Flying Arrow Archery Toxic Broadheads

Broadhead is an essential tool for archery target. The shooter use broadhead to perfectly hit on the target. Flying archery arrow introduce a new concept of broadhead for best-hunting arrows. It is known as Flying Arrow Archery Toxic Broadheads. One of the best broadhead that reviewed 3.6 rating from the customer. Include field tips accurately that help the shooter most utilize. The professional also known it as toxic arrow tips. 100% coring broadhead which has no linear blades. Also, the user gets 3 pack as a set which has 100 grain. The white color made toxic broadheads for sale is increasing its cheap price rate. To make your shooting level up to mark, you need this toxic broadhead arrow.

Flying Arrow Archery Toxic Broadheads, 100 Grain, 3 Pack
  • Field Tip Accuracy
  • No Moving Parts
  • Razor Sharp & Whisper Quiet
  • No Set Screws, Rubber Bands or Clips
  • Most Cutting Surface Area of Any Broadhead on the Market!

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Product Description:

  • Manufacturer Name: Flying Arrow Archery
  • Model No: 70143
  • Body Frame: 100% coring broadhead without a fixed blade
  • Blades are razor pattern which can replaceable
  • Quantity of Broadhead: 3 pack
  • Grain: 100
  • Weight: 2.4 Ounce
  • Cutting Diameter: 1-5 inches
  • Special Specification: Toxic Broadhead Screw that easily inserts on target
  • Average Customer Review Rating: 3.6 out of 5
Flying Arrow Archery Toxic Broadheads

Recommend To:

  • The professional to keep practice well with toxic broadhead.
  • The Beginner use to make the experience
  • Small budget user and archery lovers can get and explore their shooting level.

Features of Archery Toxic Broadheads

Replaceable the razor sharp blade feature made toxic broadhead give the high volume of service the shooter. To save time and efficiently use, flying arrow archery toxic broadhead is recommend for them. The expert or novice can utilize the tool for their best recurve bow. Among different broadhead, I like the flying arrow toxic broadhead. It has some special feature that attracts you to buy:

1. Field Tips Accuracy: I like this for its accurate field tips. You definitely find it and utilize for you shooting on target. Its offer chisel tips with 100 grain. 3 pack of broadhead comes to as a set and the blades can change time to time. When you hit, use the field tips.

2. Arrow Works with Broadhead: At the time of hit arrow on target, its stop moving and straight to insert on target. It happens for its flying arrow toxic feature made broadhead. You can practice well at your home outdoor. It develops your shooting skill and services your hunting moment. You need to hit on the animal body, truly that fixed to insert the body.

3. Razor Sharp Blade and Whisper Quiet Grain: The blades are razor pattern that has changeable feature. The professional always search a profit-making tool that builds their image on the field. So, many of them like Flying Arrow Archery Toxic for its 100% coring broadhead. Radical Core Decompression (RDC) technology built tool has 100 grain. With 3 pack of broadhead, the buyer also gets 6 blades which comes to as 3 pairs for 3 broadheads. The razor parts and whisper quite grain combine to make accurate field tips that help the shooter.

Flying Arrow Archery Toxic Broadheads

4. Rubber Bands: The set has fixed with blades but can be changeable. Rest of the parts are not movable. There is also no option of screw set that you can try to separate the part. The frame used with a rubber band that fixed the body. So at the time you hit toxic arrowhead, it strongly flies and inserts on the target. If it falls down from hand, it can’t damage by falling to the ground.

5. Cutting Surface Area: The surface cut by the length and size design of a broadhead. Usually, shooters use the broadhead in large space without any stress. The toxic broadhead has the feature of cutting surface which diameter is 1-5 inches. The razor blade made broadhead when inserting in the target that time it cut the surface. So it hit speed doesn’t impact the target body.

6. Value of the Toxic Broadhead: Best flying broadhead that likes to use all level of hunting and sporting professionals. Its look like quite a toxic broadhead crossbow that good flying arrows and insert on target. 2.4 inches weight 3 pack set that offers use long time. Also, offer 3 pairs of razor pattern blades that has curve shape. Like to use with an arrow, arrowhead, and crossbow by the professional. The great feature made toxic broadhead offer standard price range that can effort the users. To build a classic archery profession, flying arrow toxic broadhead is a niche for them.

Good Sides:

  • Chisel Field Tips offer which has accurate to use.
  • 100-grain offer
  • 100% True coring Broadhead
  • 3 pack of broadhead offer 3 pairs of blades that can change. After cutting the surface it can be damaged the blades sharp part. So they can replace it
  • Affordable price range offer.


  • Only field tips offer, but many users try to find out broadhead tips- which is absent.
  • Arrow shaft may not work properly.


Q: Do these fly as field tips?
A: Yes, definitely it flies as field tips and quickly inserts into the target.

Q: Do this broadhead durable after making few shots?
A: I think so. My friend uses the arrow with broadhead for deer hunting. He uses 1 arrow on 2 deer. But it no damage and he cleans it. Keep arrow for future use. If your case, find damage, then use the 3 pair of blades by replacing.

Q: Can this arrow be used with a crossbow?
A: Yes, you can do.

Q: What is the insert size?
A: The size depends on arrows standard. Don’t worry, all arrows can fit with the broadhead.


At the ending part, there is no doubt that Flying Arrow Archery Toxic Broadheads is a very handy part of an archery target. The professional hunter largely recommends using for their smart profession build up. Beginner or expert, which level of the user you are it doesn’t matter. It has field tips with 100 grain that works fine. Above feature part, you can measure how useful the toxic broadhead that builds an image for your profession. If you want to build your profession at a higher level, than purchase the flying toxic broadhead. It largely helps you at hunting adventure.

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