Huntingdoor 30″ Archery Carbon Target Arrows

Huntingdoor 30” Archery Carbon Target Arrows Hunting Arrows is a best-targeting arrow in archery trend. It comes with nock and points, multipurpose feature. The main feature, nocks are rotatable. 100-grain field points with screw-in thread suit for many hunting broadhead features. Huntingdoor brings the top quality feature in this product. Carbon fibre material made archery set also manage by 30 range price – grab it and fit for archery target shooting.

 Product Description:

  • Manufactured By: Huntingdoor
  • Arrows and Shafts Name: Huntingdoor 30” Archery Carbon Target Arrows Hunting Arrows
  • Colour: Red and Black
  • Shaft Diameter: 7.9 mm
  • Spine: 600
  • Fit with: 40-55 lbs. for recurve and longbows
  • It Built shaft arrow with a 100-grain broadhead
  • Best fit for Compound bows
  • Length: 80 cm
  • Total Pcs in a Set: 12 Pcs
  • Improve wall thickness for added durability
  • Feather size: 5 inches
  • Average Customer Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Huntingdoor 30” Archery Carbon Target Arrows

Recommend To:

  • Professional Shooter of archery players
  • Easy to Set on: Recurve Bow – Longbow. So the bow user able to use an arrow with this particular instruments and make their profession up to a higher level.

Features of Huntingdoor Fletching Feather

For your smart shooting carrier, brings Huntingdoor 12 Pcs arrows in 30 inches. Its 35gram weighted which easy to set on the compound bow. High professional users love it for hunting. There are some key highlights offer you from my user experience:

  • Lightweight Carbon Weights: Huntingdoor arrow offer 12 pcs set which made of the pure handmade beautiful carbon made metal. As traditional archery arrows- it well supports with a compound bow. Also, you can place the pointer in the compound bow. The indicators help your training for a long time bow service.
  • Perfect for Bow Hunting and Target Practice: The professionals bring the arrow set to grow up their shooting skill. 80 cm length size with 8 mm shaft diameter has pre-cut and perfect for shooting. The body feather used with turkey which easies to insert. 5 inches size of pheasant feathers easy to handle and shot on the target.
  • Hand Spine Arrow: Colored plastic fletching vanes and nocks that has 100g Brodhead supports. The 5 inches pheasant feather has a red colour that works fine on target. The weight can draw between 40-35-65 lbs.that fly to insert the mark. At the time of the shot.
  • Value of The Carbon Shaft Arrows: The professional pick the Carbon arrow set for their future project development. They need a lot of practice for their sports or hunting target practice. Also, its best recurve bow to set. The manufacturer also keeps a reasonable price. Already five ratings come from the users. They relay like the arrow set and review positive notes. To build up your golden archery target profession, 12pcs nocks target arrow help your skill management.

By the customer review and my use experiment. For your target shooting, it's an ideal tool to practice. You can set with recurve bow and longbows.

Huntingdoor 30” Archery Carbon Target Arrows

Good Sides:

  • 12 pcs comes as a set to practice for a long time
  • 03 pheasant feather arrows match with Traditional Carbon recurve bow.
  • Fit also with compound and Longbows
  • Price rate is very much affordable

Bad Sides:

  • All capture arrow rest not support


Q: How long are they?
A: 80 cm taller.

Q: With these arrow works with 80lbs recurve bow?
A: I am not so sure about this. I suggest using 40-35-65 lbs.recurve bow.

Q: Can this bow nock regular store buy arrow?
A: Yes, this bow nock up to 40-55 lbs.Longbow.


Huntingdoor 30” Archery Carbon Target Arrows Hunting Arrows bring a smart archery instrument for our service. Handsome looks archery fletching feather has 12 quantity. It helps you to develop your shooting practice well. At hunting case, you efficiently hunt the animal. So buy the Carbon fletch arrow to reach the advance hunting profession level.

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