Quiver: To keep the arrows in a case, the manufacturer provides quick detach quiver.
  • Rail Lube: A Black colour made lube comes for accurate crossbow handling. When your hunting bow gets accurate weight, use rail lube. Not need to use too many.
  • Rope Cocking Device: When you cock your crossbow, it helps to remove your stress.
  • Stringer: Attach with a bow for more fastening shot produce. It used with limbs. You can get larger and smallAdd er its size with a bow. It reduces pulling pressure.
Camouflage Hunting Wood Crossbow Archery Bow 150lb Black

4. Fire Inhibitor Trigger Technology: By crossbow reviews, this one patented with trigger technology. That works for thumb guard protection. Your arms stay out from injury. To remove stress and flexible shooting, fire inhibitor trigger technology helps a lot. For this, barrel constructed with aluminium and weaver rail. It covered the area where your finger places on hitting. So you feel comfortable and pay attention to hunting case.

5. Value of the Crossbow: The best crossbow for deer hunting that recommends by hunting professionals. For your service, you get extra tools in one package. That help to progress your skill development. With comparison with quality and feature, you need to spend standard price. One of the best crossbow for the money that makes your investment in the right path. I-Glow is well-recognized company and offers valuable archery tools in this sector. The customer like their product feature and bring their profession. Best crossbow needs to use for your career orientation.

Good Sides:

  • Shooter gets 150 Lbs draw weight.
  • Hits from 30 yards and get 220 arrow speed shot. 
  • Crossbow parts come to package for beginner and kids. It helps to skill development from starting level


  • Arrows only for practice and small animal hunting, not for the big animal.


Q: Can you hunt with it?
A: Yes, for adults and professionally able to hunt the animal. Use from 20 to 30 yards to measure target and feature of weight and draw set that make more comfortable for comfortable shooting.

Q: Can my daughter able to use the crossbow for shooting? My daughter age at 22.
A: Yes, she can do. She needs to practice at field point to prepare her skills. Then she can go for hunting.


Thanks for reading Camouflage Hunting Wood Crossbow Archery Bow 150lb, Black. It offers several colour archery bows for your service. By understanding the report, feature, advantage and disadvantage part, you can make your ideal decision. With a short budget, you get a full set of the crossbow. It makes your practice and hunting outstanding. Male and female, adult and 12 years old children able to use and explore hunting strategy. The set is a combination that properly guides the shooter. For your crossbow hunting life, you need this. It makes your job easier and sharper.

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