Excalibur Firebolt Illuminated Carbon Arrows

Arrows that make our shot perfection. Excalibur FireBolt Illuminated Carbon Arrows is one of the top-rated bolts. It activated with Lumnock and placed with accelerative force. Better support for crossbow shot to hit on target. Excalibur arrows that made of carbon and sized 20 inches. Total three pieces come to package, and they are suitable for practice with a bow to target. Green-yellow colour lighted arrows fit on bows and shot with high accuracy. 20 inches arrow length that has illuminated flat nock. So that shooter able to provide an illuminated path to target and assist in arrow location. Also, Excalibur bolts used on crossbow and broadheads. Small size Excalibur Firebolt comes with the affordable price range. Grab it and increase your shooting skill.

Product Description:

  • Manufacturer Name: Excalibur
  • Product Name:
  • Model No: 22CAVIL-3
  • Dimension: 22Length*2Height*4Width inches
  • Weight: 2.4 Ounce
  • Package: 3 quantity of Arrows
  • Body Work: Carbon Arrow Fiber Work
  • Specification: Illuminated Lumnock included
  • Spines and Vanes size of 4 inches
  • Arrow Size: 20 Inches
  • Rating: 4.4 out of 5
  • Made in: Canada
Excalibur FireBolt Illuminated Carbon Arrows

Best Fit on:

The archer and hunter professionals for their shooting and hunting project. They can use crossbow and broadhead at field point to practice well.

Features of Excalibur Firebolt Illuminated Carbon Arrows

By analyses customer review and rating, the Archer loves the Excalibur illuminated firebolt arrows. Its light weighted and best fit on a crossbow. To become a professional shooter or hunter, the user needs to an expert in shooting. For the better shot, they need Excalibur firebolt illuminated carbon arrows. The features discussed briefly below:

Lightweight: The bolts are very lightweight as 2.4 ounces. By one hand, the user can set with bow and practice on target. Also the arrow size in 20 inches. That’s dimension 22*2*4 inches perfect to set and hit. For this, with Excalibur crossbow accessories, the arrows smart to carry.

Spines and Vanes: Reinforced spines and vanes which has 4 inches size that comes with firebolt crossbow bolts. It has a developed by Easton and firebolt carbon arrows. The fatback insert for more reliable string contact with spines and vanes without any force. The Lumnock that illuminated insert and installed by individually. By setting up, it’s impressive to hit on target.

Crossbow and broadhead: The professional or new user like the product for their hunting and shooting part. Excalibur crossbow bolts offer them to practice for aim shooting service. It works by Lumnock that activated by accelerated force places from crossbow shot. The carbon arrows fit on the crossbow and enable the user to practice style.

The function of Carbon Arrows: Excalibur offer spines and vanes with arrow package. Why need barbs? It works through arrow shaft to measure shot accuracy. When shooting with the bow, it thorns to attach on target. With bowstring, the user needs to accelerate arrow with a bow. They need physically use force to shot a shaft with a bow on a target. It’s fly around and get to the point. Like this, 4 inches vanes that come with long 20 inches arrows. The blades which have 265 grains weight. It needs to insert with carbon fibre at the centre of the bow so the user can hit the target with accuracy. The illuminated Lumnock feature comes with an arrow which works with flatback. The user needs to insert it with Lumnock bolts for better use string and hit the perfect shot on target.

Value of Arrow:  Carbon Fiber made arrow offer price under 50 range. So shooter and hunter can grab this three pack arrows for their quick service. It works fine with spines and vanes, easy to insert Lumnock and pull out an indicator from the target after practice. Durable and portable feature Excalibur make profession lighter.

Good sides:

  • Easton and fibre bolt carbon arrows have on nock and easy to insert into reliable string contact
  • Reinforced spines and vanes of 4 inches
  • Deliver optimum accuracy and speed shot
  • Durable and portable feature
  • Affordable price


  • Compound bow feature not works


Q: How do you turn on them after the shoot?
A: There is a small nose needle where I can pull out until the light turns off.

Q: What is the grain size it works?
A: 265 Grains weight works with carbon fibre bolt arrow.

Q: What are the colour of Lumnock and the arrow vanes?
A: The Lumnock is orange, and vanes are a green colour.


In summary, by reading the review user can get potential tips for handling the product. Excalibur FireBolt Illuminated Carbon Arrows 20 inches is critical for archer’s goal achievement. Lightweight size and smaller arrows give the user to carry in a smart way. Easy to set with crossbow and bowstring. Price is also affordable that shooter and hunter like to get one. For aim and actual shooting skill development, Excalibur 3 Pack carbon arrow is unique to build a smart profession.

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