KHAMPA Archery Target for Backyard

The KHAMPA SPORTS line of archery and outdoor equipment offers great products at prices you can afford, from clothing to an array of outdoor products including 3D targets, hunting chairs, and much more. Born from previous custom manufacturing experience and a love for archery, KHAMPA SPORTS makes 3D Targets that can stand up to the environment. Inspired by the nomadic people and wild yaks of the Tibetan Plateau, the Khampa Tibetans, we created a brand that can be used anywhere.

Features of Best Backyard Archery Targets:

  • SIZE MATTERS: The designed of our archery targets for the backyard. It measures 2 ft. x 2 ft. & is a necessary perfect bow hunting accessory if you want to slay that deer this year. It even COLLAPSES so you can easily store it or take it on the go.
  • DELUXE Target: KHAMPA target is created for bows from 40 to 70lb. Double thick at 5".
  • Outstanding QUALITY: High density foam means many uses and easy arrow removal. includes 2 paper targets, plastic push pins, and metal wire easel for easy set up.
  • Brands - KHAMPA: All Khampa archery target practice in backyard are high quality - check out our other targets!
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  • Stops arrows from my 70# bow very well. Hard to wear out. I've had mine for about 5 years the best backyard archery target "KHAMPA"
  • The backyard 3d targets was plenty big enough to shot at but extremely difficult to get arrows out of it. Done using it and still have one in the box that I will not use.
  • Comes with 2 paper targets, plastic push pins, and metal wire easel for easy set up
  • Best 3D Animal Targets for backyard that comes in reasonable price.


  • The product description is very misleading. The Shooting target is clearly for junior archers only. The overall dimensions are 24 by 24 inch, but the target itself is more like 18 by 18 inch. Probably cost $15 in materials to make it - basically glued together 2 sections of high density foam. KHAMPA should be ashamed of themselves for selling such garbage.

Making the Outdoors Fun and Affordable by A unique Archery and Hunting Experience with  KHAMPA Archery Target for Backyard. From our best backyard target experience, Its never disappoints you. You get 2 Paper Targets and Push Pins for Crossbow or Compound Bows - that's wonderfully orients your deer hunting goals. So hurry up, KHAMPA targets calling for your hunting campaign!

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Toney Jacob - a couple of years ago

In the beginning, every hunter starts; it’s a journey as a target shooter. The main weapon for hunting is that they use bows and arrows, and for training, most Hunters use a crossbow.

This article mentioned basic and necessary statistics about all the different parts of the crossbow. If we talk about a broad spectrum that creators of crossbow do not provide arrow with a crossbow, and as a hunter,


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