KingsArchery 24 PVC Crossbow Self-Cocking

For archery level orientation, crossbow and arrows come to skill measurement. I am little confused at my beginner level of trainer. When I look around KingsArchery, its make me amazed. I bought KingsArchery 24 PVC Crossbow Self-Cocking Colored Arrow Bolt Set. Some features drive me in the high root. First, to say, it’s a tiny sized bow which has 2.8 pounds weight. That’s a comfort to carry by one hand and take another hand free for parts to assemble. In the elements, where I get 3 aluminium arrows bolts, 24 PVC coloured arrow bolts. I look toward a convenient cocking feature that’s shooters self-enable. Thanks, KingsArchery to provide me such exceptional functionality. Beside they offer

  • Spare crossbow string
  • Caps combo
  • Adjustable sight
  • Limbs made in compressed fibreglass

The crossbow developed my level smoothly at higher. The bow made in durable fibreglass that helps to grip firmly. String helps to adjust the bend in my hands and focus on the draw. The bow has 80 pounds draw weight which gets lower during I hits with an aluminium arrow. Bolts assemble on arrowhead to measure my target range. From 30 yards I like to hit on target for my practice and get 230 more FPS speed. Is it ideal to get started shooting training? My neighbour asked me and my reply is good. Its offer 30 days warranty. The crossbow silencers work as per specification that’s make adventure field hunting easier. Self-cocking feature manages shooters shots more accurate and best. It’s also cheaper range, comes under 60 price range. If you want to accomplish your shooting skill at the perfection level, then KingsArchery crossbow bolts are must to have!


Product Description:

  • Brand Name: KingsArchery
  • Weight: 2.8 pounds
  • Package Name: KingsArchery 24 PVC Crossbow Self-Cocking Colored Arrow Bolt Set
  • Package Include: 24 PVC coloured Arrow bolts, 3 aluminium arrow bolts, Stringer
  • Average Customer Rating: 3.8 out of 5
Crossbow Self-Cocking KingsArchery 24 PVC

Best Fit on:

  • Beginner, Intermediate and Professional training and hunting.
  • Above 12 years old can use the crossbow
  • Sports player of the big tournament and seasonal hunting professional profoundly need the crossbow
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80lbs Self Cocking Cobra Crossbow with 15 Arrows by Last Punch
  • Snake Eye Tactical Cobra System Self Cocking Pistol Grip Pistol Tactical Crossbow
  • 80-Pound 225+ FPS Ideal for turkey/small game hunting
  • The Crossbow features an 80 lb. draw weight and fires bolts up to 225 fps
  • This crossbow includes an easy cocking stock, automatic safety mechanism and fore grip with finger guard
  • In addition, the adjustable stock, adjustable sight and weaver rails provide unparalleled customization
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BARNETT Crank Cocking Device for Crossbow, Ambidextrous, Easy Installation, Reduce Cocking Resistance by 93%, Standard - Hooks
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  • EFFICIENT : Easy to use cranking handle allows string to pull back with 13 pounds of force. Simply turn the cranking handle to pull the string back
  • COMPATIBLE: Cocking Device is especially versatile because it's sized to fit most Barnett crossbows, even older models.
  • AMBIDEXTROUS : Cocking Handle adjusts for right or left-handed use, and package includes the crank and all installation hardware
  • BARNETT: The most trusted name in crossbows since 1962
Bestseller No. 3
Rocky Mountain RM-405 Hunting Crossbow Kit - Includes 3x100 Grain Field Points & Bolts, 4x32 Scope, Quick-Detach 3 Crossbolt Side Quiver, Rope Cocker, Rail Lubricant
  • PRECISE CROSSBOW: Hit any hunting target you set your eye on with this ultra-precise crossbow package; Easy and safe to use with anti-dry-fire trigger, easy decocking, and an extra-large foot stirrup
  • ADJUSTABLE GRIP: Features adjustable foregrip, pistol grip, and buttstock for safe and comfortable handling
  • REPEATED ACCURACY: Lightweight and adaptable hunting tool with aluminum rail and durable compression molded limbs for repeatable accuracy
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Crossbow package includes 1 RM-405 crossbow, 3 crossbow bolts, 3 100-grain field points, (1) 4x32 scope, installed string stoppers and dampeners, quick-detach 3 bolt quiver with side mount, Quiet Crank cocker, rope cocker, and rail lubricant
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Power stroke is 14.50 inches and draw weight is 200 pounds; Measures 14.5 inches wide cocked and 18.50 wide uncocked
SaleBestseller No. 4
CenterPoint Heat 425 Crossbow with Power Draw
  • 425 Feet per second
  • 160 Foot Pounds of Energy
  • 12 inch axle to axle width cocked
  • Features Power Draw
  • Anti dry fire and auto safety
Bestseller No. 5
Ravin R10 Crossbow Package R014 With Helicoil Technology, Predator Dusk Camo
  • LIGHT WEIGHT 6.8-POUNDS - For maneuverability in the field
  • 3 RAVIN .003 ARROWS - With field tips (400-grain total weight)
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Barnett Wildcat Camo Recurve Crossbow Hunting Package, with 4x32mm Multi-Reticle Scope, 2 Arrows, Lightweight Quiver
  • BARNETT WILDCAT CAMO RECURVE CROSSBOW: Recurve crossbow with complete hunting accessory package. The Wildcat offers a classic, easy-to-use design and features a full camo wrap, anti-dry fire trigger system, and shoots 260 feet per second
  • VERSATILE: The recurve bow was created with first-time crossbow users in mind. The Wildcat is lightweight and sturdy, making it easily maneuverable by beginners and includes a quiver and two aluminum arrows so you can get practicing right away
  • SAFETY FEATURES: Soft Lok Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer, Anti-Dry Fire (ADF) Trigger System, Finger Safety Reminders.
  • READY TO HUNT PACKAGE: Includes 4x32mm Multi-Reticle Scope, Lightweight Side-Mount Quiver, Two 20" Aluminum Arrows, and Lubrication Wax. Ships mostly assembled. Cocking device not included. Color is Brown Tear
  • BARNETT: The most trusted name in crossbows since 1962
Bestseller No. 7
Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow, with 4x32 Multi-Reticle Scope, 2 Headhunter Arrows, Lightweight Quiver
  • BARNETT WHITETAIL HUNTER II CROSSBOW: High-performance compound crossbow in RealTree Extra with complete hunting accessory package. The lightweight crossbow is ultra-compact, shooting 350 feet per second
  • EFFICIENT: Crossbow is equipped with an axle-to-axle length of 16.125" overall weight of just 6.4 lbs., creating an easily controllable profile that hunters of all skills and sizes can manage
  • SAFETY FEATURES : Soft Lok Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer, Anti-Dry Fire (ADF) Trigger System, TriggerTech 3lb zero creep Frictionless Release Technology
  • READY TO HUNT PACKAGE: Bow dimensions are 34.25"L x 18.25"W. Package includes two Headhunter 20" Arrows, Multi-Reticle Scope 4X32mm, Rope Cocking Device, Lightweight Side Mount Quiver, Lubrication Wax. Ships mostly assembled
  • BARNETT: The most trusted name in crossbows since 1962

