Huntingdoor Recurve Archery Hunting Longbow

Archery with bow hunting is a great entertainment. Kids to an adult like hunting in holidays. From generation to generation, hunting is a traditional part of our life. The archery bow is an essential instrument that helps to hunt their niche item. When you think about hunting, you need a bow. There are many brands of bow comes to your service. Among them, Huntingdoor bows have some specialties. It’s a typical traditional bow that has common to all generation.

Huntingdoor Archery 55'' Traditional Recurve Bow Hunting Longbow Mongolian Horsebow Right or Left Hand Real Leather Handmade 30-60lbs
  • Archery recurve bow,handmade traditional wood bow,great for hunting,shooting,targeting,archery practice and so on.
  • Designed for both left-hand and right-handed user,integrated composite center shot riser,aleek and smooth,give you the feeling of classical beauty.
  • It allows for great comfort, stability and more precise shooting with excellent arrow speed,makes the bow an outstanding hunting bow.
  • The bow body is made of transparent resin bow sheet, polished gradually, covered with pig skin,durable and high quality.
  • Package included:1*hunting bow,1*finger guard,1*archery glove,1*armguards,2*bowstring silencer.Bow Body Length: Approx.55inch/140cm.Bowstring Length: Approx.52inch/132cm.Draw Weight: 30lbs,35lbs,40lbs,45lbs,50lbs,55lbs,60lbs.

They produce several archery instruments for the archery target professionals. Huntingdoor Recurve Archery Hunting Longbow is their shop. That known as the best hunting bow. its pure hand made bow that traditionally known as Mongol bow. Which handed of shooter you are, you get most enjoy to handle it. It offers 30 and 60 pounds weighted that comes with the same price range. The bow body and bowstring length have 52 and 55 inches that fit for all age’s people. This is a real wooden recurve bow that traditionally uses by Chinese. The durable and portable feature. It made with Mongolian horse bow. Good bows for hunting  should be first choice for beginners.

