Carbon Express Medallion XR

Welcome to our page, we here for archer service. We analyse on targeting arrows based on quality and performance. A targeting bolt made for target measurement. For professional or fresher, targeting arrow is essential for all. If you have the aim to become an archery shooter, then pick Carbon Express Medallion XR, Carbon Target Arrow. Our analysis ensures you that, it’s suitable for your practice. Carbon Express brings two feature of archery arrows – 1800 spines and 2000 spines. Its features come as:

Look At Glance: 

  • Great Knockdown power
  • Straightness 0.003.”
  • Weight Tolerance 1.0 Grains
  • Spite selection tolerance 0.0025.”
  • Item specifications 2000-size, 5.1-GPI, 2000 inch spine and 0.176 diameters.
  • Weight 7.2 ounce
  • Made in: USA
  • Model No: 50413
  • Durable feature and offer repeat performance
  • Average Customer Rating: 4.6
  • Price Range: Below 120
Carbon Express Medallion XR

Recommend To:

  • Hunting and Fishing lovers who have high aim to become a professional shortly.
  • All generation loves this as perfect for training to measure their skills.
Bestseller No. 1
Huntingdoor 31" Archery Fiberglass Target Practice Arrows with Screw-in Tips for Recurve or Compound Bow(Pack of 12) (Green)
  • High quality fiberglass standard target practice arrows for recurve, compound, or long bows
  • Colored plastic fletching & nock.rounded permanent nickel-plated stainless steel bullet tip perfect for target practice & beginners
  • Nocked, fletched, tipped and ready to shoot .Rotatable Nock and replaceable Broadheads.
  • Diameter:7.6mm.For draw weight of 35-60 pounds bows,the spine about 500.
  • Key Features : Huntdoor fiberglass shaft has obviously rings ,they were made by kind of special process in order to transmit the force and protect the shaft agaist split when the arrow hit the target . Extraordinary durability for extended use
SaleBestseller No. 2
PANDARUS Archery 32inch 8mm Fiberglass Hunting Practice Arrows with Replaceable Arrowhead Spine 500 for Recure and Compound Bow Target (Pack of 12)
  • MATERIAL: Fiberglass, high quality arrowhead, special glue of 3M company ,nickel plated stainless steel tips, surface pattern processing.
  • Arrow Length:32-inch; ID:6mm; OD:8mm; GPI:13 grain ; Spine:500
  • Nocks are not fixed by glue,they can be adjusted for your bow.
  • USED: Compound & Recurve bows, for draw weight 30-55 pounds bows, fit for target practice & outdoor shooting.
  • ADVANTAGES : Durability, and adhesion; Safety; High quality; Designed for Children, woman or Beginner; 100% New
Bestseller No. 3
Elong Fiberglass Arrows Archery 26 Inch Target Shooting Practice Safetyglass Recurve Bows Suitable for Youth Children Woman Beginner (12 pcs)
  • Suitable for draw weight under 40 pounds recurve bow, the standard quality fiberglass target practice arrows can develop your skills in youth archery
  • Inner diameter 5mm, outer diameter 7mm, orange fixed nock, 1 white 2 orange plastic vanes (If the plastice vane shape is bent, you can put the vane into 80 ℃-90 ℃ hot water for a few minutes, it can be recover the original shape)
  • Special round design bullet fixed point is safe to everyone who start to practice.
  • You can practice archery with your family or friends in the backyard and outdoor on spare time.
  • They are durable and well made. Precision arrows vane, nock and bullet tip good for extended durability and long lasting target practice.
Bestseller No. 4
NIKA ARCHERY Fiberglass Arrows Youth Kids Practise Recurve Bows Compound Bow Shooting 12 pcs 24 inch Shafts
  • 24 inch Shaft Length (I.D.5mm, O.D.7mm), 12 pieces/lot
  • Fiberglass Shaft, #6875 Bullet Point
  • 3 inch TPU Streamline Vanes
  • Suit for Compoundbow & Recurvebow
  • Perfect Arrows for Youth & Children Practise Target Shooting
Bestseller No. 5
IRQ 32 Inch Carbon Arrow Quiver Set Spine 400 for Compound Recurve Long Bows Target Practice and Hunting Arrows, 12 Pack Carbon Fiber Arrow Plus 1 Quiver
  • 🎯Package Content: Arrow quiver set, high quality carbon arrow x12, quiver x1.
  • 🎯Arrow Material: Carbon fiber arrow, light weight and high rigidity, spine 400-450. IRQ carbon arrow is suitable for target practice and hunting on 25-55 lb compound, recurve, traditional or long bow
  • 🎯Carbon Arrow length: the overall length of the arrow is 31.5", the diameter of the shaft is 7.8 mm, and the inner diameter is 6.2 mm. Broadheads can be replaced.
  • 🎯Quiver Size: Adjustable telescopic arrow carrier tube diameter 3.5", length: minimum 25" and maximum 43". Quiver is made of PE plastic and can hold up to 20 arrows.
  • 🎯Note: This is not a toy, children need shooting training with their parents.
Bestseller No. 6
MS JUMPPER Archery Carbon Arrows 400 Spine with 4” Real Feather Fletching 100 Grain Points for Compound Recurve Longbow (12 Pack) (28 Inch Arrows)
  • Made with multi-layer construction rolled strength material; Perfect for target practice,outdoor hunting or 3D-shooting
  • 6.20mm diameter; Built to 0.005” straightness; Designed for draw weight 45-65 lbs bows
  • Straight glued for 4 inch shape turkey feathers, rounded by hard rubber for durability use
  • Matched with 100 grain field points, attachable broadheads and Adjustable nocks, convenient for various bows
  • Pre-cut finished arrow, well visible in the woods and grass; Crafted with low hand shock with good speed


