GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target

Technology makes our life smart and colorful. We have many things around us which have technology touch. We can watch TV at mobile on the internet. Like this smart tools are made for sporting tools. For the archer lovers, they can use 3D archery target tools and equipment. From the competitive archery brand world, GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target is top by their quality made target high point. The user feels life like 3D Buck stand in front of them! Professional and novice user able to shoot 34 inches shoulder height range. The USA made bow and arrow targets has 4 sided replaceable feature with insert core dimension as 11 inches every side.

Field Logic GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target with Replaceable Insert Core, GlenDel Buck w/4-sided insert, Brown
  • Life-Like Buck - 3D Deer Target With The Body Size Of A 200 Lb Buck. Stands 34" At Shoulder Height, Overall Height 56" With 150" B&C Antlers
  • Easy Arrow Removal - Polyfusion Technology Fuses The Internal Layers To The Inner Target Wall Resulting In Uniform Layer Compression And Ease Of Arrow Removal
  • Long Target Life - 4-Sided Replaceable Insert Core Measures 11" X 11" X 11" And Will Extend The Life Of The Targetl (For Additional Core Inserts Order: Glendel #G71100)
  • 5 Times The Insert Shooting Surface - 1,000 Shots Of Practice. More Than Comparable 3-D Deer Targets

GlenDel 3D Archery Target manufactured by Field Logic. Their tool is a standing buck type and makes easier for shooting practice. 4 rating get from the customer review for GlenDel 3D targets features. 5 times the insert shooting surface with 3D visibility which likes professional archer and hunter. Lifelike standing buck has the great stability to with 1000 shots practice option. Beside the user will get stop all broadheads and field tips for their aim shooting practice. Only 17.6 pounds weight make easier to carry and set up a field to practice well. If you are looking towards an best 3D archery target, then GlenDel 3D target brings a lot of joy with satisfaction.

GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target

Product Description:

  • Brand Name: Field Logic
  • Model Number: G71000
  • Style Feature: GlenDel Buck 4 sided insert core
  • Product Dimension:  31*15*17.5 Inches
  • Shoulder Overall Height Measure: 56 inches with B and C Antlers
  • Special Features to look:
  • Insert Core Dimension : 11*11*11 inches
  • Stops all Broadheads and Field Tips
  • Shipping Weight: 17.6 Pounds
  • Buck Body Weight: 200 pounds
  • Customer Review Rating: 4-star out of 5
  • Made in: USA

The Reason for like the tool by Archery Target Users:

  • GlenDel 3D deer target use support, for its Lifelike buck
  • Polyfusion technology looks like 3D visibility
  • Easy Arrow removal feature
  • Practice 1000 shots durability
  • Replaceable 4 sided Insert core
GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target

Package Item offer for Extended Life Use:

  • GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target with replaceable insert core- 4 sided
  • Grandstand – Universal Adjustable 3D Archery Target Stand
  • HME products Hard Surface Practice Hanger
Bestseller No. 1
McKenzie Delta Aim Rite Bear
  • Product Category: 3D Targets Backyard/Hunting
  • Bow Speed: 350 fps
  • Product Height: 28"
  • Arrow Tip: Broad heads and Field Tip
  • Product Number: 20125
SaleBestseller No. 2
Field Logic Big Shooter Crossbow Buck 3D Archery Target with Replaceable Core, Brown
  • LIFE-LIKE CROSSBOW BIG SHOOTER BUCK - The biggest toughest 3D Target in the Universe, This Life-like Buck stands 51" Tall, 125" P & Y Antlers
  • BANG FOR YOUR BUCK - Includes a replaceable high density core insert that offers up to 5 times the shooting surface of other 3D Targets. The shooting insert extends the life of your target (Additional Inserts: Order GlenDel Model #G71630)
  • STABILITY - the crossbow Shooter stands at 4 feet tall but it will never waver because ground stakes are included
  • IMPENETRABLE - Stops ALL Broadhead and Field Tip Arrows
  • MADE IN THE USA - at Shooter, we are proud that all of 3D targets are made right here in the USA
Bestseller No. 3
Replacement Insert for Shooter Buck 3D Archery Targets
  • EXTEND THE LIFE of your Shooter Buck 3D Target with Replacement Inserts
  • LARGER INSERT than comparable 3D targets
  • STOPS ALL Broadhead and Field Tip Arrows
  • EASY arrow Removal
  • Made in the USA
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Rinehart RhinoBlock Target
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  • Long Lasting: Solid foam body has self-healing replaceable inserts for a lifetime of use
  • Easy Arrow Removal: Suitable for compound bows and crossbows with an easy arrow removal feature
  • Scoring Zones: Patented locking inserts to stop arrows, bolts, broadheads, and added scoring rings
  • Highly Visible Design: Each side of the sturdy cube features a highly visible target zone to practice in low light conditions; Dimensions (H x W x D): 16 x 16 x 13
Bestseller No. 5
BIGSHOT Titan 18" Crossbow Broadhead and Field Point Archery Target- for Crossbows, Compound, Traditional and Youth
  • Easy arrow removal for high speed crossbows and compounds up to 500fps
  • Five tuning faces to improve multiple aspects of archery and hunting
  • Tapered design to match shooting plane of the archer
  • Elasto-Flex self healing foam extends target life for thousands of shots!
  • Compact foam block style target great for dischage, camp or back yard archery
Bestseller No. 6
Rinehart Signature/Competition Series Large Buck (Big10 & 30 Point) Insert
  • Renowned, solid ʻself-healingʼ foam
  • Multiple Scoring Rings Available
  • Replaceable Self-Healing Insert
  • Patented Locking Inserts
Bestseller No. 7
DELTA Riverbottom Series Chlngr
  • Body Depth: 10"
  • Scoring Rings: IBO
  • Product Category: 3D TargetsDeer TargetsBackyard/Hunting
  • Bow Speed: 300 - 350
  • Product Height: 40"

