Hurricane H12 Cross bolt Stop Archery Bag Target

To become proficient in shooting, the target is mandatory. Every professionals’ success path obtains by practice and meditation. So do training in a right way, need a goal like Hurricane H12 Cross bolt Stop Archery Bag Target. Tri-Core technology-built target which has “eye” visible shooting feature. The USA made the destination that also offers below 50 range prices. I am a big fan of Hurricane Archery bag target. I like its Cross-bolt Discharge Target feature. Yes, Hurricane offers “Cross bolt Stop “after the hunt. Beside it provide black colour strap handle, so it helps me to easy to carry. More than both sides has high visible aiming points. Its accessible to view from 20 yards range to shoot with a cross bolt. The comfortable bolts removal feature target bag also attracted archery shooters. One of the best target bag that’s known as field Logic – Block Hurricane Archery bag. Its best by quality, worthy by price and smart practice specification. 

Product Description:

  • Product Type: Sports and Outdoor
  • Manufactured By: Field Logic-Block
  • Brand Name: Hurricane H12 Cross bolt Stop Archery Bag Target
  • Model No: H60400
  • Dimension: 12*12*12 inches
  • Weight: 7.4 Pounds
  • Heavy Duty Strap handle
  • Tri-Core Technology
  • High shooting aim point – Eye visibility
  • Off Center Deer Vitals – back sides bag target
  • Best to Practice: Field Logic Point
  • Customer Review Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0

Why Buy Hurricane Archery Bag Target:

  • A tournament like Olympic Practice
  • Deer Hunting
  • Traditional Archery Game Trending- Game Lovers
  • Adult, Kids – every generation like to target practice

Features of Hurricane Target

Bright green paste colour makes the outlook design attracted. Any generation user likes to make target practice with the tool. It’s a traditional game which loves Adult, teenagers, and even kids. I have used Hurricane archery bag target reviews several times, and it makes my arms stronger. I get the tool for my deer hunting practice tool. I find some outstanding features during my practising:

1. Field Logic-Block:  Hurricane Bag Archery Target manufactured by Field Logic – Block. They made it with exceptional quality. High visible aiming points create for shooters comfort target identifying. It has bright orange centres that see by open eyes and hit from any close range.

2. Cross bolt Discharge Target: 12*12*12-dimension Large archery bag targets come to make your practice sensation. Multiple Block of an icon in green coloured Hurricane bags makes your eye visibility. Beside Hurricane, bow target comes to make your point target. From 20 yards range of distance you able to practice smartly. Hurricane bow target like adults, they usually like to make shot 30 yards. Mark arrows with a bow to create the perfect shot. Even kids can do target practice with small bolts. The bag is such a crystal-clear vision for every generation who can make aim target smoothly.

3. Heavy Duty Strap Handle: Hurricane crossbow target reviews comes to lightweight for the users. It comes with off-centre deer vitals on the back side of the Hurricane bags. Besides, you have a heavy duty strap handle, so you quickly take the tool anywhere. A great tool which both sides have arrow practice and deer hunting practice option available. One machine comes with your multi-practice project.

Hurricane H12 Cross bolt Stop Archery Bag Target

4. Tri-Core Technology: A smart feature adds to user eye visibility. Green and Paste mixed too looks clear vision to aim target. For your block target practice in this bag, Tri-core tech use. So you can make your practice perfect level. With a bright green colour, the background has outstanding design visibility. Best crossbow target to a method with a cross bolt with orange mark points.

5. Make Experience: Archery Target is a traditional game. Like in Europe and America, where archery King Tournament held seasonally. To make your dream to participate in the completion, you need to practice well. By keep drilling your arm figure get strength for a better shoot out the point. Also for your occasional hunting day, the Hurricane bag Target is an excellent practice tool. So to generate a higher level of experience, this product efficiently works as your skill test parameter.

I have been using block archery target and find out this great features. Three sizes of Hurricane Archery keep my skill upgraded. It is quite a low price and good work for my practice targeting. From field or at outdoor, I get joy to use this.

Good Sides and Drawbacks

I find positive notes during my uses. I used it for my novice level. Nowadays I fill little skilled by using Hurricane Archery Target Bags. Some key points I like notes:

Good Sides

  • Durable and portable feature tool
  • Tri-Core Technology make my performance up to mark
  • Heavy-duty handle helps me to carry with from home to field
  • Eye vision contrast visibility
  • Cheap archery targets


  • It does not support with BB guns type shooting, but wooden arrows can use on this archery bag.
  • Hanging problem, because the rod or steal where it attached after use, it can be affected. The manufacturer should need to make an extra cover for a hanger.


Q: How long does it last?
A: I used it several times, and it is lasting for a longer time.

Q: What are the dimension and weight of this bag?
A: The dimension of this bag has three sizes. For H25”: Height 25 inches – Width 23 inches and Depth 12 Inches. The weight is near about 30 pounds.

Q: What is the material inside this target bag?

A: Felt fabric material use inside of the bag.


In the circumstances, Hurricane H12 Cross bolt Stop Archery Bag Target Review make me a fan! Standard budget range fulfil my desires target practice. It’s outstanding for my target practice in outdoor. You like to know about archery bag targets has a Tri-Core Technology feature. It built up you as a perfect sports player. Easy to port with heavy-duty handling career. Ideal tool to improve your shooting skills. Overall on a short budget, Hurricane archery target gives you a full range of target practice support.

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