Junxing Compound Bow Right Hand

For your smart hunting project, Junxing Compound Bow Right Hand comes into the market. It’s suitable for a beginner as well as for expert users. Junxing manufacturer used dual cam system with adjustable pull weight and length feature. So, you can hit not only higher speed but also get higher accuracy. You get compound bows and arrows with kits which all built in high technology made. Best compound bow offer for right-handed users for flexible shooting. Black color features youth compound bow help junior or senior project orientation. By measuring its quality, Junxing offers cheap compound bows price, so all hunting wisher can join and start practice.

Basic Compound Bow Information:

  • Brand Name: Junxing
  • Bow Name: Junxing Compound Bow Right Hand
  • Category: Hunting and Fishing Compound Bows
  • Model Name: Junxing Compound Bow Right Hand and Arrows for Compound Bow 40-55 Pounds with Max Speed 310 FPS
  • Package Weight: 8.62 Pounds
  • Bow Weight: 3.6 Pounds
  • Bow Weight: 3.6 Pounds
  • Price Range: Between 170 to 220
Junxing Compound Bow Right Hand and Arrows

Right Handed Compound Bow Specification:

  • Made for: Right-Hand shooters
  • Bow Built-in Aluminum material
  • Super Aluminium alloy handle, CNC Machined handle aluminium alloy cams
  • Quiver built-in nylon
  • Bow Draw Weight: 20 to 70 Pounds
  • Bow Draw Length: 17" to 29”
  • Axle to Axle: 30”
  • Brace Height: 8”
  • Let Off: 75%

Compound Bow Packages

  • Compound Bow
  • D-loop
  • Peep Hole
  • Optical Bow Sight Five Pins
  • Rubber Damper (2 Pieces)
  • Rubber Stabilizer
  • String Silencer
  • 4 Arrows Store Quiver
  • Wrist Sling
  • Allen Wrench Set
  • Brush arrow rest
  • Instruction Guide

Recommend To:

Professional and Intermediate Shooters:

To keep their shooting capability at high for hunting and fishing. The set helps them to practice at hunting camp and backyard practice. 70 Pounds compound bow has draw ability give them. Besides, the accessories like a bowstring, D-loop and sight pins are handy for real adventure hunting. They can use draw weight and length as 70 Pounds by 29”. Also they able to hit from 40-70 yards.

Man-Women-Kids-Beginner Compound Bow:

The compound bow set is excellent for freshers. Above 12 years children can join practice with parents. I recommend them to practice in outdoor or backyard at home. Their range is 10 to 20 yards perfect. Weight and length of their shooting are 20 pounds by 20”. Women also come to hunting party. For women compound bow, they use 20 to 30 yards to hit on target. Their draw and length size in 40 pounds by 24”.

Junxing Compound Bow Right Hand and Arrows

Right, Handed Compound Bow Features

1. Adjustable Draw Feature: The target has offer perfect functionality and quality with essential kits. You need to mark ideal draw weight, length, height with carbon arrow and bow. Face compound bow on target and hits. If you used 20 to 70 Pounds weight, then you get 310 FPS (Fit per Second) speed. Children can practice at outdoor. But remember, the carbon arrows may affect their hands, so need little care.

2. Designed for Right-Hand Hunters: The kits used for bow and arrow service. Composite limbs feature heavy duty weatherproof string used for compound bows. So users get another feature for hunting with better tools. Aluminium alloy made target compound bow get durable and offer weather resistant feature. Set five sight pins on optics part. Use each ins from different distance shot practice. First pin for 20 yards, second for 30, thus fifth used from 60 to 70 yards. To keep surface noise free, use a string as silencers. Arrow quiver for store carbon arrows safe carries on the field. Like this, for other kits feature to know, you can also read the manual for bringing your profession at a higher level.

3. Useful Kits: Compound bows for sale rate higher for its durability feature and 1-year warranty. Let's see the material use feature

  • Compound Bow: Built-in aluminium with zero plastic, CNC dual cams material.
  • Arrows: 04 piece comes to set, and size is 30” to start practice. Its built-in carbon material for keeping it more durable.
  • Limbs: Built-in fibreglass to plastic set on the bow.
  • Quiver: Made of fibre material.
Junxing Compound Bow Right Hand and Arrows

4. Advance Grip: For your soft grip and adjust draw bow with arrow, advance grip used. So it does not fall by hand slips, rainwater or hand warm effect. Beside aluminium riser and fibreglass, limb keeps rest kits for your great set up. Just carry equipment, set on bow and arrow, hit on target.

Why You Buy?

Junxing offers best youth compound bow for hunting. You get a full compound bow and arrow accessory kits that made with high quality and uniquely for real-life professional service. The Compound bow hunting bring weight adjustment with an axle to the axle by brace height. In most cases, hunting and fishing part adult people. Besides the bow and kits weight fits on women and kids practice. You need to utilise the kits for your profession goal achievement. I used the excellent youth compound bow at my intermediate level. I have full determination to become a professional hunter. It offers me to reach the level quickly. I give it 4.5 out 5.0

Good Sides:

  • Accessories Kits introduce a fresher into real hunting and fishing world.
  • Best quality made kits, bow and arrow get durable.


  • Price is little higher for fresher. Though quality is excellent, for their first experiment, they get little hesitate to take a decision and look toward other brands compound bow.
  • No Target includes, need to buy additionally.


Q: Can a 12-year-old shoot this?
A: Yes they can, but they need to firm physically.

Q: What’s the field point weight, to draw for this arrow?
A: 100 grain is perfect.

Q: Is there a left-handed model of this bow?
A: No, only right-handed feature offer.


In summary, Thanks for reading the review. Junxing Compound Bow Right Hand is the best for your hunting project. The customer review part tells it’s a great deal for beginners hunting practice. Lightweight makes easier your travelling at hunting camp. More than you get a quiver where you can carry four arrows to hit on the animal body. Buy today and start practice. Grow your skill for next hunting season.

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