  • Carbon arrows and crossbow that especially recommended for professional. The shaft targets right for teenager training. Remember, 2-3 years is perfect for hunting training. It’s my opinion for your child safety.
  • Vane and nock colour may vary from image. It happens due to stock out. You can choose and order, but sometimes it may change

Features of Carbon Express Medallion XR

1. Heaviest Carbon Crossbolt: The crossbow bolts has CX lineup feature which makes maximum kinetic energy and knocks down power. It helps a fresher to set on crossbow on the field and a quick attack on the animal body.

2. Standard Vane and Nock: Carbon Express Medallion XR, Carbon Target Arrow – that easier to insert. As a new user, you comfortably add-on crossbolt the moon nock. Besides the one dozen arrows, you get universal flat nocks as a green colour feature. Carbon fibre arrows do not make your shaft and hitting colourful, but also attract others views. Easy to mark and beats as straight of 0.003” by use 0.176” diameter.

Carbon Express Medallion XR

3. Quality: From my friend’s point of view, his performance is outstanding. In a short time, he is now a hunting master. For a beginner like him, you can start your career with the arrows and nock. It’s lightweight, easy to use and priceless.

Good Sides:

  • The arrows can port by the pocket.
  • Best hunting arrows come for daily hundreds of shots practice
  • Offer great flight after hits from crossbow bolt
  • Offer for a small price for fresher so that they can reach on peak
  • Offer cheap bolts at a price


  • Arrows break down after thousands of shots.


Q: What size of threads for field points or broadhead?
A: The size of diameter is 11/32” and shaft has 8 to 32.”

Q: How many bolts come in this pack?
A: 1 dozen Bolts.

Q: Will they hold up good to a crossbow that shoots 350 FPS?
A: I think so, my friend use 320 FPS and hold firm.



Thanks for reading Carbon Express Medallion XR, Carbon Target Arrow review. Archery arrows one of the unique feature arrows and nocks for all hunting professionals. Spine feature adds high constancy to practice on the field, and sooner you acquire confidence. If you don’t want to miss the function, then grab it. Start training with the Carbon Arrows 6 pack. Your investment is never going worst.    

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