Bestseller No. 1
Huntingdoor Traditional Recurve Bow and Arrow Set for Adults Handmade Longbow Mongolian Horsebow Hunting Bow Set with Archery Accessories for Shooting Target Practice
  • EXQUISITE DESIGN-Huntingdoor Mongolian horse bow, handmade long bow, with delicate craftsmanship and traditional design. Bow Body Length: Approx.53inch/135cm. Draw Weight: 30-50lbs. Draw length: 28 inches. Brace-height: 16-18cm. Suitable for both beginners and experienced shooters.
  • TRADITIONAL STYLE-The tips of the handmade longbow is made of wood, the limbs of the bow is made of transparent resin bow sheet and wrapped in leather, polished gradually to prevent the wear and tear of the bow string.
  • DESIGNED FOR BOTH LEFT-HAND AND RIGHT-HAND SHOOTERS-The power of this Hungarian style longbow is strong, and the speed of shooting is fast. The shape is also ergonomic, which provides you with perfect experience when hunting, shooting and archery target practice.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BUT STUDY AND DURABLE-This kind of Mongolian horsebow is easy to draw back, draw smoothly and shoot accurately. With good quality and excellent performance, the handmade recurve longbow is a great choice for shooting and target practice.
  • GREAT BOW AND ARROW SET FOR ADULTS-This traditional recurve bow set includes archery protective gears and accessories, which can provide you more protection. Package included:1*longbow, 6*wooden arrows, 1*arm guard, 1*hand guard, 1*finger guard, 1* archery thumb ring, 1 pair string silencer, 3*nock points.
Bestseller No. 2
Huntingdoor Traditional Wooden Arrows 12Pcs Handmade Target Arrows with 5 Inch Turkey Feather Fletching and Field Points for Longbow Recurve and Horse Bow Archery Targeting Practice
  • Huntingdoor archery arrows,wooden arrows for 40-60 lbs recurve bow longbow traditional bow,exquisite workmanship, suitable for collection and shooting targeting.
  • Feather fletching:real Turkey feathers,each one is glued on by the craft maker by hand, which can get messy during transportation,it can be straighten by using a hanging ironing machine or fabric steamer,or you could smooth it with your hand.
  • Unique color design, two red and one white, this will help you to distinguish the main feather from the vice feather, quickly put the arrow on the bowstring to complete the rapid fire.Bright colors can also make it easier to find in the wild.
  • High quality wood shaft with good performance,smooth polished arrow shaft, more retro and durable,low hand shock and good speed.
  • Great wooden arrows with glue on field points and fixed nock.Lenght:80cm/31.5inch.Diameter: 8.5 mm.Feather fletching length: 5 inches.Package included:12 pcs wooden arrows.
Bestseller No. 3
Huntingdoor 20Pcs Bow String Nock Points with Nock Pliers Brass Nocking Point Set for Compound Bow Recurve Bow Archery Accessories
  • GREAT SET FOR ARCHERY. Package included: 1*archery nock pliers, 20*bowstring nock points. Basic archery accessories for archers and beginners.
  • STABLE AND SECURE. The corners of these brass nocks have been polished smooth. They have more padding inside the brass nocks. Nocking buckle pliers, easily install all sizes of nocking points and retainer clips without damaging your bowstring, steel construction with comfort grip handles.
  • WORK WELL AND HOLD A TIGHT GRIP ON YOUR BOW STRING. This archery kit can keep a consistent and level nocking point for your arrows and also improve your accuracy when you shooting.
  • EASY TO APPLY AND ADJUST. These nock points can be easily clamped on your bowstring with nocking pliers. Suitable for any kind of bow string and bows which provide you a better experience for archery.
  • ADEQUATE QUANTITY. You will get 20 Pcs bow string nocking points which can be used for a long time. And you don’t have to worry about running out.
Bestseller No. 4
Huntingdoor Archery Bow String Silencers 4 Pcs Bow String Groove Silencer Limb Dampeners for Recurve Bow Traditional Longbow
  • Huntingdoor recurve bow bowstring groove silencers, bow maintenance accessories, great archery silencer for recurve bow traditional bow longbow.
  • Designed to reduce vibration, absorb noise, protect and and minimize damage your bow limbs from the bowstring.
  • With high-quality adhesive backing, installed easily, simply sticky padding for the string, work fine for your practice bows.
  • Good performance, improve your shooting accuracy, extend the service life, wear-resistant and durable.
  • Length: 9cm. Weight: about 2g. Package included: 2 pairs of bow silencer strip.
Bestseller No. 5
Huntingdoor Archery 31" Fiberglass Hunting Arrows Fiberglass Target Practice Arrows with Screw-in Tips for Recurve or Compound Bow(Pack of 12)
  • 【Multipurpose 】Huntingdoor high quality fiberglass arrows,standard target practice arrows for recurve bow, compound, or long bows shooting hunting and targeting.
  • 【Easy to use】Colored plastic fletching and rotatable nock,rounded permanent nickel-plated stainless steel bullet tip perfect for target practice professional and beginners.
  • 【Highlight】Good performance,low hand shock with good speed,100grain practice arrowheads,with standard thread, can be replaced according to your needs.Ready to shoot!
  • 【Durable】Fiberglass shaft , made by special process in order to transmit the force and protect the shaft agaist split when the arrow hit the target,extraordinary durability for extended use.
  • 【Package included】Package included:12 pcs fiberglass arrows.Color:2 green 1 black/2 orange 1 yellow.Length:81cm.Diameter:7.6mm.Spine:600spine.Weight:36g.For draw weight of 35-60 pounds bows.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Huntingdoor 30" Archery Carbon Target Arrows Hunting Arrows with Adjustable Nock and Replaceable Field Points for Compound Bow or Recurve Bow (Pack of 12)
  • Arrows Length: 30 inches; Diameter: 7.9mm; Weight: 36g/Pcs; Spine: 550-600; Plastic Vanes: 3 inch; Feather Color: 2 Red 1 White; Package Included: 12Pcs Carbon Arrows.
  • Huntingdoor Carbon Arrows, the shaft made of high quality carbon fiber, strong and durable, suitable for compound and recurve bow, perfect hunting targeting archery practice and outdoor shooting arrows.
  • Durable smooth carbon shaft, good straightness, improved wall thickness for added durability, good performance and high speed ,low hand shock with good speed. Don't shot at concrete wall or any hard substance.
  • Screwed on 100 grain removable field points. Standard thread is suitable for many hunting broadheads. Rotatable NOCK, the orientation of the Nocks can be adjustable to fit both compound bow and recurve bow by using coins or pilers slowly.
  • Great plastic fletch make your use more convenient and simple, colored plastic vanes make flight always pointed the right way,reduce air disturbance,helps you shoot more accurately.
Bestseller No. 7
Huntingdoor Archery Bow Silencers Set Bow String Silencer Arrow Rest Plate Bow Limb Silencers Recurve Bow Accessories for Traditional Long Bow
  • Perfect Bow Maintenance Accessories: This suit is specially tailored for your recurve bow to meet your various needs, give your bowstring and bow the best protection. Package Included:1 pair bow string silener,1 pair bow shock absorber,1 pcs archery arrow rest.
  • Huntingdoor well-made archery bow string silencer, durable and lightweight, very soft, great archery accessories. Used on the bow string to vibration dampener when you are shooting, holds up well under all kinds of weather.
  • Bow limb dampener, good partner for bow string, great vibration dampener when you are shooting, easily for installation. Easily to be used with glue on the back, increase your performance, silence your shot.
  • Archery/arrow rest, self-adhesive back and finger to hold arrows, designed to help you get the most out of feathers and vanes. Silent plate can be used with or without a cushion plunger. For both Left Handed and Right Handed.
  • About Our Shop: All of our goods will be strictly tested prior to shipment so as to ensure the best item can be delivered to each customer. Please contact us if you have any problem, and we are happy to provide you with after-sales services.

