Huntingdoor 12 Pack Bamboo Shaft Arrows

We usually take part in archery target sports events. Some of the users choose it as a profession. The hunting and game shooter like to practice more and more to develop up their shooting skill. An arrow comes to make their job part. To make the profession brighter, Huntingdoor brings Target arrow for the shooter. Huntingdoor 12 Pack Bamboo Shaft Arrows. The bolt has 31 inches length by 5.16 inches diameter. 1.2 pounds lightweight keep user to carry with one hand.

 Product Description:

  • Manufactured By: Huntingdoor
  • Product Name: Huntingdoor 12 Pack Bamboo Shaft Archery Hunting Arrows
  • Arrow Net Weight: 42g
  • Shipping time 1.4 pounds
  • Fit with: 40-60lbs spine weight traditional recurve bows and longbows
  • Maximum Bow Draw Weight: 60 Lbs
  • Arrow Built with Finest Bamboo
  • Height: 12 inches
  • Total Pcs in a Set: 12 Pcs
  • Fletched Quantity: 3 Pcs
  • Archery Feather Use: Fletching
  • Fletched Feather size: 5 inches
  • Average Customer Rating: 4.0 out of 5
Huntingdoor 12 Pack Bamboo Shaft Arrows

 Recommend To:

The archery target professionals especially the regular user. Like

  • Archery Hunter and Shooter
  • Deer and Bear hunting Project
  • Easy to Set on: Compound Bow – Recurve Bow – Longbow.
  • Keep target practice to develop skill
Bestseller No. 1
Huntingdoor 12 Pcs 31 inch Archery Hunting Arrows Bamboo Arrows Feather Fletching with Pheasant Feathers and 150 Grain Broadheads for Recurve Bow Longbow
  • Length: 31". Shaft diameter: 5/16''. Net weight: 42g per arrow. Material: Bamboo. Arrow tips: 150 grain broadheads. Feather: 3 Pcs 5 inch feather fletched. Package included: 12 pcs Bamboo arrows.
  • Huntingdoor pure handsome finest bamboo traditional arrows, traditional bamboo arrow with excellent craftsmanship has both the function of archery shooting hunting and the significance of collection and decoration.
  • Archery bamboo arrows, smooth polished bamboo shaft, for draw weight up to 40-60lbs recurve bow longbow traditional bows. Pre-cut and all ready to shoot and perfect for bow hunting or target practice.
  • Handmade traditional bamboo arrows have nature turkey feather fletching, glued on broadheads and self nock, which will not fall apart and ensure the performance and experience.
  • Handmade black threading, better protection of the bottom of the feather. Perfect hunting gift for for archery enthusiast hunter and beginner.
Bestseller No. 2
Huntingdoor Wooden Arrow Aluminium Inserts Connect Arrowhead Fit Wooden Arrow and Bamboo Arrow Archery Insert Connecting Screw Broad Heads(Pack of 12)
  • Use: connect broadhead and arrow. Length: 4cm. Inner diameter:8mm
  • Two different colors to choose: red and silver.
  • It is conveniently used in replacing the arrows tips.
  • Quality controlled and precision manufactured.
  • 12 pcs packed.
Bestseller No. 3
Huntingdoor Archery 31" Turkey Feather Fletching Wooden Arrows with Field Points for Hunting Shooting targeting Practice for Recurve Bow Longbow 6pcs
  • Arrow Length: approx. 31".Shaft diameter:5/16''. Weight: 40g/pcs. Material:Wood. Arrow tips:150 grain. Feather:5 inch feather fletched. Package included: 6 pcs wooden arrows for archery.
  • Archery wooden arrows,hunting and targeting arrows,smooth polished wooden shaft,for draw weight up to 40-60lbs recurve bow longbow traditional bows.
  • Huntingdoor archery wooden arrows, traditional wood arrows with excellent craftsmanship has both the function of archery shooting hunting and the significance of collection and decoration.
  • Handmade hunting arrows with nature turkey feather fletching, glued on broadheads and self nock, which will not fall apart and ensure better performance and experience.
  • Lightweight, to improve the speed of the arrow, the same center of gravity, can improve the accuracy of shooting,good performance,low hand shock with good speed
Bestseller No. 4
Huntingdoor 12 Pcs Turkey Feather Fletching Wooden Arrows Archery Target Arrows with Field Points for Recurve Bow or Longbow Targeting Practice Shooting (Nature)
  • Length:31inch/80cm. Shaft Diameter: 5/16''/8.5mm. Feather length: 3 pcs 5 inches turkey feathers.Package included:12 pcs archery wooden arrows.
  • Huntingdoor handmade wooden arrows, hand spined for flight characteristics matching, for 40lbs-60lbs recurve bow longbow and traditional bow. In order to protect wood arrows, please do not shoot at substance too hard.
  • Great archery arrows with good performance, keep flying accurately and straight, pre-cut and all ready to shoot and perfect for bow hunting shooting or target practice.
  • 100grain field points and fixed classic nocks, smooth polished and handmade, all make it the perfect arrow, the retro hunting style is highly collectible, best choice for archery enthusiast hunter and beginner.
  • Natural turkey feather fletching, glued on by the craft maker, which can get messy during transportation, it can be straighten by using a hanging ironing machine or fabric steamer, or you could smooth it with your hand.
Bestseller No. 5
KAINOKAI 31Inch Traditional Hunting Arrows,Wooden Arrows Bamboo Arrows with Armor Piercing Broadheads,Archery Target Arrows (Bamboo Archery Target Arrows (Pack of 12))
  • Length:31" Bamboo Archery Target Arrows ×12
  • Arrow weight:480Grain (Note: Due to natural materials, the quality is uncontrollable, so there will be a certain error in the weight)
  • Feather:5 inches Turkey Feather
  • Using traditional hand-made, the arrow shaft is made of pure natural wood and bamboo poles, which are carefully selected, polished and painted, and matched with 5-inch turkey feathers and target broadheads to make it look beautiful and full of murderousness!
  • Traditional arrows are more suitable for traditional bows or large-pound bows. Traditional arrows have stable flight trajectory, great power and excellent impact resistance!
Bestseller No. 6
Huntingdoor Wooden Arrows 31inch Archery Shaft 5" Turkey Feathers Fletching with Arrowhead 150 Grain for Traditional Recurve Bow or Longbows (Black)
  • Length:31".Shaft diameter: 5/16''.Package included:6 pcs wooden arrows.
  • Huntingdoor wooden arrows,standard hunting and target practice arrows,good performance and high speed for draw weight 40-60lbs recurve bow, England longbow, and traditional hunting bow.
  • High quality wooden shaft with 5" medieval real turkey feathers fletched,these are handmade and glued by artisans, polished to a high quality wooden shaft, and real feathers ensure smooth flight.
  • Handmade black threading ,better protection of the bottom of the feather.Self nock, fashion and durable,all ready to shoot and perfect for bow hunting or target practice.
  • Metal hunting broadheads,150 grain glue on fixed arrow tips for hunting and shooting,perfect hunting gift for professional archery youth shooter beginner and traditional culture collection.
Bestseller No. 7
TTFLY FLETCHING 12pcs Parabolic 5" Black White Fletching Bamboo Arrows 32" Practice Targeting Arrow Archery for Recurve Bow Longbow
  • Bamboo Arrows Length 32",Diameter 8mm,Turkey Feathers 5''
  • Self Nocks,Traditional Medieval style arrows
  • Draw Weight 35-65lbs bows
  • Useful to practice & hunting,they are solid & well made
  • Included In Package: 12PK Arrows

