Carbon Express Nano SST

Carbon Express offers 12 pack carbon arrows for recurve bow shooters. Carbon Express Nano SST, Ultra-Slim Recurve Carbon Target Arrow Shaft 12 Pack. For hunting and fishing users most love to use for their project. Carbon express arrows built in Nano SST, high technology used. Designed by FITA, NAA and NFAA (National Field Archery Association) feature. What purpose to use carbon target arrow shaft? A neighbour of next door asked me the question during my practice session. I tell him, its tiny size and easy to fix with recurve bow. In general, shoot by recurve bow is not light work. By use carbon arrow shaft, it provides an angle mark feature. Beside if user buy the pack, they get 12 packs for the long run session. Moreover, users concern, Carbon express nano pro is best target in 21st century and they offer eight category feature and all come with 250 price range. Do you think its ideal to buy for your hunting or fishing? Then I tell you, the brand achieve a gold rating mark through their quality and service. Your investment doesn’t go worst.

 Product Information: 

  • Brand Name: Carbon Express
  • Arrow Shaft Name: Carbon Express Nano SST, Ultra-Slim Recurve Carbon Target Arrow Shaft 12 Pack
  • Arrow Quantity: 12 Pieces
  • Weight: 8.0 Ounce
  • Advanced Technology: Nano SST
  • Built for: Recurve Bow Arrow Shaft
  • Straightness and Weight Tolerance: Average 0.002” and 1.0 Grain

Category and Model:

Note: GPI – Grain Per Inches

  • 400 Spines: Model No: 51585 Size: 400 GPI 9.62 Spine 0.400” Diameter 0.229”
  • 500 Spines: Model No: 51583 Size: 500 GPI 8.18 Spine 0.500” Diameter 0.219”
  • 550 Spines: Model No: 51582 Size: 550 GPI 7.79 Spine 0.550” Diameter 0.215”
  • 600 Spines: Model No: 51581 Size: 600 GPI 7.33 Spine 0.600” Diameter 0.212”
  • 700 Spines: Model No: 51579 Size: 700 GPI 6.46 Spine 0.700” Diameter 0.205”
  • 750 Spines: Model No: 51578 Size: 750 GPI 6.38 Spine 0.750” Diameter 0.204”
  • 800 Spines: Model No: 51577 Size: 800 GPI 5.88 Spine 0.800” Diameter 0.201”
  • 900 Spines: Model No: 51576 Size: 900 GPI 5.57 Spine 0.900” Diameter 0.198”
Bestseller No. 1
Carbon Express 51582 Nano SST, Ultra-Slim Recurve Carbon Target Arrow Shaft (Designed for FITA, NAA and NFAA), Size 550, 12-Pack
  • ULTRA SLIM DESIGN - The new Nano SST is an ultra-slim diameter shaft designed specifically for recurve bows. This design dramatically reduces cross-wind drift and is the ideal arrow for FITA, NAA and NFAA long-distance field shooting.
  • ENGINEERED FOR SUPERIOR CONSISTENCY - Engineered for optimal velocity, strength and consistency, the Nano SST is constructed from 30-ton carbon so it will not take a set (permanent) bend
  • TRI-SPINE TECHNOLOGY - With three specific spine areas with the stiffest being in the mid section of the shaft and the weakest spine configured to the back-end to allow for proper fletching clearance through the shot on a recurve bow.
  • MINISCULE MARGIN OF ERROR - The Nano SST is laser check for a straightness of ± 0.002", a spine selection tolerance of ± 0.002", and a weight tolerance of ± 1.0 grains.
  • ITEM SPECIFICATIONS: 550-Size, 7.79-GPI, 32" Length, 0.550" Spine, 0.215" Diameter, and 5.4 Beitner Outnock
SaleBestseller No. 2
Letszhu Carbon Arrows 340 Spine Target Hunting Shaft with Plastic Vanes and Removable Tips for Recurve Compound Bows (6 Pack)
  • Toughness shafts designed as copper appearance, covered a layer of glossy paint to reduce air resistance in flight
  • 6.20mm inside diameter wrapped with multi-layer carbon construction, laser checked ± .005 inch straightness
  • Standard 3-Inch unique TPU fletched , made for extended durability and have good balance control
  • Aluminum inserts install with 100 grain field points, not glued plastic nocks can be adjusted for convenient use
  • Pre-cut and ready to shoot, highly recommended for 55-75 lbs bows for archery shooting
Bestseller No. 3
32 Inch Carbon Arrows for Recurve Bow Pure Carbon Arrows with Feathers Fletched 800 Spine Arrows ID 4.2mm Target Arrows 4" Turkey Feather Hunting Field Tip Arrows for Compound Bows 12pcs (800 Spine)
  • More models in this series please search JZ-42ACCZY
  • Arrow Shaft Straightness: +-0.003"
  • Shaft Material and Length: 100% pure carbon,32"
  • Arrow Feather: 3pcs 4 inches turkey feathers
  • Arrow Head: Steel 80grain or 100grain arrowhead
Bestseller No. 4
ARCHERY SHARLY [6 Pack] 31" Feather Arrows Archery Carbon Hunting Target Feather Fletching Arrows with Removable Tips for Recurve and Traditional Long Arrow Bows
  • 【Recurve Arrows Specification】: 31 inch arrows long, 7.6mm carbon arrows diameter. For draw weight 35-50lbs traditional compound recurve bow.
  • 【Feather Arrows】: Natural feather arrows for recurve bow, feather fletched arrows with 2 red 1 black vanes, 500 spine arrows real turkey feather, which make flight always pointed the right way.
  • 【Material】: Precision carbon fiber arrows with feathers for bows, solid and well made, fly straight, fly true. Durability and long lasting recurve hunting arrows target practice.
  • 【With Removable Tips】: The traditional bow arrows tips can be replaceable.The 100 grain tip can be removable to attach broadhead. Great hunting & targeting practice arrows for youth and adults.
  • 【Good Package and Service】: Spine feather arrows packed well and always come in a box with fitted foam inserts. If you want to know more details, welcome to leave a message in the Q&A area, we will reply you within 24hrs.
Bestseller No. 5
27 Inch Arrow 400 Spine Arrow Target Practice Arrow Hunting Arrow Carbon Arrows Compound Bow Recurve Bow Adult Youth Archery Indoor Outdoor Shooting Bullet Tip 12pc
  • Inner Diameter: 5.2mm .204"; Straightness: +/-0.003"
  • 27 Inch Arrow (Note:this is the length of the arrow shaft)
  • 400 Spine Arrow
  • Carbon Arrows with Rotatable Nock for 60-70 Lb Recurve Bow & 50-60 Lb Compound Bow
  • Target Practice Arrow Hunting Arrow for Adult Youth Archery Indoor Outdoor Shooting
Bestseller No. 6
IRQ 31 Inch Carbon Arrow Quiver Set Spine 400 for Compound Recurve Long Bows Target Practice and Hunting Arrows, 12 Pack Carbon Fiber Arrow Plus 1 Quiver
  • 🎯Package Content: Arrow quiver set, high quality carbon arrow x12, quiver x1.
  • 🎯Arrow Material: Carbon fiber arrow, light weight and high rigidity, spine 400-450. IRQ carbon arrow is suitable for target practice and hunting on 25-55 lb compound, recurve, traditional or long bow
  • 🎯Carbon Arrow length: the overall length of the arrow is 31.5", the diameter of the shaft is 7.8 mm, and the inner diameter is 6.2 mm. Broadheads can be replaced.
  • 🎯Quiver Size: Adjustable telescopic arrow carrier tube diameter 3.5", length: minimum 25" and maximum 43". Quiver is made of PE plastic and can hold up to 20 arrows.
  • 🎯Note: This is not a toy, children need shooting training with their parents.
Bestseller No. 7
28.5 Inch Arrow 400 Spine Arrow Target Practice Arrow Hunting Arrow Carbon Arrows Compound Bow Recurve Bow Adult Youth Archery Indoor Outdoor Shooting Field Tip
  • 28.5 Inch Arrow (Note:this is the length of the arrow shaft)
  • 400 Spine Arrow
  • Target Practice Arrow Hunting Arrow for Adult Youth Archery Indoor Outdoor Shooting