Features of Crossbow Self-Cocking 80 LBS

KingsArchery Crossbow and the set are lightweight. It's good for fastest shooting on target. By KingsArchery, Self-Cocking Crossbow offers adjustable sights offer 200-230 FPS Speed. To get more feature looks at them in below:

1. Smart Crossbow: The crossbow is very capable for all ages of people. Kids to adult, male to female can handle it. They used crossbows efficiently for its 3 Pounds lightweight. For yourself, keep it in your hand and explore on target with an arrow. The shooters become a fan sooner by training. KingsArchery offers 15 indicators which durable and works faster. Bolts attach or assemble. That’s works as target measurement and also looks beautiful.

2. Fasten Speed: A crossbow needs speedy for hunting. By KingsArchery made a tool, you get comfort FPS speed. The fastest crossbow offers not only quickly, but also provide accurate hits. Before shot, draw 80lb weight crossbow with arrow and measure point. Just remember, use wax in your string and check the screws are tightened up. That’s it-shoot and hunt your target.

3. Package Includes Thanks to KingsArchery for hunting instruments. By small budget plan, where you get essential kits for comfort hunting. Brief explanation gives in below:

Crossbow Self-Cocking KingsArchery 15 PVC
  • Adjustable Sights: Adjust with bow optics part to measure your shots range. Example, you shoot from 20 yards, fits sights on the bow and plan to arrow draw width and length.
  • 24 PVC Colored Bolts: Yellow colour feature 24 pcs arrows, and black colour made bolts come to set. You need to draw at 80lb crossbow before shooting.
  • Self-Cocking Device: First ever I find the best cocking device in KingsArchery. Its take little time to fit and provide accurate shot with faster than ever. By pull and hits, from 20 yards it hits on target within a couple of seconds. The cocking ads lever that provides shooters assemble by a minute. That saves time and helps shooters to focus on goal.
  • Spare Crossbow String and Limbs: Attach with the bow to get safe and faster shot. It used with limbs. You can get larger and smaller its size with a bow. It reduces pulling pressure.

4. Durable Fiber Glass Made Crossbow: By KingsArchery crossbow, I get it as friendly. 3 aluminium arrow bolt set comes in 24 pack with bolts. It’s lighter to pull with an 80lbs bow. For fibreglass made a bow, it's easier to set indicator. Besides the bow includes sight for target measuring, limbs and string for wrist safety as well as accurate shot hit. I like KingsArchery for my smooth handling and training.

5. Value of the Crossbow: KingsArchery is a well-recognised company in the archery field and offers valuable archery tools in this sector. The customer like their product feature and bring their profession. The best crossbow recommends by expert shooters. For your training, you get valuable kits in the package. That’s help to progress your skill development.

Crossbow Self-Cocking KingsArchery 15 PVC

Good Sides: 

  • The self-cocking feature is a critical feature which works perfectly for shooting and gets optimise the result
  • Crossbow parts come to package for beginner and kids. It helps to skill development from the starting level
  • Quality and feature made tool offer low price budget tool for the hunting shooters
  • Cheap price rate


  • Arrows only for training. It only works on squirrel, rabbit hunting, not for deer, bear, buffalo hunting
  • It can snap


Q: Is the item easy to use?
A: Yes, for adults and kids even try at outdoor to practice. At 10-60 feet for children and 30 or more feet for adults can make a shot to practice on target.

Q: Is it easy for 11 years old?
A: I will not recommend an 11-year-old kid. The cocking feature doesn’t fit for the 11-year kid.


Thanks for reading KingsArchery 24 PVC Crossbow Self-Cocking review. By the review and feature, the beginner handles the bow correctly. The small budget needs to orient primary shooting level. It develops practice and hunting outstanding by cocking device, sights and 27 bolts. Male and female, adult explores their hunting skill measurement. I get benefit during my turn. Buy KingsArchery to manage your shooting skill at sharp-witted level.

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