Foam Archery Target – Rolled – 48inch

Welcome to our site. We present archery target set for today’s generation. What profession you love to build up – hunting or shooting, you need a goal to measure your skill. In the archery field market, you get several options. American Whitetail present Foam Archery Target – Rolled – 48inch size, that’s best for all level of archers. It designed scoring points – that’s ideal for game bow shooters. Just 25lbs weight which easier to lift and set on the field. It’s a DIY foam archery target – comfort for self-setup. Even teenager, female or girls easily hold and placed on a target stand. Need to manage a target stand additionally for outdoor play.

“Rolled Heated Bond” – particular looks which keep foam archery target durable from shots after shots. Laminated strips protect the goal from high-speed arrows. Rolled feature 3D archery target backstop helpful for users to set and fold up as well as store inside the room. It's offer under 300 price range. Thinks about high price? Yes, its looks little expensive – but it's highly durable and a lifetime project tool for archery shooters. 7 inch thick which support arrow to fed on the scoring body and not tear up. Take it on hunting camp with friends and play with a free mind.

Foam Archery Target - Rolled - 48inch

Target Description: 

  • Manufactured By: American Whitetail
  • Target Name: Foam Archery Target – Rolled – 48inch
  • Dimension: 36 and 48 inches diameter
  • Weight: 40 Pounds during shipment and 25 pounds after pack out
  • Material Used: Density foam constructed by laminating strip
  • Unique Looks: Rolled Heat Bond
  • Target Face: 7-inch Thicker
  • Price Range: Under 320
  • Average Customer Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0

Advised To:

For all archery shooters and hunters. It works best with game event shooters. The target scoring points useful to true measure self-performance. By the target foam mat – fresher and expert can gather shooting experience.

Individual Looks on Foam Archery Target:

  • Rolled Heat Bond: The foam archery targets is a DIY archery backstop feature made so that shooter can set and fold up during play. The element ensures that – the arrow when hits by bow, it usually has 175 plus FPS shot speed. On average, by stand a fresher part, its measure 220 to 275 FPS speed from a crossbow. That's smoothly attached on scoring target body and firmly holdout by pull out. Rolled heat bond – arrow speed doesn’t create big hole either tear up body or foam parts
  • Density Foam Constructed: I gifted it to my friends. It’s easier to carry for me to his home. Amazing 25 pounds lightweight and four fit long – with scoring points! My friends loved it. On holidays, we joined together to play. The internal side of the backyard archery range used foam – where arrows smoothly attach. 7 inches thick. That's firmly gripping on laminated foam body.

Good Sides:

  • Lighter weight for easy setup and storage
  • Arrows cause less damage to the body because it's constructed by foam laminated
  • The family target for all ages shooting service


  • Price is little higher


Q: Is the target durable?

A: Yes, 7” thick foam constructed which support high-speed arrow to fed on laminated body.


Thanks for thoroughly studying Foam Archery Target – Rolled – 48inch review. American Whitetail brings unique feature scoring range 3D Archery target for all generation service. Outstanding feelings to play on the field without stress. Order now to make your shooting hands stronger and build your future project smarter.

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