Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Cross Bolt

Carbon Express brings precision design with patented BuffTuff Plus carbon weave. That has superior strength and accuracy with Mossy Oak Treestand pattern. The significant feature used for hunting and fishing. Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Cross Bolt has featured R2 vanes. The shooter gets six pack as a set of crossbow bolts and arrows set. Besides, it offers two different size – 20 and 22 inches in 6 pack box. Moreover, users concern, Carbon express offer eight category feature, and all come with 60 price range. Do you think its ideal to buy for your hunting or fishing? Then I tell you, the brand achieve gold rating mark through their quality and service. Your investment doesn’t go worst.


Product Information: (22 Inches)

  • Brand Name: Carbon Express
  • Arrow Shaft Name: Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Cross Bolt Arrow Quantity: 06 Pieces
  • Weight: 9.3 Ounce
  • Model No: 52114
  • Dimension: 1.2*1.2*22 inches
  • Advanced Technology: Mossy Oak Treestand Pattern
  • Built for: Crossbow bolts and arrows
  • Bolts come with high-performance vanes: R2 (Blazer) vanes feature
  • 06 arrows same size and fit for dual spine weight.
  • Average Customer Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0
  • Comes to under 60 Price Range.


Best Fit On:

  • The fishers and hunters start practice at novice level to guide user self and fit crossbow bolt service.
  • The shooter can perfect aim on target point and measure angle through angle use.

Which Ones to Buy?

I have 22 inches size pack. I like the size for my age. For hunting with crossbolt, the six-pack is excellent for fresher service.

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Cross Bolt

Features of Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Cross Bolt

1. Dual Spine Weight: The technology built for rapid recovery and optimising trajectory. It helps the shooter to use a crossbolt to hit down range shot. Set with a bow and down little bit and hit on target.

2. Precision Design: Crossbolt is a robust instrument which not more comfortable for all shooters. Basically, for beginners, they don’t measure perfect target. By using a precision design BuffTuff Plus carbon weave, it measures specific hit range. The vanes easily fit on crossbolt. Besides, it has Mossy Oak Treestand pattern. That looks more beautiful when it flies fed on target.

3. Ultimate Consistency: The camouflage colour that attracts the shooters. CX lineup features that has laser view for long distance range distance. The Carbon express maxima bolts with vanes that hit from 50 to 100 yards by professional. Also, it gets 300 to 440 FPS (Fit Per Second). The vanes correctly fed on target point and you keep consistent practice. Carry crossbolt, set vanes and hit straight, it goes 0.0025 inches accurate on point.

4. Universal Knock: The carbon express bolts built in carbon material. Six vanes have universal flat nocks for Carbon Express as well as for all other brands. So you can set on crossbolt and hit from little back at 50 yards. That’s it!

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Cross Bolt

Good Sides: 

  • 100% carbon made crossbow bolt
  • The R2 vanes have 2 inches size.
  • Includes moon nock
  • Cheap price offer


  • The maxima arrow and bolts do not provide accurate shot on target.
  • Suitable for practice, not so durable for hunting


Q: What is the inside diameter?

A: It has 11/32 diameter.

Q: What is arrow’s total weight?
A: The arrows are 20 inches size and total size 9.3 ounce.

Thanks for reading Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Fletched Buff Tuff plus Carbon Cross. I recommend the beginner and intermediate to practice with the carbon express maxima arrows. Its lightweight and more comfortable to exercise at outdoor and hunting camp. Order now and start play.

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