EZE Center LTA Laser Alignment Tool

To target on aim spot, bow and arrow essential for the archer. Novice or expert, choose any brand of the bow with an arrow for their service. A bow is a powerful instrument that used to shoot the arrow at the target point. There are big fans in the archery world. Many of them choose it as sports or hunting profession. For bow hunting user, they highly recommend a Bow maintenance accessories. For this, Easy Eye Archery Products Inc. research while 2 years for making hunter life energetic. After long research, they come with an updated feature tool for the bow hunter. It’s EZE Center LTA Laser Alignment Tool, it makes shooting more easily. Think about why so? Because it comes with a laser that adjusts the shot on air. The arrow can set up on bows center and find the target. Modified bow accessories which can develop the hunter fishing and animal hunting project lighter. Metal cast bodywork tool offers standard price that can manage. To become a giant hunter, EZE eye laser tuner is unique for them.

Product Description:

  • Manufacturer Name: Easy Eye Archery Products Inc.
  • Model No: 36382
  • Dimension: 8.5*5*2 inches
  • Weight: 6.4 Inches
  • Body Frame: Metal Cast
  • Battery: LR44 (3 Quantity: Need to buy)
  • Function: Bow maintenance Accessories
  • Specification: Advised to Bowstring shooter
  • Average Customer Rating: 4.1 out of 5

Why Archery Laser Alignment Tool is Special?

  • Arrow Rest and Arrow Shaft can fit
  • The bow can use at the 360-degree point of the target.
  • Finding center shots within a seconds
  • Release Material 60 inches.
  • Cam and Limb that make easier to grip arrow tuning and also help fletch clearance training for the novice.
  • Practice aid helps to check Gage for the archery hunter before traveling toward the field.

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  • TACT-100 SCOPE - This crossbow scope has a multiplex crosshair system and adjusts in precise 10-yard increments to 100 yards and an adjustable reticle for velocities of 300 to 450 fps; It is perfect for hunting, target shooting, or long-range practice
  • DURABLE - The High-Output Express Limbs of the Excalibur Suppressor 400 TD hunting bow feature reinforced Armor Tips and are made from 100% uncut continuous fibers for maximum energy and extreme durability in a low-profile limb
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Features of EZE Center LTA

People like to hunt fish and animal in their weekends. Professional like to hunt animals like deer, bear etc. on the season. Simple way they use a bow to hunt their things. Now the point is why need EZE eye laser bow alignment tool? Because in some cases the shooter unable to center the bow where they shot on the point. The strength of this, they can center it within a seconds and use their limbs to grip it perfectly. The manufacturer provides it update version that likes the archery bow shooters. There are some light features that attract to buy and use for their smart career. Want an EZE Center LTA for yourself? Than some buying tips for your best use:

1. Portable and Durable: the First essential point that wants to focus on every user for portability and durability. Yes, it's so lightweight that you get joy to carry with your bow case or other archery accessories. At durability part, the producer research over 2 years longer to make it ideal for the bow hunter. The metal body gets used for all season. The arrow of all standard size can fit on this. So you can center it and use the shot.

2. Easy to Use: Don’t need to tense about handling. Rather you get joy to use. It took little time to set up on your limbs and cam. Small size that easy to grip for its alignment shape. For your practice or training, there are no other accessories like this for you. Because it has laser function. That looks crystal rectifier to find center shot or animal body.

3. Bow Hunting: Do you love hunting? Then you well introduce bow and bowstring. Easy Eye Archery Products Inc. recommend it for bow hunters. Why so? Its last and updated version of bow accessories that make your job quick and smart. You can find out a hole for its laser alignment. It gives you quick insert and shot on target. It also helps to adjust to the wind blow. So you can set the arrow on bow hole. More than you can eject the laser and use there a sight optics. It provides your point targeting more accurate. There is another option you can use cam and limbs. Like the function, it provide an easy solution for bow hunting goal attain.

4. Value of Tuning Aid: The customer like above feature points and get interested. They make ideal decision for their smart profession with EZE center laser tuning aid. The produce invests 2 years more for making their life work more smoothly. A major case that happens all hunter and that lost target point. Actual case, they don’t get read of wind blow and center target. By using this, their problem can solve. Think about little high price? Yes, it looks quite higher. But its good quality made of the metal case. Smart hole point gives for arrow set up on the bow. So within a seconds, it set on the bow and find the animal or fish center point. This is good bow maintenance case and you should love it.

EZE Center LTA Laser Alignment Tool

Good Side:

  • Novice or expert both can use for their light profession
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Works faster
  • Laser vision makes easier to find center target point.
  • Good quality and the latest version made a maintain bow case for the generation. The accessories that make hunting profession more relax.


  • To remove laser and install sights, a hunter needs to use the battery. But this item does not include in this set. They need to buy it from archery store.
  • Price may demotivate the novice. But good quality made tool can meet their goal.


Q: How small the laser points at 20 yards?
A: This set makes for arrow shaft and arrow rest. That need to use on sight hole. And the laser places at the string. You don’t understand the point of laser function. There is no point about target aiming. It’s feature that clear your eye vision to find the center target.

Q: Why my laser don’t go straight?
A: Yes, in some cases it can happen so. If you use at home, the laser does not align incorrectly. It better to use to hex screws to the center beam. So you can manage to shoot well.

Q: What battery size used?
A: The EZE Center alignment tool that suits 3 LR44 Batteries.


Thanks for reading the feature and review part of EZE Center LTA Laser Alignment Tool. To become elegant bow hunter, this accessory advised using. Lightweight and quick set up that make easier to find the center shot point. The laser helps the shooter to find a hole to insert arrow shaft and arrow rest with a bow. It works fine on wind and saves time. To become an elegant hunter, I recommend buying EZE laser alignment Tool. Your skill developed with the faster shooting.

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