Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt

Arrows and parts work shooter and hunter target performance measurement. For archery shooting sports professional as well as for hunting and fishing lovers, the bolt is an essential professional tool. Some arrows made for practice on target and some for real-life adventure. Carbon Express offers both types of feature by their Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt. 4-inch vanes with six-pack arrows come in set for training as well as for shooting and hunting. Carbon express bolts Offer two different size pack of 20” and 22”. Each size has six arrows include and made of a carbon material. The carbon arrows fit on the crossbow, compound bow and provide high hunter rhythm in the field. 

My friend asked me a suggestion which is best crossbow bolts for his new level hunting profession? I suggest him to buy and use carbon express piledriver bolts. Its lightweight size that’s easier for fresher to set on the bow and offer low vibration during set weight and length. Its active part of hunting because if one’s bow gets too sound, the animal receives alert and flee. To keep this in mind, many buyers like my friend invest under 40 price range carbon arrows. Its feature builds an image for their future project success.


  • Brand Name: Carbon Express
  • Arrows and Parts Name: Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt
  • Style Name: 22 inch
  • Model No: 52141
  • Dimension: 22.5*0.2*0.2 inches
  • Pack Include: 6 arrows
  • Material use: Carbon
  • Pack Weight: (6 Arrows) 2 pounds
  • Each Arrow Weight: 0.08 ounce
  • Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5
  • Price Range: Under 40
Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt

Look At Glance:

  • Great Knockdown power
  • Spine Constancy at straight to 0.004.”
  • Diameter: 0.348”
  • Bolts offer standard vanes and nock 4” size
  • Durable feature and offer repeat performance

Recommend To:

  • Hunting and Fishing lovers who have high aim to become a professional shortly. It offers ultimate penetration.
  • Generation of young, adult, male and female perfect for training to measure their skills.
Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt


  • Under 15 years, it’s better for them not to practice and adventure hunting. Carbon arrows and crossbow that especially recommended for professional. As a parent, you may think, at ten years old your child not train then when train. Remember, 2-3 years is perfect for hunting training. It’s my opinion for your child safety.
  • Vane and nock color may vary from image. It happens due to stock out. You can choose and order, but sometimes it may change.

Features of Piledriver Crossbow Bolts

1. Advance Construction: Set the arrow on the crossbow and draw weight and length as per range distance. Hold firmly and mark target point. Smooth and straightforward handling feature arrows that provide you accurate shot hits guarantee. For adult and professional use 20 to 50 yards and set 28 plus pounds weight by 28” length for great target measurement. Most important part is the arrow consistency. Its offer less penetration is so easy to use and hit. Also, offer repeat shots because of 6 arrows and quickly removal from the target. You get the impact of exceptional reliability after hundreds of shots of practice in a day.

2. Heaviest Carbon Crossbolt: The crossbow bolts has CX lineup feature which makes maximum kinetic energy and knocks down power. It helps a fresher to set on crossbow on the field and quick attack on the animal body.

Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt

3. Standard Vane and Nock: Carbon express piledriver fletched carbon crossbolt – that easier to insert. As a new user, you comfortably add-on crossbolt the moon nock. Besides the six arrows, you get six universal flat nocks as a green color feature. It does not make your shaft and hitting colorful, but also attract others views. Easy to mark and beats as straight of 0.004” by use 0.348” diameter.

4. Quality: From my friend’s point of view, his performance is outstanding. With a short time, he is now a hunting master. For a beginner like him, you can start your career with the arrows and nock. It’s lightweight, easy to use and priceless.

Good Sides:

  • The arrows can port by the pocket.
  • Practice daily hundreds of shots and its offer excellent performance.
  • Offer great flight after hits from crossbow and crossbolt
  • Field tips offer with 100 grain. Use broadhead for Piledriver crossbow bolt for hunting camp or hunting
  • Offer for a small price for fresher so that they can reach on peak


  • Arrows break down after thousands of shots.


Q: What size of threads for field points or broadhead?
A: The size of diameter is 11/32” and shaft has 8 to 32.”

Q: How many bolts come in this pack?
A: Six Bolts.

Q: Will they hold up good to a crossbow that shoots 350 FPS?
A: I think so, my friend use 320 FPS and hold firm.


Thanks for reading Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt review. It’s one of the unique feature arrows and nocks for all hunting professionals. Spine feature adds high constancy to practice on the field, and sooner you acquire confidence. If you don’t want to miss the function, then grab it. Start training with the Carbon Arrows 6 pack. Your investment is never going worst.

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