M.A.K Hunting Archery Carbon Arrow 20 inches

To become a hunting professional, everybody needs to be skilled in shooting. A shooter has to practice well with different bow and arrow. It develops their target practice skill. The crossbow bolt is a powerful bow which helps to make a shot on the target. There are many crossbow services on the market. Among them, M.A.K is the top level of the service provider. They bring M.A.K Hunting Archery Carbon Arrows 20 Inches with Crossbow Bolts. The hunting professionals well introduced with the arrow. 12 pcs comes with an arrow set which each has 28-gram weight. The arrow looks beauty for its blue color feature. 4 inches vane arrow includes 2 blue and 1 white feature. The body uses carbon material which easy to use and durable. Best fit on broadhead at 125 grain. To make a high level of shooting capability, M.A.K offer very flat price rate in concern of the user budget. For your profession, you develop your skill smartly and explore your strength by animal hunting.

M.A.K 20" Crossbow Bolts Carbon Arrow Hunting Archery with 4" vanes Feather and Replaced Tips (12 pcs)
  • ➹MATERIAL: 12PCS 20" carbon fiber shafts. The tips are nickel plated stainless steel. Durable, Accurate and lightweight.
  • ➹ARROW NOCK: Halfmoon shape. Suitable for most crossbows, such as Barnett and Center Point.
  • ➹ARROW VANE: TPU 4" vanes , two blue one white. Keep a good balance and straight flight path in various weather conditions.
  • ➹USAGE: Perfect for the Beginners, Archers and Amateurs and Enthusiasts to hunting or practice.
  • ➹AFTER-SALES SERVICE: We are very confident in the quality of our products, but if you have any dissatisfaction, please contact us by email, we provide owarranty and worry-free refund service.

Product Description:

  • Manufactured By: M.A.K®
  • Usage: Crossbow Hunting
  • Body Frame: Carbon Material Arrow Shaft
  • Length of Arrow shaft: 20 Inches
  • Color: Blue and white
  • Arrow Vanes Feature: 4 Inches size – 2 Blue and 2 White color
  • Weight: 28 gram each
  • Set: 12 Pcs (1 Dozen)
  • Diameter: internal as 8.8 mm and external at 7.6 mm
  • Special Feature: Field Arrow Tips
  • Customer Review Rating: 3.7 out of 5
  • Ship From: China
M.A.K Hunting Archery Carbon Arrow 20 inches

Recommend To

  • The Hunting Professionals to develop shooting skill on target
  • Regular practice users – need the hunting arrow because it's durable and replaceable
  • The Novice gets joy to shoot for quick set up and shoot

Features of Crossbow Bolts Arrow

A crossbow bolt is a powerful tool that quickly and efficiently shot on the target. M.A.K produce carbon arrow shaft which is best carbon arrows for the archery target users. It's easy to insert and practice. Also, arrow nocks are half-moon shape. The customer really gets a fan of M.A.K and carbon arrows for sale volume increase day by day. Already 3.7 rating feedback come from their user experience. If you look toward a best broadhead target match arrow than I recommend to you to make the experience with this. To use the crossbow arrows, some key features offer you as buying guide:

1. Durability: M.A.K is branded is the best carbon arrows in the present competition. For your hunting project, you can explore with the brand arrow. 125-grain aluminum insert for screwing tips that great to practice at outdoor or hunt at the forest. So seasonal impact does not occur on the body frame. Because it has carbon fiber arrows made. You get a durable arrow which can support a long time.

2. Arrow Tips: Good news comes from M.A.K that you get Arrow tips with aluminum insert screwing. These can replaceable and easy to release from the target. 3 Arrow Vanes as 2 blue and 1 white feature which overall weight 4 inches. 12 pcs of arrows each has a 28-gram weight which easy to load with a crossbow.

M.A.K Hunting Archery Carbon Arrow 20 inches

3. Crossbow Hunting: The professionals like to use a crossbow for their smart target practice.  One of the best hunting arrows that fit with a it and make a perfect shot on target. 20 inches length and 4 inches vanes with field tips arrow that combination makes an ideal shooting level. The weights of arrow 125 grain that suitable for broadhead at field point. To practice for proficient animal hunting, M.A.K built 20 Inches crossbow arrow is ideal for your journey.

4. Ready To Shoot: Every Professional grow up their skill from a novice level. When you start up a career in hunting an animal, you definitely find them to use. Sooner, you will be expert because of crossbow you can utilize arrows target. The arrow nock is half-moon shape. Which ideally to use for shooting from all bows. So you need to insert and ready to shoot.

5. Value of The Carbon Arrow: M.A.K is a top brand who offer 12 pcs enable to practice long at field point arrow tips. 3.7 rating comes from the customer satisfaction corner. The very flat price that keeps new and expert hunter to get the crossbow bolt. One of the great crossbow target for practice arrows and hunting.

Good Sides:

  • Only 28 gram each tool and 20 inches long which easy to carry and shot
  • Practice arrow with crossbow bolts
  • Carbon with fiberglass made arrow keep durable
  • Screw in tips easy to release from the target and also replaceable
  • best cheap arrows for practice


  • The bolts only offer 125 grain.  Where other brands offer 400 to grain. But compare with price, the customer who need 125-grain bolts, they access the arrow.


Q: If I use just field points, will these sub for a 22 inches bolt?
A: Yes, you can use the bolt at field point, no problem to do that.

Q: What is the grain of 20 inches bolts?
A: The bolt grain is 125.

Q: Are the Nocks removal?

A: No, It fixed with the arrow.

Q: Will this M.A.K work with Barnett recruit 130 lbs to pull?
A: I think so. My friend uses Barnett recruit and he told me that he can pull 160 lbs.


In the circumstances, I like to thanks M.A.K for their ideal innovation. M.A.K hunting archery carbon arrows 20 inches with crossbow bolt is best for hunting. There are many users get a fan of M.A.K arrows. Because they offer quality made carbon arrow that offers Arrow field tips. Lightweight arrow also offers key features that guide every level of the user. If you buy the carbon arrow, you definitely get profitable. With this small budget range, you can’t get the second one. It’s useful, easy to use and smart to make a shot with a crossbow. So invest your money on right arrow like M.A.K 20 inches crossbow bolt arrow. It really develops your shooting skill and you can hunt an animal with elegant.

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Alan jordi - 3 years ago

285 lbs its okey ?

    Mahin Ahsan - 3 years ago

    Yes, Its okay if you are adult.

Watson R - a couple of years ago

Great post. I have Excalibur Micro 355 does it okay.


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