Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS Archery Bag Target Review

Archery Target is a traditional part of our life. From decades to decades people used different archery target tool and equipment for better shooting practice. Our better practice, we like to use suitable one. Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS Field Point Archery Bag Target is one of the best archery targets among popular brands. The bag is designed for the crossbow, compound bow, and air bow. From field point, it's better to target identification. After shooting, the user able to remove the all arrows from the bag. The most durable feature made by USA and users review comes at 4.5 rating.

At field point, where an archer can make shooting practice with bow and arrow. The bag is well designed for longtime practice. Besides, at the top part, you will get tot handler for your smart carry at hand. Yellow-Green color comes as 33 pounds lightweight for easy portability feature. Best crossbow target comes with it high-speed feature. The user able to use crossbow target for practicing. Hunting or tournament target practicing, Morrell targets known to as a top human practice tool.

Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS Field Point Archery Bag  Target Review

Product Description

  • Manufacturer: Morrell
  • Model No: 131
  • Product Category: Sporting and Fitness
  • Color: Yellow-Green mixed (Multiple)
  • Dimension: 19*19*19 (inches) Square Shaped Bag
  • Weight: 33 Pounds
  • Stop 450 FPS
  • Made in: USA

The User Like Morrell Double Duty Target For:

  • HD Graphic type outlook design-make archer to make aim target.
  • Freestanding bags and bows, locked into ground well so not fall down
  • Thousand of shots practice with bows. Comes to as high-speed Compound bows, Crossbows, and Air bows
  • The target cover is completely replaceable

Features of Morrell Double Duty 400

The user like the Morrell 400FPS light feature and after buying they review the tool at 4.5 rating. From their user experience, it can feel how strong the bag for target practice. Square type Bags comes with cover, boxes, and packaging. Want a bag for best target practicing? Than Morrell Double duty 400 is coming for your smart use. There is light features offer which make you a fan of the tool. The light feature is:

1. Smart Handler: When you go to practice, the bag has tote handler feature which helps to keep it smartly. At the top side, you will find two option to handle it your hand. Single or both hand can use simply to move from home to field. This totes look nice and help to transport you smartly.

2. Portability: For your daily professional target practicing, your tool needs to be a smaller size to easily carry. Morrell 450FPS make your easy transporting, 33 pounds looks lightweight for your portability. The dimension looks square shaped like 19*19*19 inches also looks good. Its quite small size and light weight to bring from home to outdoor for practicing.

3. Durable and Stable Archery Bag: The user like the target for its weather resistant feature, so it gives them to high durability. Thanks Morrell for this feature. Foam archery targets stand stronger after many shots. The USA made Morrell can use for many years. Thousands of bow shots support to give you durable and most practice offer. Beside the tool has square shape size. It stands easily into the ground. Your thousands of shots don’t affect its body and not fall down. Perfectly stands and keep your practice flow right way.

Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS Field Point Archery Bag  Target Review

4. Easy Visibility The Multiple Target Points: I like the bag color. Yellow and Green feature make your easy target identifying. The manufacturer uses Graphic visibility for user easy aim at the point. Multiple Target points help to practice longer time. The archer professional like the bag for thousand shot practice feature. At one phase, you can make 5 targets at the dots circle. Beside your 400 FPS archery bag designed for the crossbow, compound bow, and Air bow shooting facilities. With the bows, keep continue your aim target finding and practicing.

5. Field Point Target-Longer Life Archery Target: You like the bag of its arrow and bow target options. It makes to feel that you are going to hunt a deer at the field. Archery Sporting tournament also held at the field, open places. So you have to practice a long time at field point target. For your smart profession, with arrow and bows, you can practice well with this bag. After shooting, foam made bag doesn’t hold your arrows tightly. So you can release it quickly and keep continue you practicing.

6. Double Duty Feature: Morrell double duty 400 fps target manage your bag stand strongly. When making target at the bag dots point, a pressure speed occurs. Your crossbows, arrows, air bows quickly feed the point. But the bag keeps remaining durable after your thousands of shots. The double duty ensures it stands tightly on the ground like free standing. Also it's not fall down after heating the bows. The smart feature makes the user practice well for a longer time. Archer lover like the tool and give top review through their rating.

I like the features of Morrell 450 FPS Archery bag. What level of your profession, novice or expert, you would like the tool for your best target practice. The bag is ideal to make your skill development for your hunting or tournament.

Good Sides and Drawbacks:

Every tool have advantage and disadvantages. In this bag, most customer review comes to as positive notes. Few negative comments get from the review. In below, let's see the issues:

Good Sides

  • Extreme Durable for archery target
  • Easy arrow release feature
  • Dual totes make smart handling the tool
  • Thousands of shot practice with bows
  • The crossbow, compound bow, air bows high-speed design.
  • Freestanding Archery Target


  • Only Filed point archery target feature
  • 450 fps doesn’t move all the way. The target tips work for only 6 inches. For better use, need additional Target tips


Q: Is this good for broadhead and hunting heads?
A: It’s a field point archery target tips. Your both requirement fulfill it perfectly.

Q: Is this just a cover for a target?
A: The cover comes to as advertisement part. The bag is ideal for a free-standing on the ground and uses crossbows, compound bows as well as airbows shooting practice capability. There are bolts which can pull out smoothly.

Q: Would my Barnett Ghost 410 work well with this target?
A: I believe that so! The bag has 450fps arrow stop feature. I think its perfect work in your 410.

Q: Will this work for a youth 25 lb compound bow?
A: I like your question. The tool is ideal for youth 25lb and more size compound bow supports. You can use the bag for your target shooting smartly with 25lb compound bows.


I like to conclude my review by its light feature and quality. Morrell double duty 400 fps field point archery bag target best choice for the new and experienced archer. Archer sportsman and Hunter need to keep practice for their own business. Without a tool, its difficult to management their skill profile. By Morrell, 131 Model bags give you the joy to skill growing. The high graphic design makes your target finding smarter. Dual Totes with 33 pounds weight easy to carry and move. Price of the tool is also the affordable range that you like to buy the tool. For your best archery target practice, Morrell Dual Duty 450fps is ideal for you. So buy the tool and make your arm figure stronger. That improves your professional skill for adventure life.

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