KingsArchery Self Cocking Crossbow Bundle

Crossbow makes me skilled and prominent. I am little confused at my beginner level of trainer. When I look around KingsArchery, its make me amazed. I bought KingsArchery Self Cocking Crossbow Bundle with Adjustable Sights. Some features drive me to the high root. First, to say, it’s a tiny sized bow which has 3 pounds weight. That’s a comfort to carry by one hand and take another hand free for parts to assemble. In the elements, where I get 12 packs of 27 aluminium arrows with bolts. I look toward a convenient cocking feature that’s shooters self-enable. Thanks, KingsArchery to provide me with such exceptional functionality. Beside they offer

  • Spare crossbow string
  • Caps combo
  • Adjustable sight
  • Limbs made in compressed fibreglass

The crossbow developed my level smoothly at higher. The bow made in durable fibreglass that helps to grip firmly. String helps to adjust the bend in my hands and focus on the draw. The bow has 80 pounds draw weight which gets lower during I hits with an aluminium arrow. Bolts assemble on arrowhead to measure my target range. From 30 yards I like to run on target for my practice and get 275 more FPS speed. Is it ideal to get started shooting training? My neighbour asked me, and my reply is excellent. It's offer 1-month warranty. The crossbow silencers work as per specification that’s make adventure field hunting easier. Self cocking feature manages shooters shots more accurate and best. It’s also cheaper range, comes under 60 price range. If you want to accomplish your shooting skill at perfection level, then KingsArchery crossbow bolts are must to have!

KingsArchery Self-Cocking Crossbow Bundle

Product Description: 

  • Brand Name: KingsArchery
  • Weight: 2.95 Pounds
  • Package Name: KingsArchery Self Cocking Crossbow Bundle with Adjustable Sights
  • Package Include: 27 aluminium Arrow bolts of 16 inches, Red Dots, Quiver, Cocking Rope, Stringer
  • Length: 19.5 Inches
  • Width:  17.5 Inches
  • Crossbow Dimension: 18 inches
  • Average Customer Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Best Fit on:

  • Beginner, Intermediate and Professional training and hunting.
  • Above 12 years old can use the crossbow
  • Sports player of the big tournament and seasonal hunting professional profoundly need the crossbow

Features of Camouflage Archery Bow

Crossbow target is lightweight. It's good for the fastest shooting on goal. By KingsArchery, Self Cocking Crossbow offers adjustable sights offer 220-275 FPS Speed. To get more feature looks at them in below:

  • Smart Crossbow: The crossbow is very capable for all ages of people. Kids to adult, male to female can handle it. They used crossbows efficiently for its 2.95 pounds lightweight. For yourself, keep it in your hand and explore on target with an arrow. The shooters become a fan sooner by training. KingsArchery offers 27 indicators which durable and works faster. Bolts attach or assemble. That’s works as a target measurement and also looks beautiful.
  • Fasten Speed: A crossbow needs speedy for hunting. By KingsArchery made a tool, you get comfort FPS speed. The fastest crossbow offers not only quickly, but also provide accurate hits. Before shot, draw 80lb weight crossbow with arrow and measure point. Just remember, use wax in your string and check the screws are tightened up. That’s it-shoot and hunt your target.
  • Package Includes Thanks to KingsArchery for hunting instruments. By small budget plan, where you get essential kits for comfort hunting. Brief explanation gives in below:
KingsArchery Self-Cocking Crossbow Bundle
  • Adjustable Sights: Adjust with bow optics part to measure your shots range. Example, you shoot from 20 yards, fits sights on the bow and plan to arrow draw width and length.
  • 27 Aluminium Arrows in 12 Packs: Yellow colour feature 27 pcs arrow, and black colour made bolts come to set. You need to draw at 80lb crossbow before shooting. 
  • 27 Aluminium Arrows in 12 Packs: Yellow colour feature 27 pcs arrow, and black colour made bolts come to set. You need to draw at 80lb crossbow before shooting. 
  • Spare Crossbow String and Limbs: Attach with the bow to get safe and faster shot. It used with limbs. You can get larger and smaller its size with a bow. It reduces pulling pressure
  • Durable Fiber Glass Made Crossbow: By KingsArchery crossbow, I get it as friendly. 27 aluminium made arrows comes in 12 pack with bolts. It’s lighter to pull with an 80lbs bow. For fibreglass made a bow, it's easier to set indicator. Besides the bow includes sight for target measuring, limbs and string for wrist safety as well as accurate shot hit. I like KingsArchery for my smooth handling and training.
  • Value of the Crossbow: KingsArchery is a well-recognised company in archery field and offers valuable archery tools in this sector. The customer like their product feature and bring their profession. The best crossbow recommends by expert shooters. For your training, you get valuable kits in the package. That’s help to progress your skill development. By compare quality and feature, it’s one of the best crossbows for the money that makes your investment in the right path.

Good Sides:

  • The self-cocking feature is a critical feature which works perfectly for shooting and gets optimise the result
  • Crossbow parts come to package for beginner and kids. It helps to skill development from the starting level
  • Quality and feature made tool offer low price budget tool for the hunting shooters
  • Cheap price rate


  • Arrows only for training. It only works on squirrel, rabbit hunting, not for deer, bear, buffalo hunting
  • It can snap


Q: Is the item easy to use?
A: Yes, for adults and kids even try at outdoor to practice. At 10-15 feet for children and 30 or more feet for adults can make a shot to practice on target.

Q: Is it easy for 11 years old?
A: I will not recommend an 11-year-old kid. The cocking feature doesn’t fit for the 11-year kid.


Thanks for reading KingsArchery Self Cocking Crossbow Bundle with Adjustable Sights review. By the review and feature, the beginner handles the bow correctly. The small budget needs to orient the primary shooting level. It develops practice and hunting outstanding by cocking device, sights and 27 arrows. Male and female, adult explores their hunting skill measurement. I get benefit during my turn. Use KingsArchery to manage your shooting skill at sharp-witted level.

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