KESHES Takedown 62 inches Recurve bow

KESHES brings a unique recurve bow for shooters.  When I decided to order KESHES Takedown Recurve Bow, I find the different size of draw bow. From 15 to 35 pounds bow offers in KESHES package. I pick 30lb string which managed by 110 price range. I noticed great features in this recurve bow. The archery bow is outstanding. For beginner hunting trainer, they need bow archery as well as hunting bow set that includes all functions. You get KESHES Takedown 62 inches Recurve bow 15-35lb - Right and Left-handed any package under 90 to 120 range as for right and left-hand feature. It smoothly developed shooting strength by draw weight pulling. Accurate 62” draw weight with 15-35lb which ideal to use for real adventure life hunting. Besides, it offers a money back guarantee if find any issues with on accessories and bow. The accessories include:

Package Highlights:

KESHES Takedown 62 inches Recurve bow
  • Recurve Bow at 62”
  • Bow String: Differ by 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 pounds features.
  • Bow fishing Reels
  • String Silencers to make it less vibrate and silent during shooting arrow.
  • Stabilizer
  • Arrow Rest – mark on bow and smart pulling
  • Plunger
  • Fully Eye Sight: Set on optics part to measure target distance
  • Shelf Pads
  • Stick on arrow rest
  • Brass: for clear the surface of the bow
  • Quiver: Store arrow when leaving for hunting
  • Black Limbs
  • Feature: Right and Left Hand

KESHES Take Down Recurve Bow Specification:

I choose 30 pounds for my hunting profession. I like to suggest my next youth generation get any draw feature bow among KESHES.

  • Brand Name: KESHES
  • Recurve Bow Name: KESHES Takedown 62 inches Recurve bow  15-35lb - Right and Left-handed
  • Item Weight: 3 Pounds
  • Draw Length: 29”
  • Limbs: Make softer the fibreglass part
  • Hand Operation: Right and Left Hand
  • Price Range: Under 120
  • Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5.0

Features of Takedown Recurve Bow

1. Right and Left Hand Shoot: Thanks KESHES for producing a world-class takedown recurve bow for the young generation. Both handed shooters can practice. Besides, it offers specific sting pulling feature. Includes 14 strand dragon string offer with arrow rest, that’s a comfort to takedown after the arrow hit.

2. Bow Draw Weight: I like the wooden recurve bow case for my field hunting. Our present generation should love KESHES Takedown Recurve Bow. Its best recurve bow by draw feature. Buying KESHES Take Down 15-35lb recurve bow, it offers 62” weight measurement which enables shooters to get accurate shots. For a man, 6-15 year suggest drawing 16-20lb. For same years female recommend pulling 16lb with string. For 16 high years, man recommends pulling 25 to 35 lbs. And female to 20 to 30lbs. So I recommend youth recurve bow today’s generation to orient their shooting strength.

3. Stringer Tool: By stringer tool, it works perfectly for your pull. By the string, the beginners learn how to shoot with recurve bow, draw weight and measure speed and distance to hit on deer. Don’t need the injury; it comes by safety measure as well as smooth assembling feature. It works with rest, recurve bow. Besides it also works as a silencer, provide less vibrate. When you pull, I used to back little back and use bow hand to draw. You can replace it when it lost it durability.

4. Wooden Limbs and Riser: KESHES offer wooden limbs with layered black fibreglass made. It's mount on the riser. The riser constructed by dual wood laminate created. It used to concentrate on shooting and smooth takedown bow down. That’s ideal result get when you use limbs. Use knob screws to attach arms to the riser. That’s it! For this, manufactured offer limbs tips. Use it and measure your target distance. I used to use arms tips mount first with a bow then climbed with riser upside down.

KESHES Takedown 62 inches Recurve bow

5. Accessories:  I become a fan of KISHES recurve bow! By order, I get useful kits with a bow. To store arrows, I can use KESHES quiver to keep shaft separate. I can carry arrows inside quiver. Sites offer me to measure my target distance. After stepping, assemble kits and set with string, limbs on riser and bow. I can shoot a deer from 30 yards distance. That provides me smooth training up at hunting field. It offers me bow fishing reels which excellent quality made and more comfortable fishing on holidays. Like this, you get many more kits as shelf pads, brass and many more. That's managing your training level up to mark.

6. Shooting Management: Your shooting strength quickly developed by Takedown 62” recurve bow with accessories. It makes simple in the shooting. Use limbs tips, firmly hold the bow and set string on the riser. Then set sights and mark your hit points. Starts at a beginning level from the range at 20 yards pull 25 to 30 lbs. Hold bow in left hand and use the right side to draw. When it release from the bow, then slowly take down riser part. It's comfortable to use on the field as well as for hunting.

7. Review: KESHES Takedown is incredible for hunting as well as fishing service. Bow fishing reels you missed when you compare with other brands. Besides, both hand feature offer, that’s also a unique feature. All essential accessories provide, so at training or hunting, never feel short. Good quality attracts the customers, so they positively reviewed it. 4.7 rating. I like to give it 5.0 ratings out of 5.0. I find my success root. Wish it will do same for you!

Good Sides: 

  • Bows for everyone - Male, Female enjoy the training with KESHES takedown bowv
  • Recommend for beginner to Athletics shootersv
  • Lightweight makes more accessible to carry at hunting camp
  • Bow fishing accessory, both hand feature is unique
  • Many kits are pre-installed like brush bushing, plunger etc.
  • Affordable price level
  • Money Back Guarantee
KESHES Takedown 62 inches Recurve bow


Takedown is not so simple as feature provide


Q: What is the draw weight?
A: KESHES Takedown weights 29”. in average draw weight. By pulling, it can change 1 to 2 pounds vary.

Q: Would this bow good for bow fishing?
A: I use it with my friends beside river and ponds. We make competition; I can fishing with KESHES takedown accessory. In fact, sometimes I get winner among friends. I tell you, this is good for fishing, don’t need to worry.

Q: What type of arrows size recommend you for 12 years children?
A: 30” carbon arrows made by Misyar.

Q: What is the measurement between riser and string?

A: you need to draw length at 25” to 29” that’s the difference. By string and riser, it needs to adjust draw by shooters height.

Q: Are the limb Pocket Limb or plastic?
A: Limbs made of metal.


Thanks for reading KESHES Takedown 62 inches Recurve bow  15-35lb - Right and Left-handed review. It develops the customer hunting and fishing part. Mainly thanks to KESHES takedown to expands my shooting by recurve bow and fishing by bow fishing reels. The accessories profoundly work during my training. I recommend, to bring it for your ambitious hunting and fishing. It becomes a decider bow set for your future goal achievement. If you love hunting and fishing, grab it and develop your shooting strength.

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