  • Support recurve bow of 30-ton carbon
  • Ultra Slim Designed the arrow shaft so the shooter can fit on recurve bow
  • 12 arrows same size and fit for spine and weight.
  • Average Customer Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0
  • All Category Arrow Shaft Comes to under 250 Price Range.
Carbon Express Nano SST

Best Fit On:

  • For fishers and hunter. Start practice at novice level to guide user self and fit for recurve bow handling.
  • Nano SST built carbon arrows comes one dozen pack, that ideal for long time practice.
  • The shooter can perfectly aim on target point and measure angle through angle use.

Which One To Buy?

Above part, discussed the eight category feature and their performance. All models offer under 200 to 250 price range so you can choose anyone. I used 750 Spine model and its best for my novice level.

Is it Durable?

Carbon Express Nano SST

During my usage case, I used it for two years long. It comes to as 12 piece set of arrows. If one breaks down, I can put another one quick into recurve bow. In general, the carbon arrows do not break down quickly until target missed or recurve bow set gone wrong. More than, present buyers like it and review good rating. You can make a new experience with the shafts.

Good Sides: 

  • The advanced technology used Nano SST with carbon material made arrow shaft. Two in one quality created a tool that makes more happy hunting and fishing job lighter.
  • Provide extreme accuracy shot range from long distance like 30 yards by recurve bow.
  • Weight tolerance feature at 1.0 grains.


Price is little expensive


Thanks for reading Carbon Express Nano SST, Ultra-Slim Recurve Carbon Target Arrow Shaft 12 Pack. I recommend the beginner and intermediate, age above 18 years can join hunting and fishing with this feature. Attractive model offer with the same price. High quality makes your investment ideal. Order now and make your job happier.      

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