Mckenzie TuffBlock Game Shot Archery Target

I purchased Mckenzie TuffBlock Game Shot Archery Target for use with my 20lb recurve bow for myself and my children. The target is super light so it is very easy to get to my shooting area as well as tuck back in my garage when I'm done. There are however, a few things to keep in mind.

TuffBlock target is a large block of Styrofoam, the quality that makes it light and easy for low power bows to sink an arrow into it, also makes it fly all around when the arrow hits. You need to make sure you have it blocked off on the sides and back so you're not constantly having to adjust where you're shooting. Indoor archery targets will be pretty obvious once you've put a few arrows into ideal target.

Mckenzie 20950 TuffBlock Game Shot Archery Target
  • Ideal for general target practice for archers of all skill levels
  • Variable target size allows for different levels of difficulty
  • Recommended for low poundage bows under 40-pounds
  • Measures 24-inches by 11-inches by 24-inches
  • Low poundage allows for even shooters with little to no experience to have success

Again, since Mckenzie is Styrofoam, as I pull my arrows out, little bits of the Styrofoam come out with them. The case is just a piece of plastic, so nothing fancy there. I'm sure it wont be too long before I'm needing to replace my target. With how much my family and I enjoy shooting, target replacement costs looks like it'll quickly become the largest cost of this activity. There are many low poundage targets for higher power bows that look to be more durable with self healing cases for a similar price to this target. Recommended for low poundage bows under 40-pounds Mckenzie Archery Target would be nice if there was something of that style available in this price range.

Overall a good target that I'm happy with Low Poundage target.


3D archery targets clearance is very light weight and easy to carry. We have knocked it over a few times with arrows. We usually put a cardboard box behind it to stabilize it. We like that fact that it has targets on every side and seems to hold up well.

Mckenzie TuffBlock Target are cheap, and great for what they say they are. I have shot through mine on a few occasions like After 20 shots you shot through the target. Good backstop or low poundage target, so definitely don't mount against a wall or anything solid. I personally have them on shelves with no back, which works as well as a stand for me. 

Best Backyard Target
Best Game Shot Archery Target

If you overshoot or have accuracy issues, Meckenzie game shot target seem like they would be rather small, though for closer range practice that shouldn't be a serious problem. The main issue being, these can easily work inside during bad weather instead of going to a range, so long as you shoot well enough to not miss the target. They were FABULOUS for that purpose for me.


Shooting 30inch carbon arrows from a recurve, at first it was doing decent enough. It makes a mess because the inside is styrofoam. So little white debris will be all over the place, you'll often be wiping the foam off your arrows.

Sweeping your yard, etc. It says 40 pounds is the max draw weight, the recurve I used is 25 and some arrows over penetrate. This would be a solid buy for youth bows, don't buy this if you aren't using a youth bow. Spend the extra money for a black hole.

Mckenzie TuffBlock Game Shot Archery Target is a good practice target for the money. The foam inside is polystyrene, the kind of stuff used to package a TV. The target is covered with a plastic bag with similar properties as a trash bag. It gets torn up fairly easily, but, I was expecting this. Eventually, I will cover it with a paper target. If you expect better quality, get something with self healing foam and a different covering for $50+ otherwise this is a good bet for the money. So far, it's held up decently for my 25-35# bows.

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