Product Description:

Huntingdoor Recurve Archery Hunting Longbow
  • Manufacturer By: Huntingdoor
  • Size: 30 and 60 Pounds
  • Designed for: Right and Left both handed user pattern
  • Material: Pure Wooden Handmade Mongolian Recurve bow for hunting
  • Crafts make bow Body get more durable
  • Color: Black and Brown
  • Fit on:  Above 18 years old shooter
  • Bow Body Length: 55 inches
  • Bowstring Length: 52 Inches
  • Average Customer Review Rating; 4.1 out of 5
  • Made in: China

Best Fit on:

  • The beginner and Young Generation level of bow hunting users
  • 18 years or above
Huntingdoor Recurve Archery Hunting Longbow

Feature of Hunting Longbow

Huntingdoor is a popular brand. It develops several instruments for the archery target profession. In their Huntingdoor Longbow, which has high demand in the market. The shooter and hunter pick the bow for their aim target. The 18 years above can use the bow quite easily. So the youth and beginners recommend using. The bow has some delightful feature that attracts the user. Some features are highlights in below:

1. Best Beginner Longbow Bow Set:

The beginner gets joy to use the wooden made recurve longbow. It's not just a bow, Its also a best bowstring. Both have a standard length that fit on all generation. To perfect shoot on target, the beginner has to learn about stringer. It needs to pull in a proper way that arrow can go forward and hit on target body. At the beginning level that things to observe in right way. The beginner needs to choose Huntingdoor traditional longbows. For their profession, they benefit by using it definitely.

2. Bows Size - 30 and 60 pounds:

The Beginner and 18 above get joy to use Huntingdoor longbow bow. They offer 2 different sizes of bows at 30 and 60 pounds. more interesting thing is, you can buy anyone with the same price. Also offer to recurve arrow rest with the bowstring. It helps your shooting skill development.

3. Integrated Composite Center shooter: 

Most of the brand offer right-hand bow set. So the lefty user unable to practice better with both hands. That matter comes to solve by Huntingdoor horse bow. Buy any of 30 or 60 pounds bow, you can get the freedom to use with your both hands. The bow has perfect length at 55 inches that easy to grip. Also, the bowstring has 52 inches length that helps to use the arrow to shot on target. By this way, you can use your hands and get integrated composite shot on the target zone.

4. Durable Traditional Longbow Hunting: 

Huntingdoor Archery uses material and crafts to make the longbow durable. Fiberglass arrow fits on this bow to shot on target. Beside Hutingdoor arrows fit with bow and bowstring to use and work flexibly. The user uses its right hand and left-handed recurve bow that also known as best take down recurve bow. At the time of the shoot, the bow needs to slight down. Besides, it has Mongolian horsepower. The body uses snakeskin with wood. It looks outstanding and works also fine. You grip the bow easily and get speed to shot on target.

5. Value of The Mongolian Bow: 

High quality made long Bow likes by the young generation. Most of the professional and beginner introduce it as youth bows. 25 or more feet distance you can hit shot on target. So the shooter can choose the product as per their need. The price is also very affordable range. The customer like it and reviewed it positively. Every generation gets benefited by using the Mongolian Bow.

To buy recurve bow, its best to choose Huntingdoor. Longbows for sale volume is higher. 4.1 review rating comes from the customer. They make their hunting profession quite stronger. It’s a Mongolian bow for sale with the bowstring. Offer 2 sizes for people need. Durable and portable tool need all hunter to make their profession smart.

Good Sides:

  • 18 years of the user able to use
  • 2 different size of 30 and 60 pounds that suit the users
  • Durable and Portable
  • Comfortable to handle
  • best archery bows for teens and adults
  • Outstanding bow and bowstring feature offer cheap range price. So the hunter can use and lead a stylish profession.


  • It’s a good longbow set but no arrow comes with it. The user needs to buy additionally.
  • Children not able to use.


Q: I am left-handed? Can I use it?
A: Yes, definitely. This Longbow has suited for right and left both hand users.

Q: At what draw length does this bow output 50 pounds at 28 inches? Does it come with a stringer?
A: Good question. Cool bow and arrow offers a bow stringer that helps your shooting on target from 28 inches. 50 pounds give extra force to hit.

Q: Is the handle real leather and snakeskin?
A: Yes, it’s a good snakeskin leather made longbow which helps your easy gripping.

Q: What is the brace height?
A: Its about 7 inches.

Q: I heard that Bowstring is low quality made? What can other bowstring use?
A: I don’t think so. My friend uses bowstring for several months and still, it works fine. If you find so then you can add any bow string or same brand.

Q: Do I need specific arrows for this bow?

A: Yes, you need to buy arrows for this best bow. There is no specific arrows need to buy. Standard arrows can suitable for this longbow.


Thanks for reading the review. Hope this help to find out the best longbow for your hunting project. There are many beginners choose Huntingdoor Recurve Archery Hunting Longbow. It give benefit to their light profession. To become a successful hunter from novice level, this product is unique and ideal for your service. The light feature indicates that it has pure handmade tool. The extra feature you get a best bowstring with recurve bow. It helps to grow your target shooting skill. Price is also offering same for 30 and 60 pounds longbows. Mongolian bow has a high volume of sale. So make a buying decision as wise to pick right now for your hunting. It's better to get a Huntingdoor longbow to become an elegant hunting professional.

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