GlenDel Full-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target

There are different sports events held every year like Olympic where shooter participates as a part of archery target event. Shooting is a class of arts that make a shooter's eye, hand, and arms stronger3D archery target tools and equipment very essential for their profession. From the competitive archery brand world, GlenDel Full Rut Buck 3D Archery Target is a high-class best 3D target. Shooter feels lifelike Buck stands in front of them! Professional and novice user able to shoot 37, 62 to 150 inches shoulder height range. The USA made GlenDel buck replacement core 3d archery targets has 4 sided replaceable insert core dimension as 14 inches every side.

Field Logics produces speed bag archery target which has five times insert shooting surface. Their weapon is a standing buck type and makes more comfortable for shooting practice. Besides the user will get stop all broadheads and field tips for their aim shooting practice. Only 23 pounds Archery target weight makes more convenient to carry and set up at the field to practice well. If you are in it to buy your aim archery target, then GlenDel 3D target is ideal to set up your profession.

Product Description:

  • Brand Name: Field Logics
  • Model Number: G75000
  • Style Feature: GlenDel Full-rut Buck 4 sided insert core
  • Product Dimension:  35*13*20 Inches
  • Shoulder Overall Height Measure: 62 inches Height
  • Special Features to look:
  • Insert Core Dimension: 14*14*14 inches
  • Stops all Broadheads and Field Trips
  • Weight: 35.3 Pounds
  • Buck Body Weight: 300 pounds
  • Customer Review Rating: 4-star out of 5
  • Made in: USA

The reason for like crossbow speed bag by Archery Target Users:

  • GlenDel  3D deer target use support, for its Live Weight Deer
  • Polyfusion technology looks like 3D on target archery visibility
  • Easy Arrow removal feature
  • Practice 1000 shots practice
  • Replaceable 4 sided Full-Rut Style insert core
  • GlenDel  3D deer target use support, for its Live Weight Deer
  • Polyfusion technology looks like 3D visibility
  • Easy Arrow removal for homemade archery target feature
  • Practice 1000 shots practice with glendel full rut buck
  • Replaceable 4 sided Full-Rut Style insert core

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Package Item offer for Extended Life Use:

  • Polyfusion Technology fuses the internal frame and easy arrow removal
  • Target compound bow on tops all Broadhead and field tips
GlenDel Full-Rut Buck Target

Features of GlenDel Full-Rut Buck target

GlenDel brings the G73000 model the Best hunting target for your hobby. Most professionals like to use GlenDel full rut buck feature Target for their best shooting practice. Looking for a 3D buck target for your hunting case? Don’t worry, GlenDel Buck target for bringing full rut insert core made whitetail standing tool. I recently buy GlenDel target for my shooting application. I get valuable features from the shooter buck 3d target. For your target guideline I like to share my tips for your easy use:

  • Lightweight Tool: Archer like the Field Logic 3D target for its best ever lightweight feature. Novice is a tool that can easily carry from home to the field. Field Logic made the Buck body only 300 pounds weight for the archer's secure handling. At the time of shipping, it will add extra 35.3 pounds. Shooter Buck 3D target comes to your easy visibility and aims target make.
  • Five Times Shooting Surface: I like the 3D Buck target for its HD visibility. Every time of my backyard archery shooting practice, Field Logic GlenDel full rut buck target makes me feel a real deer standing in front of me. I hit 1000 shots into the buck body, but it never falls. Besides, it has five shooting insert surfaces. It helps me to make practice from different angles. For your concern, GlenDel deer target looks real from any range. It helps to find you identify target position.
  • Replaceable Insert Core: Thanks for the valuable feature! Printable archery targets helps the users to practice extended life. GlenDel full rut target offer best replacement insert core comes to a more extended practice session. It has a four-sided dimension is 14*14*12 inches. You need to order the insert core form GlenDel #G75100.
  • Open Layered with Polyfusion Technology: The Best 3D archery target has four-sided inner part, which layered with polyfusion technology core. It uses the internal layers' target wall. Field Logic applies its best feature, which helps you to easy arrow removal case when you hit the arrows attached to the layered wall.
  • Stops all Broadheads and Field Tips: There is a vital role of GlenDel Buck 3D archery target can prevent all broadhead as well as field trips. Youth like dice archery target feels enjoy to shoot at 300-350 fps shoot at the point. The speed entirely feeds the 3D Buck wall. So GlenDel full rut target has a strong capacity to control the bows' speed. After shooting, without the friction of force, can release out the arrows.
  • The target for All Generation: The professional or novice, Youth - all generation buck shooter like the tool for their part of sports. Lifelike 3D GlenDel full rut Buck bests to use at field point. After set up, by standing at 36 inches, shoulder height can make point target. The amazing target has overall 60 inches height. So all generation of archer player can most use the tool. I recommend this is best best 3d deer target- with the GlenDel shooter buck target!

Full-Rut Buck 3D Target

Quality and Value of Field Logic 3D Target: 4 sided buck archery target offers a positive feature for the users. The archer will get two functionality on one item:

  • GlenDel  Full Rut Buck Insert Core
  • GlenDel 4 sided insert - shooter buck insert core

A real adventure like for deer hunting, the professionals, become a fan of the target. For your deer hunting profession, it develops your hobby project. Any full surface, you able to make perfect shot practice. The values of the hunting target are little higher. But the feature gives you proper feedback, and it supposed to good investment for your profession. The great big shot archery targets makes your arm figure stronger for serious deer shooting. As much you practice, sooner you will be fan member of GlenDel Full-rut Buck 3D archery target!

Good Side and Drawbacks

Good Side

  • 3D Buck target makes live weight deer standing.
  • crossbow targets for sale available
  • Stops all broadheads field tips
  • Thousands of shot practice options by five times insert shooting surface.
  • 300 pounds Buck quickly to carry
  • Easy Arrow removes the feature.
  • Best archery target for the money


  • The whole body not made of foam, if target missed, another part can be damaged
  • To buy the full package as an item, then the price will be very higher.
  • Not support 500fps more speed


Q: My full rut buck takes a square insert?
A: Yes, you are right. The picture brief wrong information.

Q: Can I use the crossbow in this target?
A: Yes, you can. The crossbows are competent to support your target practice.

Q: What is the insert size?
A: Each of the sizes has 14*14*14 inches.

Q: Does it come with the four-sided core?
A: Yes, the manufacturer mentions it in their feature part.

Q: Is the non core part of the body made the same material as the core?
A:  The body has some built-in portion foam. And rest of the part use material as the core.


I like to conclude my review with precise GlenDel Full Rut Buck 3D Archery Target. I buy the target for my deer hunting profession. It develops my shooting strength. The best quality and features made the best target give me a high level of satisfaction. From the customer review, it also looks positive tool to use. Polyfusion technology is a significant feature include which keeps target safe during smart arrow remove. Besides you can replace insert core when you need. GlenDel buck is one of the great features target tools to known all professionals. To build your skill, the Field Logic GlenDel target ideally works as a user-friendly. So buy the Field Logic Full Rut Buck 3D target and skill up your shooting level.

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