Features of Huntingdoor 12 Pack Bamboo Shaft Arrows

Huntingdoor offer 12pcs set of arrow fletching feathers. For your creative profession, the bamboo target arrows bring a lot of joy. Without an indicator, the shooter can't imagine making their aim target. As a handy and smart feature, Think how would so? Because I am a fan of Huntingdoor arrow. The reason is its 42gram weighted which easy to set on the compound, recurve and longbow. As bamboo bow and arrow set, you can continue your practice with 12 pcs of Fletching feather fletching. There are some key hilites offer you from my user experience:

  • Pure Handmade Bamboo Arrow Set: Huntingdoor provides a 12 pcs set of arrows which made of the pure handmade beautiful woodwork. As traditional archery arrows- it well supports with a recurve bow. Also, you can place the shaft in the compound and longbows. So the Feather fletching arrows help you to practice a long time with different target bow options.
  • Perfect For Bow Hunting and Target Practice: The professionals bring the arrow set to grow up their shooting skill. 31 inches length size with 5/16 inches shaft diameter has pre-cut and perfect for shooting. The body feather used with Fletching which easies to insert. 5 inches size of Fletching feathers easy to handle and shot on the target.
  • Hand Spined Arrow: The arrow has flight characteristics which can spine in hand. The weight is only 40-60 lbs that fly to insert the target. At the time of the shot, it looks beautiful to see for its Fletching feather fletching.
Huntingdoor 12 Pack Bamboo Shaft Arrows
  •  Value of The Bamboo Arrows: The professional pick the bamboo bow and arrow set for their future project development. They need to a lot of practice for their sports or hunting target practice. The manufacturer also understands their need and offer a reasonable price. It gets 4.0 ratings to come from the users. They relay like the arrow set and review positive notes. It builds up your golden archery target profession, 12pcs fletching target arrow help your skill management.

For your arrow target shooting, it's an ideal tool to practice. You can set with a compound bow, recurve bow and longbows. It merely expert your skill by using a standard set of the arrow with different bows.

Good Sides:
  • Lightweight
  • The arrows match with Traditional bamboo recurve bow.
  • 12 pcs comes as a set to practice for a long time
  • Fit also with compound and Longbows
  • Price rate is very much affordable

Bad Sides:

  • All capture arrow rest not support


Q: How long are they?
A: 31 inches taller.

Q: With these arrow works with 55lbs recurve bow?
A: I am not so sure about this. I suggest using 45lbs recurve bow.

Q: Are this target arrows?
A: Yes, This arrows for the target. Bamboo made arrow match with traditional archery target recurve bow set. You get 12pcs Fletching fletch arrow with three pheasant feathers which have 5 inches size. It's better to practice for a game or shooting for hunting project.

Q: Can this bow nock regular store buy arrow?
A: Yes, this bow nock up to 45 lb longbow.


At the ending part, I like to thanks, Huntingdoor 12pcs Fletching Bamboo Target Arrows for their innovation. Handsome looks archery fletching feather has 12 quantity. Also fit with compound, recurve and longbow. By one set of the bamboo arrow, you can explore to practice mainly. Small price rate helps you buy with your budget range. To build your smart profession, pick the Huntingdoor Target arrow. It brings you into golden hunting world.

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