DELTA Real-Archers Choice World Buck 3D Archery Target

Delta McKenzie targets feature technically advanced, custom-formulated polymer foams that are engineered for specific levels of arrow shaft retention, penetration, resistance to tearing, and self-healing properties. The goal is to balance arrow stopping properties with durability and the ease of arrow removal. DELTA Real-Archers Choice 3D Archery Targets a very good target! Stops and hold arrows very well. Realistic look to it. Love the rotating stand for real-world shot placement.

DELTA Archers Choice Real-World Buck 3D Archery Target
  • Target rotates from the force of an arrow if placed on included swivel stand
  • Exposed whitetail vitals and bone structure on one side
  • Core and body are replaceable
  • Broadhead, expandable and field tip arrow compatible
  • Height: 40" Width: 43" Depth: 10"

  • Flex Foam: Features a UV-resistant coating. Flex-Foam is light in mass, can take a pounding from the heaviest blows, and allows for easier arrow extraction.
  • E-Z Flex-Foam (High-End Core Material: High-end core material. Ideal for tournament competition cores, E-Z Flex features excellent self-healing properties and great resistance to tearing and chunking. High stability for target zone lines, dependable stopping power, and the most forgiving pull characteristics of any polymer core we have ever produced.
  • Durable Foam (Heavy-Duty): Heavy-duty, extremely resilient structure that is highly resistant to arrow wear and tear. Used in our high-end target bodies.
DELTA Real-Archers Choice World No.1 3D Archery Target

Very small deer target, but I guess DELTA Real-Archers Choice 3D Archery Target forces you to "aim small miss small" It seems that the target is made well as the arrows have a very solid "thump" when they hit, but are still easy to remove. I like the swivel base that comes with this target too!!

The Antlers were difficult to get into the head straight and I broke off one of the spikes and had to make one out of a piece of steel rod. Works just fine. If you shoot a lot I would buy a second insert. The antlers don't stay on too well but that doesn't bother me at all, it doesn't affect your shooting. Due to the rotating capability, ensure that you put it on level ground or it will tend to stay one direction. Can’t beat it for the price though.

Bestseller No. 1
Delta McKenzie Back yd 3D Woodchuck Target, Brown
  • 3D target provides realistic practice
  • Designed for back yard shooting
  • Economical competition shooting
  • Ibo scoring rings
Bestseller No. 2
McKenzie Delta Aim Rite Bear
  • Product Category: 3D Targets Backyard/Hunting
  • Bow Speed: 350 fps
  • Product Height: 28"
  • Arrow Tip: Broad heads and Field Tip
  • Product Number: 20125
Bestseller No. 3
Delta McKenzie Porcupine
  • Package length: 34.544 cm
  • Package width: 39.878 cm
  • Package height: 62.738 cm
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS
Bestseller No. 4
Delta McKenzie Back yd 3D Rabbit Target, Brown
  • 3D target provides realistic practice
  • Designed for back yard shooting
  • Economical competition shooting
  • Ibo scoring rings
Bestseller No. 5
Delta McKenzie Javelina 3D Target
  • Backyard 3D Target
  • May use Broad heads or Field Points
  • Durable Flex Foam
  • Core Available
Bestseller No. 6
Delta McKenzie Brown Bear 3D Archery Target Replacement Core
  • Simple assembly, just remove the old core and slide the new one into place
  • Self healing foam
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Rated for bows, crossbows, field points and broadheads
Bestseller No. 7
Delta McKenzie Bobcat 3D Target
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Item Package Weight:3.674 Kilograms
  • Product Type:Sporting Goods
  • Package Dimensions :35.56 Cm L X 40.64 Cm W X 63.5 Cm H

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