Hurricane Storm Expanding Archery Target

Technology brings us to a high level. At home to outdoor, we have the latest technology and tools. We also like to design our sports world brighter and brings up to date module. To become a proficient archer or hunter, we need to introduce target, bows, arrow and archery instruments. For better practice, we depend on the target. If our objective is 3D and up to date feature, that will work most exceptional. Today's competitive archery target market, Field Logic build their popularity through their best service and quality. Hurricane Storm Expanding Archery Target has two different size – small and large size target. The size offer age and user experience matter. What unique specification do you get? Let's see in below:

Hurricane Storm Expanding Archery Target

Product Information: 

  • Manufacturer Name: Field Logic
  • Model Name: Hurricane Storm Expanding Archery Target
  • Colour: White and Green Mix with multiple target hitting points
  • Smart Handling Totes
  • Designed for stopped field tipped arrows and crossbow bolts. The shot can defend up to 400 Field Per Seconds speed.
  • Item Include: 2 stakes, stabiliser and expandable
  • Best Fit For Hunting Professionals with a crossbow, crossbolts and compound bow
  • Average Customer Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0
  • Size: Small and Large

Large Size Specification:

  • Model No: H62100
  • Weight: 29.3 Pounds
  • Target Measure: 25*25*12 inches (Large)
  • Price Range: Under 150
  • Recommend To: The children and beginner

Small Size Specification:

  • Model No: H62000
  • Weight: 9 Pounds
  • Target Measure: 20*24*10 inches
  • Price Range: Under 50
  • Recommend To: The Intermediate and Professional
Hurricane Storm Expanding Archery Target

Features of Hurricane Targets

For your target selection, you need to focus some issues. Most buyers make their archery profession lighter by analysing product feature and function. Are interested in buying hurricane bow target? Looking towards feature to compare the best feature with present marks? Then I can help to measure the feature part:

1. Lightweight and Portable 3D Archery Target Bag: I have using the Hurricane bag target at my intermediate level. I am not price conscious; I looked toward a perfect and transportable destination for my hunting camp. Aftermarket analysis, I find Hurricane Storm Expanding Archery Target. I bought large size target for my crossbow hunting project. It's a fantastic bag that easier for my transport. Only 29.3 pounds of totes help me to carry and set on the field. It designed for field tipped crossbow and crossbolt for 400 FPS shot practice. I can draw 40 plus weighs to mark multiple dots hit.

2. Expandable Technology: Both sized targets available with exclusive CPE technology. What is CPE? The CPE means: Compressible, Packable and Expandable. The technology provides a shooter to measure angle target from different range. The small target offer for 20 to 30 yards service shooting range. And the firm target offer 30 to 70 yards range shot aiming. By compress, your hitting shot thick the bag at 4 inches. By packable, both size hurricane bag targets are lighter, and totes offer for smart carry. By expandable, the kit can shake and expands it larger. Why need to stir? During practice, the material gets lower at the ground part. For its light weight, you can rock to develop the content for your better method. So your arrow, shaft or bolts can reach all parts of the bag target. During shake, you don’t need to take any stress; the materials never come out. The upper portion sealed by vacuumed, that also keep them inside and adjustable feature.

Hurricane Storm Expanding Archery Target

3. Stakes and Stabilize: You get two stakes and stabiliser with Hurricane archery target. The stakes set by two sides to keep it secure with the ground. It helps you target to fall randomly by hitting bows 350 to 440 FPS shots. So you don’t need to buy additional target stand. It saves your money and keeps your practice sensational.

4. One Hand Arrow Removal: After hitting shots on bag target, you need to back your arrows and bolts to keep your practice. You need to use one hand to pull out the shaft. Hold the mark on the left side and use the right side to pull out bolts. Its layered construction with Filled tipped design material use for shooters secures arrow removal service.

5. Quality of Hurricane Crossbow Target: I am a big fan of Field Logic Hurricane storm archery target. The above feature I noticed during my practice session. If you wanted to become a successful hunting professional, then this target is recommended to you. Because it has light size and compact 3D design made. Moreover, it has 3 CPE technology made for your aim target measurement. I a used large scale for longer years, and it doesn’t affect after thousands of shots. You can buy a small size or gift it to your children practice. For your hunting service, Hurrican Bag is outstanding.

Hurricane Storm Expanding Archery Target

Good Sides:

  • Target is adjustable by shaking
  • Two stakes keep target secure from 400 FPS the arrow hitting fall down
  • Two sizes as small and large – both are cheap rate offer for the shooter new experience


  • Crossbow Bolts hit like 440 FPS. That can damage the target.
  • Sometimes the material does not adjust by shaking; the producer needs to improve the issue.


Q: What is the dimension of small and large size bag target?
A: The small size has 20*24*10 inches, and large scale has 25*25*12 inches.

Q: What range is ideal for a crossbow?

A: TO hit with a crossbow, you need 20 to 50 yards far from the target to mark the target dots.


Thanks for the reading Hurricane Storm Expanding Archery Target review. I hope you able to make your archery target practice wonderfully. For beginner and intermediate shooters, they like to buy Hurricane bag for smart career build up. By the feature part, you able to best use the target for your hunting project. The price rate is an affordable range. Also, the bag weight is lighter. So bring the Hurricane Storm Target and lead a smart profession.

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