Field Logic Shooter 3D Archery Hog Target

Professional and non-professional likes to shooting and hunting event. To prepare themselves well, they need a lot of practice at outdoor. For their project make brighter, target archery develops. What is a target and why it used? An archery target is a tool or body where shooter practices their shooting measurement. They like to practice with bows and arrow on the target frame. From the favorite brands, Field Logic Shooter at the top. Field Logic Shooter 3D Archery Hog Target develops for hunting professionals. The beginner to professional able to practice and improve their shooting skills. The realistic design used as a 3D shape that feels like adventure level of practice. Black colour Hog target that stable structure made and keep durable after many shots. The scoring rings include stakes. The inside core can replace if damaged after long year support. The price is affordable for all ranges of shooter service. Brings under 100 price Hog target and make your hunting level at higher.

Product Description: 

  • Brand Name: Field Logic Shooter
  • Product Name: Field Logic Shooter 3D Archery Hog Target
  • Model No: G71310
  • Dimension: 32.3*19.8*8.2 Inches
  • Measurement: Height 19 inches and Weight 32.5 inches
  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Specification: 3D targets for casual and serious hunter
  • Average Customer Rating: 3.3 out of 5

Best Fit on:

The hunting professional. It doesn’t mean for expert, also for beginner and intermediate hunter service. It comes to as hog target, but 3D dimension made target can also use for deer and Rhino hunting practice. Age even doesn’t matter, above ten years children to adult come to practice part.

Features of 3D Archery Hog Target:

1. 3D Target: The hog target element made as 3D outlooks. The shooter never feels it likes a toy! During the practice session, they feel like adventure hunting. Robust body design with realistic looks that perfect for target identifying. The children can hit from 10-15 yards and adult able to hit from 30-50 yards range. The intermediate and professional can use compound bow, crossbow and bowstring to practice on this hog body. 350 FPS speed or more can support the target.

2. Scoring Rings Vital: The shooter can use the dimension for their aim hitting zone. It manages at height and weight as 19 by 32.5 inches. That’s ideal for their shooting range to make a perfect shot on the body. Besides, it has scoring rings where arrows hit. Its mark for shooter target measurement and find their mark. Also, the core function can be replaceable. The user feels it damaged, then order from field logic-shooter.

Field Logic Shooter 3D Archery Hog Target

3. Value of the 3D Hog Target: By analyzing customer review, it seems the target quite standard made. Lack of adverse review comes during their service. The primary target users are a beginner, intermediate and casual hunters. They like to develop their target practice skill with this. The lightweight and transportable feature also usable for female and children. Field Logic Shooter claim standard price for this product. So all ranges of the economic user able to buy and make their hunting profession smarter.

Good Sides: 

  • Lightweight for comfortable carry and set on the field
  • Durable stakes include which are durable and stand firm on the ground.
  • Cheap price offer


  • Good for hunting practice
  • Arrows are not easy to remove from scoring rings, need to use riser and gloves to pull out


Q: How hard it is? Can it be used for kids practice?
A: Yes, but they need to draw weight 30 plus pounds to perfect hit in field points.

Q: Can you shoot broadheads at this target?
A: Yes, it sounds used, but during pull out the arrow, the target is little damaged.

Q: Is the vital zone correct on this?
A: Yes, they are high and stayed at target right side armour plate.


Thanks for reading Field Logic Shooter 3D Archery Hog Target review. The hog target is incredible by price and feature corner. Every casual and serious hunter should love it. Buy the target to make your profession brighter.

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