Hips X2 Big Game Series Herd Bull Target

Our young generation loves hunting and fishing. Latest technology made archery targets comes to make their job lighter. Now at the market, we have many favourite brands. Its difficult for a novice to select best archery targets from them. If you are looking for 3D hunting targets, then Hips Archery Targets make easier your destination find out. They bring Hips X2 Big Game Series Herd Bull Target which formed with the best quality. But how could you realise it? I can help you. You can use a broadhead series of 16*18*19*2 with a field point.

Moreover its support for best broadhead target shooting. Lightweight design and 6.7 pounds weight make your portability fine. The four sides Hips archery target targets. Two sides have buck and bear image which make feelings to hunting in real life. Rest of 2 parties has multiple dots for random target practice with a broadhead. Set draw weighs with a compound bow and practice shots after shots on target hip.


Herd Target Information:

  • Brand Name: Hips Archery Targets
  • Targets Name: Hips X2 Big Game Series Herd Bull Target
  • Model No: X2 Big Games Series Herd Bull
  • Dimension: 16*19*18 inches
  • Weight: 6.7 Pounds
  • Built in: Thick sheets of foam. The material processed by heat welding fuse layers vertically
  • Broadhead Target Measure: 16*18*19*2 series
  • Average Customer Rating: 3.3 out of 5


Hips X2 Big Game Series Herd Bull Target

Who Likes The Broadhead Target?

  • The hunting professional. Any level of hunter and fishing users likes it for quality and comfortable practice purpose
  • Superior stopping power and easy arrow removal by using one hand.
  • One of the best featured made target for the broadhead. Beside arrows, bolts can use for better preparation for hunting and fishing.
  • Children and beginner user friends target.

Features of Hips Archery X2 Herd Bull Target

Are you confused to decide to buy the foam archery targets? Then you need to introduce the feature part. Being a user of Hips X2 Big Game Series Herd Bull Target, I like to provide useful tips for your best handling:

1. Portable: The target is very lightweight for its 6.7 pounds weight at shipping time. Without the package, the weight stands at 5 pounds. That’s lighter and easier to carry for yourself and set on field point.

2. Totes: Hips Archery Target provide single totes at the top part. Its make your transport task very comfortable. Also, you can use it for hanging on the room wall.

3. Two inches thick Sheets: The target comes with 2 inches thick sheets of foam secure. Its help to set on the ground and keep the target from accidental fall down. The foam fixed inside by heat welding where fuses the layers at the vertical position. It prevents surface safe from arrow friction and reduces shredding find less in horizontal layered part. Simple to says, the target is vertical and unique in the market among thinly layered targets. Like Morrell bag targets – they are good, but little horizontal base stands. But this target holds perpendicular to its layered design with two thick sticks. That helps its to keep at 400 FPS speed shots from a crossbow.

4. Superior Sopping Power: The target has another benefit that it can stop 350 FPS shots. By reading the foam quality, you can understand the block archery targets class. The arrows, broadhead or bolts fed on foam body. So you can quickly pull out and continue your practice. Tensed about how to pull out if target damaged! No, its keep target fine after pulling out targets. It may make a small hole in the body but not create any significant damage. More than you can expand the target before practice by hand use. It creates an extra surface for you target measurement.

5. Cheap Archery Targets: I am a fan of Hips archery targets. The price is a match for my budget. One of the most excellent quality target in the market. It makes novice hunters practice easier. By reading the above feature, you can realise the product value. You can use bull and buck side for animal hunting. You also use the multiple dots sides for your skill improvement. In short to say, its unique for your level promoted.

Good Sides: 

  • Durable target after thousand shots hit on target
  • Broadhead target feature made for hunting and fishing case
  • Easy arrow removal save time and physical energy
  • Cheap price offer


  • The target is not drawn more than 350 FPS and not set over 27 draws weighs. That’s not good for professional practice service
  • Rinehart and Block archery target provide better quality with the same price and offer better broadhead targets. This target little penetrated.


In summary, Hips X2 Big Game Series Herd Bull Target is seemed good by customer review. It has some issues, but still suitable for practice. Make different angle shots on this target by using the feature dimension. Buy now and do your hunting project at a higher level.

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