Crosman Youth Wild Horn Compound Bow

For hunting lovers, good news bring by Crosman. They bring Crosman Youth Wild Horn Compound Bow for young generation smart profession build up. One of the top best compound bow for children and beginner. Most of the expert suggest Crosman for beginner compound bow. The youth compound bow also indicate by them as a good starter set. It offers only 3.6 pounds weight for shipment. The Crosman Wild Horn producer make it lighter the bow size at 1.5 pounds without the package. That ’s a comfort to carry and draw weighs-length for crossbow hunting. Crosman bow looks like a toy that also encourages a child to play and skilled themselves.

Compound bow reviews from the customer part seem positive. Crosman is a top rated compound bow and achieves the 3.0-star rating. As a beginner or to gift your children yourself, how could you justify its good bow? For this, you need to look out the product information, features. Besides you also pay attention to the junior compound bow advantage and disadvantage issues:

Key Information for Starter Compound Bow:

  • Brand Name: Crosman
  • Bow Name: Crosman Youth Wild Horn Compound Bow
  • Model No: AYC2926
  • Dimension: 2.2*11*27.5 Pounds
  • Weight: 1.5 Pounds
  • Add: 2 Fiberglass arrow (26 inches Size)
  • Price Range: Under 80

Best Fit:

  • The beginner and children are hunting shooters. Perfect size and quality made youth compound bow which used as a starter set.
  • Ideal grip used for right-handed shooters.
  • Composite construction made a bow with limbs and riser which keep bow longer
  • Easy to use and perfect for hunting training at outdoor and hunting camp.

Features of Crosman Youth Wildhorn Compound Bow

Play at hunting Camp and backyard: Your children like its feature and weight to carry and play as a toy. Every afternoon or weekend, they can join with their friends for fishing. Lightweight size no need any transport. So they can practice at outdoor from home and hunting camp. At the beginning stage, I advised parents to apart with them in hunting camp. Give them the opportunity to practice at camp to make feeling like a real adventure in the forest like atmosphere.

Right Handed Shooters: Diamond youth bow loves me for my beginning hunting journey. Before buying this target, I look toward an air gun shooting bow. At this stage, I interested in sports shooting. After reading the Crosman Wild Horn feature, I appreciate and bring the adult compound bow at home. It smoothly increases my professional level in the shot. Thanks to the wonder grip on my right-hand shooting service.

The composite Construction: It used for both side limbs and riser. That's helped me a lot to draw weigh up to 29 pounds and length 17-26 inches. For an adult, this perfect for hunting camp target practice. Beside it used a compound bow at the axle to axle 25 inches size and brace height as 6.5 inches. That also let off 65% to make an accurate shot. By this, it creates 100 to 350 FPS shot efficiently. The children use 12 pounds weighs and 15 inches length. I recommend kids to use the compound bow on foam made target, that makes more comfortable to pull out arrows easily. By this draw and distance, they find 75 to 200 FPS shot speed.

Crosman Youth Wild Horn Compound Bow

Youth Archery Set: You don’t need to buy a riser, limbs and pin sight. You get them inside the package. The pin sight helps you to draw weight and length with Crosman compound bow and fibreglass arrow. It offers two shafts which have an excellent height of 26 inches that’s ideal for practice on target. It also provides gloves for horizontal bolt removed from the goal. Finger guard offer for secure your hand during pull arrow with a bow.

Quality of Crosman Wild Horn Compound Bow: The customer give 3.0 start rating by using the bow. I want to give 4.0 Star rating after feature analysis and as a user. It's suitable for a young beginner hunting project. Its height and size fit many users. Offer primary archery instrument to start practice at high. Also, the offer price in the reasonable range so that you can enjoy the field.

Good Sides: 

  • Offer three months limited warranty
  • During set draw and weighs, it makes less vibration and sound
  • Firm grip for keep bow fine in hand
  • Durable by its high-quality material used
  • Airgun shooting feature made which can use on the target
  • Cheap price rate offer


  • No Targets includes, need to buy additionally
  • 3.0-star rating doesn’t like all youth generation; it has some issues like poor arrow and material used. Need improvement if the manufacturer wants to increase the score.
  • I will not recommend hunting with this arrow, better use string or Easton Genesis Arrows.
  • The left-handed user is not able to use the bow.


Q: Can the rest swap out?
A: Yes, you need to use a screw to move out rest.

Q: Is it made of carbon?
A: The bow made of composite and arrows are fibreglass.

Q: Can you put a peep sight on this string? Is it solid cable?
A: Its solid made, don’t worry. The bowstring has 16 stands, but it doesn’t set. You need to set self.

Q: What is the actual hand pulls for bowstring?
A: Its right-hand feature, so you need to pull by the right hand.


Thanks for reading Crosman Youth Wild Horn Compound Bow review. Hope the feature and description enable your bow buying guide tips. The compound bow has some issues but suitable for beginner and children practice. Complete set comes to make your workout longer and outstanding. Order today and start practice for goal achievement. 

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