Genesis Original Compound Bow Kit For Archers

We love to play archery sports as well as hunting. The archery is an event where user likes to measure target from different ranges. For professional and non-professional, they required bow and arrow to identify aim target. So, bows and arrow is an essential tool the root of success. Prepare yourself for sports shooting or hunting; its ideal to starts with a compound bow. For beginner and intermediate, they like to choose right tool aftermarket and brand feature analysis. Most of them want to buy Genesis Bows. But Why? Genesis Original Compound Bow Kit For Archers introduced in the market with two models. They are Genk 12240 (Right Hand) and Genk 12239 (Left Hand) feature compound bows. Genesis bow accessories come as a set, which makes a beginner job lighter. Genesis archery set includes:

  • Best Compound Bow (Right/Left Hand Feature: Choose anyone)
  • Belt Tube Quivers: For arrows storage and transport
  • Adjustable Arm Guard: Protect Finger during set draw weight by bows and pulling out arrows.
  • 5 Aluminum Arrows: Practice or for project service with bows.
  • 3/16 inches Hex Wrench: Set the bow draw weight
  • Moulded Competition Grip
  • Composite Limbs
  • Owner’s Manual: Guidebook for user service

Genesis archery kit featured an original package. That’s why beginner and intermediate first choice. They can improve their target shooting skills. The cam-technology built compound bow has lightweight at 3.53 pounds. The right or the left-handed user can afford Genesis compound bow under 250 price range. Besides they get color of options to match their needs:

Genesis Original Compound Bow Colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Camo
  • Carbon
  • Green
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Pink Camo
  • Purple
  • White Camo
  • Yellow

Genesis compound bow for sale volume rate is also higher. Already they achieved a 4.7 average customer rating. Genesis pro bow comes to guide all ranges users of kids, adults, and professionals.

Genesis Bows Kit For Archers

What is the Genesis bow kit Specification?

  • Brand Name: Genesis Bow
  • Product Name: Genesis Original Kit
  • Built-in: Single Cam Technology.
  • Weight: 3.53 pounds
  • Feature: Right and Left Hand
  • Average Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5
  • NASP official bow
  • Made in: USA

Genesis Original Compound Bow Kit For Archers Recommend To:

  • Kids: The age above ten or more years, kids able to use the compound bow. But remember, kids can’t outgrow this bow, only adults able to do.
  • Youth/Adult: Today's generation most archery and hunter like the Genesis compound bow kit. It offers them basic five packages with bowstring type bow. Buy one bow, make use of the dual project. They can use for sports as well as for hunting.
  • Male and Female: The beginners of male and female able to use the Genesis original bow. Its lightweight and different color made. The female can buy purple, pink color. The man can buy black, orange; blue color made a compound bow.
  • Professional: The professional can practice well before the archery event. Genesis competition bow made for their project-oriented. Hex wrench helps them to draw weight up to 20lbs and length at 15 to 30 inches. The hunter and shooter capable of the set and keeping practice on target body with compound bow

What Features Offer by Genesis Original Kit?

The beginner and intermediate likes to research about top bows feature before buying. Sometimes, hardworking get wrong. To measure the best youth bows, they need also analyze present market trends and brand user reviews. I like to buy Genesis pro bow for my skill development. I study customer review and find some essential points which I utilize for my project. I want to share the points for your smart career build-up:

  • NASP Official Bow: The National Archery in the School Program (NASP) certified Genesis youth bow. Single Cam technology used compound bows that have fewer noise factors. Also, offer few recoils, produce low vibrant and help to make a perfect shot on target. Target produce bow developed a beginner into the professional level without stress.
  • Draw Weight: The USA made Genesis original bow kit make bow user work lighter. 3/16 inches Hex wrench offer to adjust bow weight and length for aiming shooting. At package, it comes as let-off zero design so that later users can customize as per their needs. During the session, they can draw weight at 20 lbs. And length at 15 to 30 inches. Also, the user can lower the pressure to 10 pounds. May you ask its necessary? Yes, it’s so. By draw weight and length, it makes shooter shots more perfect and accurate. Adults and professionals can manage it by self and practice better.
  • Useful Accessories and Original Kits: I like the Genesis youth compound bow for its complete set. It never feels me any lacking during my session. Above part, the accessories are pointed out. Machined 6061-T6, which includes aluminum riser, aluminum cam, and idler wheel. These need to measure bow weight and length. Riser worked by drill and tapped the accessories at let off 0%, 35.5 inches axle to axle, and 7 5/8 inches brace height measurement. The instruments that have comes in a package, and you do not need to spend extra money on the items.
  • Value of The Genesis Youth Compound Bow Kit: Smart generation's first choice is the Genesis Youth Bow Kit. It offers dual hand feature made. The right and left-hand shooter can buy this. Besides different colors provide their opportunity. I have green color made Genesis Bow Kit. But you can choose others. You need to make a regular budget to buy this. Under 250 price range, it makes your job enjoyable. If you get stopped or confused, try owner’s manual. I hope this is the best compound bow for your archery sports and hunting career.
Genesis Original Kit

What are the Good Sides?

  • Lightweight made for shooter self-carry and transport
  • Right and Left-handed shooter likes to use for their project
  • Draw weight and length option available
  • Valuable kits, accessories come to the set, which saves money to buy separately.
  • Belt Tube Quiver for smart carry the kits and arrow
  • Perfect for youth, beginner and intermediate service
  • Best bow with money by comparing feature and quality

What are the Drawbacks?

  • Kids are not allowed to draw weight
  • 20 lbs. compound bow can draw weight not recommended for hunting. At least 40lbs required for fishing. But 20 lbs. It’s suitable for practice at outdoor.


Q: If I want to order more arrows, what would I need to do? Is there a specific size of shaft need?
A: There are five arrows comes to a set. You need more than you can order from the same outlet. The size is 30 ½ inches and made of the metal shaft.

Q: Can you recommend the bow for hunting?
A: Maybe not. For hunting, a professional draw 40 or more lbs weight, which not include this feature. But for sports shooting, it's glorious. Also, recommend for beginner's practice.

Q: My Grand Daughter is 11 years. Will she able to use the bow?
A: Yes, sure. But does not recommend to draw weight, only for play or practice.

Q: Which material made the bow?
A: Single Cam technology used by mechanism 6061-T6 aluminum riser, cam and idler wheel


Thanks for reading the Genesis Original Compound Bow Kit For Archers review. I hope the review help to guide you properly. The bow developed my skills and never feel me it’s an ill-fitting model. The Genesis Bow is outstanding for my beginning path. The price is quite standard. By compare product quality, feature, customer review – you can choose it and wish to buy. Likes customer, it never disappoints you. I love to suggest you buy Genesis Bow Kit. It makes your professional smart and brighter.

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