Escalade Sports Bear Archery Flash Youth Bow

America’s no 1 Bear Archery introduce youth and an institutional archery set. The professional starts archery institution to train beginners. In archery, where users need to develop a clear concept about target, arrow, bow and instruments. For shooting especially in shooting like a tough task, bob is a decider. So most experts recommend Escalade Sports Bear Archery Flash Youth Bows to orient and skill development. For young and teenager service, Bear Archery Flash Youth Bow is ideal. Its smartly define their shooting strength. I recommend Bear flash is best at present archery bows. But why?  It allows 11 years older children to play. It’s an archery set that comes with

  • 2 Arrows
  • Quiver
  • Two safety glass
  • Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest
  • 1 Pin Sight
  • Finger Rollers
  • Armguard
  • Brace height at 5.”
  • Training Bow size at ”
  • Bow draw: Length 16-24” and Weight 5-18 pounds
  • Takedown Let off: 60%
  • Flash shooting feature

 More than it offers two different design colour for shooters options.

  • Red – Model no: AYS500RD: 2.8 pounds
  • Yellow – Model no: AY500YB: 2.2 Pounds
Bear Archery Flash Youth Bow

Both designs come under 40 to 50 price range. I used yellow design. The only bow has 1.45 pounds weight that’s easier to take in a single hand and rest one free for assembling part. Some light feature makes my training smooth and leads me toward perfectionist shooters. I suggest the youth generation use Bear archery flash bow by regular budget and create a sweet experience.

Bow Specification:

  • Brand Name: Bear Archery
  • Bow Name: Bear Archery Flash Youth Bow
  • Bow Design: Ambidextrous Design
  • Average Customer Review: 4.1 out of 5.0

Recommend To:

  1. Above 11 years old children, the bow draw perfect feature match for their service
  2. The teenager, adult and beginner to train from zero level and find the best path to trained up
  3. Archery institution service, training up new shooters
  4. Professional skill retaining

Is It Ideal to Buy Bear Archery Flash Youth Bow:

I start my archery shooting at teenager level. I am not so much confident about the best bow. Later started practice with several brands bow. They are suitable for my training, but I look toward extraordinary bow to get my level. After analysing market and customer review, Bear flash youth bow catch my eyes!

At first look, it seems like a toy set, but later I discovered it offers outstanding archery kits. These are very beneficial for perfect knowledge gathering. Ambidextrous riser design bow enables me to shoot from 20 yards on target. The brace height 5.5” that’s ideal size an adult like me to pull. Last month, I gifted Bear flash recurve bow to my cousin’s children 12th birthday. The child practice with arrows correctly draws length and weight in front of me. That's wondering me!

Bear Archery Flash Youth Bow

The archery compound bow kit feature describes below:

Best youth bow provides flash shooting feature. Yes, it’s true! The bow has 47” length which much more comfortable to handle and balance. Also, parts offer to assemble and get accurate performance.

Bow Features:

1. Both Handed Bow: Bear Archery brings high-quality shooting bow with full archery kits. You firmly mark draw weight, length, height with carbon arrow and bow. Both handed shooters enjoy training. Face compound bow on target and hits. If you used 18 pounds weight, then you get 175-200 FPS speed.

2. Ambidextrous Design: The designed used for comfort handle in training. The material used in riser which used for bow and arrow service. It doesn’t need to use any heavy string or cable; the shooters firmly hit on target.

3. Accessories: The bow brings a package service for youth generation quick service.

  • 2 Arrows: Aluminum made arrow swift to fit on the bow. 2 bolts attach inbox to start practice after buying.
  • Quiver: Smart quiver add for store the arrows when a shooter goes to the field
  • 2 Safety Glass: Shoots like flexibly without tensed about body injury, set the glass on the part and focus on target point.
  • Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest: Set on Bear Cruzer compound bow arrow rest and limbs part to smooth balance and takedown
  • 1 Pin sight: it offers 18 pounds highest weight, so single pin add to use from 10 to 20 yards. The children enjoy from 5-12 yards to shot like 10 pounds weight set on the bow.
  • Finger Rollers and Armguard: Wear three finger rollers and armguard that’s keep your hand safe during pull arrow with a bow.
  • Brace height at 5.5”: Ideal for 11 years too young generation to fit their body height.
  • Training Bow size at 47”: Quite a considerable length provide that’s comfort children as well as for young users.
  • Bow draw: Length 16-24” and Weight 5-18 pounds: 11 years children love to play Bear Archery. By the feature, it’s easier to hit on target from 10 yards.
  • Takedown let off at 60%: The draw feature and rest help to takedown smoothly after hitting. Besides it offers 60% let off the weight during set pulling length and weight.
Bear Archery Flash Youth Bow

4. Flash Shooting Feature: You don’t need to take any stress about measure accuracy shot hitting. Just pick Bear archery flash and mark your point. Its smoothly hits on target. That happens because, its lightweight- that’s easy to handle, kits assemble easier and works fine. The draw feature best for beginner to hits soft and make a perfect score on 3D archery target!

5. Buy with Peace of Mind: In most case, the customer used it for 2-3 years long time. My example, I used it for three years for my training career. The arrows and paper target need to buy time to time, without this – it’s a beautiful tool for your particular job.

Good Sides: 

  • Best bow for children play, young generation smart service
  • High-quality material made tool keep bow durable
  • Archery kit set make training session sensation
  • Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit rest give as a free inset, which may cost users extra money
  • No string and cable require
  • Good for money


  • It doesn’t recommend for hunting, only for practice
  • It doesn’t offer string, Limbs


Q: Where we can get more massive limbs?

A: You don’t get specific limb in this model.

Q: What arrows and gear I buy?

A: You don’t need to buy arrows, the manufacturer offers two bolts.


Q: Can you use it without sight pin?
A: Absolutely! It firmly shoots from 10 to 15 yards, so there is no sight pins need. Thought they offer for teaching a beginner about all archery set by one umbrella!


Escalade Sports Bear Archery Flash Youth Bow is a golden set for all young generation. I recommend Bear archery brave bow set to them who wants to clear concept idea on hunting and fishing as well as about archery target. It's good for the money. The primary level of training, its advised by an expert. Its also used by many archery institutional centre training. Bring Bear archery bows and make your practice comfort!

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