Features of Glendale Buck Target

Most professionals like to use a 3D visibility feature tool for their aim target practice. Thanks to GlenDel Buck insert tool for bringing a quality made equipment. I recently buy GlenDel Buck tool and do my shooting application. The tool is very strong and good capacity to make 1000 shots. I like the GlenDel best archery target for my archery king tournament skill developing case. I get valuable features from the tool. If you need a 3D Buck target, then I can offer some tips for your buying guide:

1. Lightweight Tool: The Archer like the 3d archery targets for its lightweight feature. Novice is a tool which can easily carry from home to the field. Field Logic made the Buck body only 200 pounds weight for the archer easy handling. At the time of shipping, it will add extra 18 pounds. Shooter Buck 3D target comes to your easy visibility and aim target making.

2. Five Times Shooting Surface: I like the Buck target for its 3D visibility. Every time of my shooting practice, GlenDel target make me feel a real alive deer standing in front of me. I hit 1000 shots into the buck body, but it never falls down. Besides it has 5 shooting insert surfaces. It helps me to make practice from different angles. For your concern, GlenDel deer target looks real from any range. It helps to find you identify ideal target position.

3. Replaceable Insert Core: Thanks for the valuable feature! It helps the users to practice extended life. GlenDel Buck replacement core come to a longer practice session. It has 4 sided dimension as 11*11*11 inches. You need to order the insert core form GlenDel #G71000.

GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target

4. Open Layered Polyfusion Technology: The GlenDel Buck 3D archery target 4 sided inner part use polyfusion technology core. It uses the internal layers target wall. Field logic uses the feature for your easy arrow removal case. The layer used foam. When you hit, the arrows attached to the layered wall. Foam made tool helps you to easily remove the arrow.

5. Stops all Broadheads and Field Tips: There is a vital role of Buck 3D archery target can stop all broadhead as well as field trips. Youth like to shoot at 300 fps or more speed shoot at the point. The speed perfectly attach into the 3D Buck wall. So it has a strong capacity to control the bows speed. After shooting, without a friction of force, can release out the arrows.

6. Like by All Generation: Professional or novice, Youth and all generation users like the tool for their part of sports. Lifelike 3D GlenDel full rut Buck bests to use at field point. After set up, by standing at 34 inches shoulder height can make point target. The tool has 56 inches height. So all generation of archer player can most use the tool.

7. Quality and Value of the tool: Best archery target has 4 sided 3D buck target offers a positive feature for the users. The archer will get 2 feature on one item:

  • GlenDel Buck Insert Core
  • GlenDel 4 sided insert

If you like the tool than it offers you wide range of shooting practice facility. Real adventure deer shooting feelings come to you. Any wide surface you able to make perfect shot practice. The values of the tool are little higher. But the feature gives you proper feedback and it supposed to good investment for your profession. Great tool make your arm figure stronger for your sporting event.

From my experience part, I can say, I am a big fan of a GlenDel 3D buck. 4 star rating also comes from the users to their satisfaction. In which professional you are, this developed your shooting skill at a higher level.

Good Sides

  • Life Like Buck as 3D practice visibility
  • Crossbow targets for sale available
  • Stops all broadheads field tips
  • Thousands of shot practice option by 5 times inserts shooting surface.
  • 200 pounds Buck easy to carry
  • Easy Arrow removes the feature.


  • The whole body not made of foam, if target missed, another part can damaged
  • To buy the full package as an item, then the price will be very higher.
  • Not support 400 fps more speed


Q: Can you shoot broadheads into it?
A: Yes, I do use it so. After use broadhead, it easy to pull out.

Q: Can I use the crossbow in this target?
A: Yes, you can. The crossbows are good to support your target practice.

Q: Can it withstand 400fps?
A: Actually I used 350fps up to. So not sure about 400fps.

Q: Does it come with 4 sided core?
A: Yes, the manufacturer mentions it in their feature part.

Q: Can I leave this target outdoor until I use it again?
A:  yes you can do it.  But winter season, it's better to keep them target inside your home.


I like to thanks once again Field Logic for their GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target. It develops me as a perfect shooter. Now I am much confident to deer hunting program. Best quality and feature made target give me a high level of satisfaction. From the customer review, it also looks positive tool to use. Polyfusion technology is a vital feature in this tool. Lifelike 3D Buck gives joy to aim practice. You can grow up your shooting skills by 5 times insert shooting surface feature. Besides you can replace insert core when you need. Don’t think about its price level. To build up your skill, the target ideally works as a user-friendly. So buy the Buck 3D target and lead your profession happily.

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