DELTA Intruder Best Buck Target For Bows

A target is a key to our shooting performance measurement. Our generation likes to take part in archery shooting and hunting parts. By using a goal, that guided us and skilled at a high level. If we get a 3D target, that’s work just like excellent. But which ones to choose? The common question asked me by novice shooter. From my experiment, I started my sports shooting career with a DELTA Intruder Best Buck Target For Bows. I decide to choose the destination for my sports shooting as well as for my hunting profession. 2 in 1 goal that manages my budget and offer me outstanding service.

DELTA Intruder Buck Target
  • Made By: Delta Targets
  • Model Number: 50460
  • See Description
  • See Description

So I mention them to bring DELTA Intruder Best Buck Target For Bows. Is the target handy and useful for the money? Later they asked me the question. I reviewed them, the buck target looks realistic and self-healing technology made. So the shooter likes to hit thousands of shots and easy to pull out them. It needs to replace; they can change it. 14.6 pounds weight more comfortable for all ages like children to adult for extreme speed bag crossbow target practice.

Product Description:

  • Brand Name: Delta
  • Product Name: Delta Intruder 3D Buck Target For Bows
  • Model No: 50460-x
  • Dimension: 10*41*37 inches
  • Weight: 14.2 Pounds dmtargets rebate
  • Specification: Top Quality Replaceable self-healing foam technology used
  • Average Customer Rating: 3.5 out of 5
  • Made in: USA
Delta Intruder 3D Buck Target For Bows

Best Fit On:

  • Delta intruder buck target is a lightweight feature, so all ranges of the user can handle and use for their project. Like Sports archery shooting in Olympic, Hunting at the forest.
  • The male and female, children and adult able to use and practice well. The target looks realistic as 3D that looks crystal. The shooter uses a crossbow to practice on 3D buck self-healing body.

Features of DELTA Intruder Best Buck Target For Bows

Delta archery targets come from the hunting lover’s project orientation. The mark looks like real that makes a shooter to feel a real buck stands in front. Also, the shooter buck target can hit strong after thousands of shots from general and crossbow. The shooter buck stands on four legs which used hard plastic case to grip the ground tight. So 350 FPS speed doesn’t affect the target and keep it secure standing. Are you interested in getting a golden 3D buck target for your project development? Than pick Delta Buck target. I like to offer my experiment for your smooth handling the target:

  • 3D Target: I want to get your attention at this point, you need a high 3D quality target like Delta Buck. Suppose you want to hunt deer in the forest. So you need to practice your shooting skill improvement. For this, you need to draw a deer in your imagination during an outdoor practice. Thanks, Delta for making easier your task by bringing a real look like a 3D target. More than, the heating points also marked for your easy eye visibility. Mark, the locations with crossbow and practice like in real adventure.
  • User-Friendly: The delta archery target body built in Self-healing foam made technology. The shooter user crossbow, compound bow with an arrow on this foam target. The shaft gets 350 to 400 FPS speed from a crossbow and 440 FPS (Fit Per Seconds) from Crossbow bolt. That's attached to foam body. After the practice session, the shooter able to pull out the target from the body with single hand use. During pull out, it doesn’t make the foam any difference and keep it best for long time support. The user feels to replace; they can order from the market and self-hand to replace the self-healing foam core. By this, it gets longer and investment become worthful.

  • Robust Standing Buck: Delta Intruder 3D Buck Target For Bows has four legs made of plastic. Also, it used two stakes for smooth and controlled standing on the ground. The antlers and legs are also removable features made. If the user needs to replace the part, they can do it. The user can separate the components by self and joint also.
  • Bow Targets For Sale: The shooter buck has 5.4 inches taller size. It is best for standard height shooter. In general, adults are 5.2 to 6.4 inches taller in average. They get joy to use the target from different angle shooting. For children, they can use the small yard for making their target range. So all ages, generation user like the buck target for their profession. What’s the price range? Is the product has an average sale? Does the target durable? To reply to say, Delta is a top featured archery target producer. In this model, they achieved excellent ranking with a positive review from the customer. Besides the price offer below 100 range. That makes the user buy and use for extended years service. In my case, I used it for five years. I used to practice 3-4 hours with 500 plus shots on target. The antlers and legs need to replace after two years of buying. The self-healing foam I returned in the same year. I want to say that, the target is good for the money and suitable for smart practice. Bring it and make a new experience.

Good Sides:

  • 3D buck target looks like a real buck and amazing for practice
  • Antler, Legs, Self Healing Foam parts are changeable
  • Best 3d buck target combined durable and Longtime supported, parts
  • Top feature target offers a standard budget for archery and hunting lovers


  • The legs are not twisted lock. In some cases, it falls by crossbow or compound bow speed hitting. The user if target missed and hit on legs then the goal effect.
  • The skates built in steel. It has no point. The arrow missed and hit in this area then the user needs to use a hammer to pull out.


Q: How tall is the target?
A: The target is 5.4  inches taller than more comfortable for

Q: Do you need purchase a stand or does it set on this ground?
A: It offers two stakes that lightweight into ground half way from buck legs on top of stakes.

Q: Can you use it to hunt?
A:  Yes. Its good for hunting and outdoor practice.

Q: Is this durable for a crossbow?
A:  Yes, suitable for a crossbow.


Thanks for reading DELTA Intruder Best Buck Target For Bows review. I just like become a fan of Delta target. The hunters also fan of this target. The lightweight and transportable feature made the target more comfortable to practice at outdoor service. Delta offers standard price so a beginner can make experience and practice well. The review and feature that discussed from my experiment. Hope this will guide a beginner to practice well. I recommend you to buy Delta buck target and make your profession brighter.

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